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  1. Thanks a lot! Yeah I've been doing both and it's been great so far. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks everyone!. It's good to be around people that share the same interest in improving the body naturally and in a healthful fashion.
  3. Alright this might seem like a stupid question for some but I need to get some info. Is yoga contradictory to weight training? Back when I was a non-vegan builder, I was pretty big but when I tried to doing yoga it was extremely hard. Now I've been doing yoga consistently for a few months and I'm starting to do vegan body building. Will one limit the gains of the other? Thanks for help, info, or advice.
  4. Thanks dude. This place seems right up my alley.
  5. Hello everyone, My names Dean and I've been a vegetarian consistently for about a month now. I was vegetarian in the past (for about a year and a half) but quit due to complications and lack of focus. I'm also into body building, running, yoga, and martial arts. Currently I'm in college and dealing with the whole "What do I do with my life?" situation. I'm thinking about becoming an acupuncturist/massage therapist. However, I'm really interested in computer science. If I'm not doing the aforementioned activities, I'm most likely reading (both books and comics), meditating, or playing chess. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I'm really excited about finding VBF!
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