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  1. Intro I have been vegan for four years now and it has been very good to me. I started training hard when I was 17 and got very stronger but it was so difficult for me to put on any actual muscle mass so I got very discouraged and drifted away from training. Well my metabolism has seemed to ease off a little bit and I can finally put on some weight. I also had a terrible motocross accident when I was 17 that made me give up one of my greatest joys: running. I did not think I could ever really run again but about a month ago I saw my surgeon and he said everything was doing really well in my smashed up ankle, so I tried going for a run and it went really well! Background 21 year old male 155 pounds 5'10" Have not trained in at least 2 years, still in fairly good shape Currently running every other day Goals To be the best I can be To represent veganism well To be ready for anything To do a marathon, triathlon or some sort of race in the fall Issues Feeling nauseous after running, perhaps this is from lack of hydration? I dont like to carry a water bottle with me, think I will get one of those waist belts soon. Ankle still is not 100% but close too it, very picky feet when it comes to shoes. I like my Merrells but they are worn out and I have not tried on a shoe I particularly like yet. Recovery seems to be slow right now but it is still early into training. Last workout 4 km run two days ago 2 km on flat road and 2km up a steep gravel road Only walked maybe 200 m of the hill which I think is pretty good so early on. I am still pretty sore but feel like I could run today, do you guy think it would be okay to go out or should I take another rest day? The worst part of training is the rest days. I am pumped to go!
  2. A high end pizza place at a resort near me does an amazing pie. I get the curry sauce, mushrooms, garlic, onions, tomatoes, olives and Daiya mmmmmmmm.
  3. Welcome! All kinds of new people from Ontario recently, this is much gooood!
  4. Welcome! Always great to see more people from Ontario.
  5. Welcome! Good to see you here, am pretty close to Barrie.
  6. Hey there, beautiful orchids! I have never grown orchids or any flowers, except for some edible ones, but have grown nearly all common vegetables and some fruits. Keep it up!
  7. This is why I dont call myself one. Kind of seems silly after eliminating 99% of animal products from my diet though, not like you can ever get to 100%.
  8. Right now I have two favorite meals, individually nothing is really my favorite but I find these [weird] combinations delectable (in fact if I had to choose a last meal right now it would be one of these two, haha): -tempeh "hotwings", yam fries and ginger broccoli -scalloped potatoes, roasted brussel sprouts, and polynesian salad
  9. I would not worry about it all! Only unless you are getting like 150 g per day. Fiber is hugely important to your health, way more than the mainstream acknowledges. I heard a lecture a little while ago from a medical professor at the U of California and he said people used to eat 100 grams of fiber per day and he considered it a very good thing.
  10. Email a rep and ask maybe. Strange concept, stopping people from exploiting animals rather than fostering the choice not to.
  11. This is my favorite way to eat tempeh (probably not the healthiest thing ever but so so good): -Slice tempeh into strips -fill frying pan with about 3/4" of oil -fry tempeh on medium high until golden brown -remove and toss in bowl with buffalo sauce -bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 350
  12. I have many recommendations, but do you like jazz, blues, fusion, folk, and instrumental? A lot of intelligent musicians seem to flock to these genres.
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