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  1. thanks all have taken your advice on board and will be looking to buy whole foods instead....just sometimes have those days where you cant be arrrrrrrrrsssssssssseeed and just want an easy life lol.

    feel free to update me on any new & exciting receipe's you come accross am currently living on steamed veg n salad yawn!!! want something more exciting!!!

    p.s just tried pea protein................... i need help! what can i mix it with to make it taste vaguely bearable!


    JL xx

  2. why thanks for all the friendly hello's!!!


    i am going to try a pea protein (hmmmmm!) and see how that goes but i will check out myprotein as well as i have used them before and found them to be very good!!!


    ok next question.....im totally n utterly confused about what im looking for on food labels....if it says suitable for vegetarians and i cant see any dairy related products listed can i eat it??


    so confusing!!!


    any receipes welcome guys....im not a big fan of rice and i try to stay away from the carbs...so please please please inspire me!!!!


    just found out will be competing at the bdfpa british unequipped championships in late march so need to be mean, lean and strong by then!!!


    JL XXX

  3. Evening All!!!


    Im a brand new vegan (been vegetarian for a year time for the next step....) and brand new to this site.....

    I am needing to lose 5kg in the next 2 months to get in a lower weight category for my next powerlifting competition and need some recommendations on diet programs on here or any links you have and the results they have seen!!

    Also looking for the best vegan protein powder on the uk markets?!?! Can someone help? Like an alternative to soy if possible as already have a high amount of that in my diet and the oestragen levels dont need to get any higher!!!


    Also if you just wanna say hey to the new girl.....that'd be cool too!


    Peace out. Big Love


    JL x

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