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  1. I think that if you crave starchy food that it is ok as long as you're eating things like oatmeal, brown rice...whole grains, potatoes, yams...as opposed to white rice, white bread, etc.. I find that if I work in a salad or some sort of vegetable focus into the meal, than I am not as hungry later. Also, eating small portions throughout the day is a good thing, especially if you are highly active. I have certain days as well that I can eat a ton of food. I find that drinking smoothies helps to solve some of my problems without adding a bunch of weight. Try making a smoothie with peanut butter, banana, and soy milk....maybe some flax oil in there too. This might make you feel more satisfied and not hungry for a while. *I am also on a budget and spend around $20-$30 on food per week. Natural peanut butter from Trader Joes is my savior. It costs about $1.50 a jar and I eat it with celery, apples, sprouted wheat bread, smoothies and it helps me feel full.
  2. A great, cheap way to make pinto beans that won't cause excessive gas is by soaking them first for 8 hours "overnight," then cook them in a pot of water with carrot, bay leaf, onion, and some cummin powder. Once they are fully cooked, you can blend the beans, veggies and a little of the cooking water in a food processor or blender to make beans for burritos. I make this all of the time and it is the carrot and the cummin that help to eliminate the gas that beans would normally produce...also the soaking...very important. Then if you want to make the burritos more interesting, saute some onions, carrots, and potatoes with some chili powder, salt and pepper. Put in a dash of apple cider vinegar while this is cooking. When the veggies are cooked and ready, add the beans and wrap them in corn or flour tortillas. Try that one out.
  3. oatmeal brown rice potatoes onions carrots bell peppers pinto beans corn tortillas salsa soy protein w/ soy milk & banana cabbage grapefruit apples lentils peanut butter 12 grain bread *I am on a budget as well, and the 99 cent store nearby is really good about stocking up on large bags of rice, beans, etc.. as well as fresh fruit and veggies. I honestly think it is cheaper to be vegan and eat like this than to be on a S.A.D. diet.
  4. Thanks for the info on that. I'll give it a shot. If I need to break down the oats a bit more, I can put them in my coffee/spice/flax grinder. It turns everything into powder form.
  5. When you guys put oatmeal in your smoothie, is it cooked first or do you just pour it in straight out of the box?
  6. Thanks for the info! I'll have to give it a shot. I do have Teff flour as well but I am stoked to try this.
  7. We've been talking about Ethiopian food in a different thread so it made me think of this. I have checked online for recipes for injera but I have failed at making the ones that I have come across. I am having difficulties with the fermenting process. Has anyone successfully made injera and if so, what's the secret? Thanks!
  8. Hi Veganpotter, To answer your question about Teff, they have it at Whole Foods here in Los Angeles for about $4 a package, that is about a 24 oz...I think. You can also buy Teff in Little Ethiopia here in LA near where I live and it can be cheaper depending on where you get it. The stores sell the grain as well as the flour. Also, making Injera is difficult for me. I have tried some recipes online and haven't achieved the results that I get when eating at an Ethiopian restaurant. If I come across a good recipe, than I'll be sure to post it. Jon
  9. Yeah, I am a big fan of Ethiopian food. There are some great recipes online to make Ethiopian greens and beans.
  10. Right on thanks. It comes down to the classic "try to make your food colorful" idea to feel satiated. I just made a great pot of Ethiopian-style collard greens with lentils and brown rice.
  11. I just made some Ethiopian style collard greens and they were quite good. I made a berbere paste "similar to Indian curry paste, but with cayanne and paprika as the main ingredients" and added that to my normal collard recipe with sauteed onions and tomatoes. This is great with injera "Ethiopian flat bread" made from Teff "a grain high in protein with no gluten" and the lentil dish that I made. Collards are really cheap right now because they are in season, so I am trying to eat a lot.
  12. Right on, I appreciate the responses I have received here. I just need to load up more. I do have a very fast metabolism and I've been pretty much vegan for more than half of my life, so I eat fairly light, but I've been drinking more protein shakes and I have been eating more peanut butter, almonds, flax, etc.. I am constantly active and only since I've been lifting weights, have I gained some LBS. About six months ago I was 135 and now I am 145. Thanks for your thoughts!
  13. Does anyone need to constantly eat, even more than 6 times per day? I feel as if I need to eat a ton of food to feel energized. I am somewhat new to weight training and I am about 148 LBS so I am not that big and 5' 10". I was a "3 times per week" guy for about 9 months and I have always been involved with a cardio work-out of sorts. Now I train 6 days per week. 5 with weights following a routine that alternates muscle groups in a 5 day period. The 6th day is just cardio for me. I also play the drums for 1-5 hours per day, depending on the amount of time I can devote to it. Here is a standard day for me. Meal one: Bowl of cereal w/ some sort of milk "soy or rice, etc." w/ banana. Meal two: soy yogurt with ground flax seeds and fruit..about a bowl full Meal three: protein smoothie, I drink about 3 per day and I switch up the ingredients a bit "juice, soy milk, etc w/ banana, papaya, etc.." but I add in protein powder Meal four: two sandwiches...either peanut butter and banana, veggie sub, hummus, etc.. Meal five: beans and rice, with veggies "a plate or two full" This is my large meal of the day. Meal six: protein shake Meal seven: more beans, rice and veggies...leftovers from meal five Meal eight: Protein shake or apples with peanut butter What are some of your thoughts on this amount of food? If I am not drumming, teaching or in the gym, I am eating. I think I may have a tendency towards eating a lot of veggies and fruit, but I have been eating a lot more protein lately and I feel like I have an insatiable appetite. If I am practicing with a band, I have to have a shake on hand or a sandwich to eat every hour.
  14. Here are a couple of smoothies I make #Raw smoothie -two oranges, a lime, a few chunks of Mexican Papaya, banana, frozen berries, and spinach "omit spinach if you aren't down with the green." Start by blending the oranges and juice of the lime. That way you have more of a liquid base to blend the rest. #Protein smoothie -soy, rice or almond milk, a banana, a couple spoons of peanut butter, and protein powder "soy, rice, hemp, etc.." I drink 2-3 smoothies like this a day. This is my version of fast food.
  15. This is what I am eating at the moment because I am in a transitional living situation and have to crash at my rehearsal studio. I have a dorm fridge and a hot plate and most of my pantry items aren't around except for a small sauce pan and a blender. This is a good example of living economically though because I am saving a lot of money eating this way. Meal 1 Oatmeal, and a smootie with protein powder, orange juice, banana, and spinach. Meal 2 Protein shake with protein powder, spinach, banana and soy milk Meal 3 brown rice and beans, cooked with onions, celery, and carrots and seasoned with salt, chili powder and large quantities of hot sauce. Meal 4 left-overs of the beans and rice mixture, or a peanut butter and banana sandwich Meal 5 apples and celery with peanut butter Meal 6 Pot of vegetarian ramen type soup with whatever vegetables I have on hand. I usually have carrots, celery, onions, collard greens and spinach. * I drink a large amount of water and I'll occasionally drink some tea as well.
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