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  1. yeah for sure i get it. Do you guys suggest i prep some killer bean salads and just munch throughout the day on that as well as after supper. For me its mind over matter so i have NO problems with that. Reason for all the starches is cuz i havent found a cleaner way to pack on abit more size than these clean carbs. can you suggest others ? i think ive got them all down packed though... humm... on a side note, STEEL CUT OATS has got the be the best breakfast of champions ive ever had keep those replies coming!
  2. im embarrassed abit, i havent tried quinoa but i can assure you this weekend i sure will looking forward to it cuz ive hear much talk about it. asides that ive completely shredded off the body fat and feel phenomenal !!!
  3. Hi to all! My 2nd post of many to come i hope here. Im a newly converted vegan trying to add some size while lifting 3-4 times a week, i wont list everything i eat that will be abit difficult. But i have decided id list the foods that i constantly revolve my diet around. so for what it is below, what can you suggest or critique for a vegan on a bulk ? might i add, i cant tell you how much energy i have and how great i feel basing my daily intake with whats listed below. Any vegan help from others will be VERY much appreciated, thanks in advance! BREAKFAST Mon-Fri First thing that enters my stomach is a huge bowl of fresh fruits. ( diced up apple orange and grapefruit kiwi ) 1 cup steal cut oats cooked in water, with handful of raisins, large banana, and light sprinkle of brown sugar 2 slices of 12 grain toast w/ peanut butter snacks consist of either dried fruit grains nuts or rolled vine leaves stuffed with rice and veggie mix LUNCH Mon-Fri 3/4 cup basmati rice underneath a mixture consisting of 1 cup cooked spinach, with either 1cup lentils/black beans/chic peas/kidney beans/lima beans,( rinsed in cold water), 1 cup corn rinsed in cold water always in the bean mix, with 3 chopped garlic cloves half a large red onion chopped finely and 1 tsp cumin powder ) OR 1 cup whole wheat pasta with 2 cups broccoli and 3 chopped garlic gloves afternoon snacks consist of either dried fruit grains nuts or rolled vine leaves stuffed with rice and veggie mix DINNER Mon-Fri 1/2 cup basmati rice 1 large sweet potatoe with steamed veggies.(ie brussel sprouts broccoli tomatoe eggplant spinach ) 2 slices 12 grain bread 1.5-2L green tea daily i roll my vine leaves/rice every sunday and they last me the entire week, ill go through 10 or 12 everyday.
  4. the cumin cabbage is very tasty i have it all the time!
  5. bulking new vegan here! what do you think about eating mounds of basmati rice / whole wheat pasta / potatoes as carb sources on a vegan bodybuilding diet ? will this hinder anything ? ive just converted to 100% vegan the last 3 weeks and have completely cut out eggs and dairy. i try to consume all my carbs before 7pm. any insight ?
  6. Hi all Im new to the board from Montreal/Toronto, looking quite forward to being part of the community! Lookin good so far
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