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  1. Looks great! I'm also have oatmeal for breakfast everyday. I had to reply because I thought it was funny how your "cheat" day looks much better then my normal days haha, then again I'm still trying to gain weight as I burn it off and gain muscle. I've been having vegan pizza, and whole wheat pasta quite a lot for dinner.
  2. You know I recently became a Vegan a little over a week ago, and I personally haven't had any Tofu as of yet, then while I was looking up a recipe online for pizza I saw a recipe for creating Vegan Manicotti. After clicking on the link I discovered that the main ingredient in this was 1lb of Tofu, after seeing this I decided to do some research on how healthy Tofu was for you. After reading a few seemingly biased websites about the dangers of Tofu I ran across a few unbiased sources that concluded that there are many negatives in large doses. It seems that the recommended dose is 25 grams, and what I took from the research is that its more or less appropriate for women then men. You will be fine and by my guess much healthier if you consume it daily in small doses.
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