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  1. That cake looks awesome! Happy Birthday to your daughter.
  2. Death Rap Top 40 House music Nirvana Other assorted rock
  3. I know nothing about the healthcare debate. But I like Joe.
  4. So I am meeting up with a girl I am seeing, so I am only interested in 4 or 5 star hotels that are nice for a romantic tryst If you had to choose between: Embassy Suites The Westin Hotel Modera The Nines What would it be? I am interested in trying out Hotel Modera or the Nines, but I have not stayed there ever. Any thoughts. A part of me wants to try something new, but a part of me knows the Westin and Embassy Suites to be good. Thoughts? Thanks, Josh
  5. Hey guys, Does anyone have any recommendations for a good hotel in Portland? I want something somewhat nice, but I also want to stay in the range of $100-$150 a night. I need it for Oct 7-9 (2 nights). Does anyone have any recommendations or even know of any website for deals? Thanks, Josh
  6. I'm guessing you got my pm, but chose not to respond. I took time out to write that, but no big deal. Good luck.
  7. I'm almost positive he rips on David Wolfe, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also like radical honesty.
  8. Hey, I appreciate the time you took to write out your well thought out post that was devoid of some of the childish ad hominem remarks of some of the earlier posters. I respect your opinion but I disagree. That is all. Josh
  9. Ryan, Your log is very inspirational. I know I always read it when you update it. I also like how you have been commenting on your life situation in your blog. I love the honesty. I crave it in myself and others, it is so meaningful to me. My life has both been totally shitty and awesome in the last couple of months, so I know where you are coming from. @ finding the passion in lifting: For me it has been something that has waxed and waned, and transformed itself and it's purpose over the last couple of years. I was getting tired of my bodybuilding routine in the last couple of months, and now I am working with an olympic lifting coach, and finding so much joy and interest in that right now. I'm not looking to compete in oly lifting or anything, I've never been that strong, but this style of training is fun and will also build up my physique, and so I am very passionate about it. In time I'm sure you will find your next big passion and run with it. Josh
  10. Good points Vegan Joe. This sucks - what happened to vegans being compassionate?
  11. Chris has PMed me and we plan on hanging out for sure. I leave tomorrow! I don't know if we have any other forum members down there, but if we do yall should get in touch! Josh
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