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  1. Sorry to break it to you but you were in control of your actions. You always are. Saying you can't control yourself is a bullshit excuse which makes you a powerless victim. Don't go down that route. You're better than that. /tough love
  2. Creeps or no creeps, it probably doesn't make any sense to post it online, unless you're an attention whore...
  3. Like I posted above, the first 1-3 months are the hardest for most people. Then it gets a lot easier as you have momentum under your belt and perspective about the whole situation. PM me if you need my cell number, you're more than welcome. Best, Josh
  4. This is my point. You can call it opening the gateway or not, I don't really give a shit about semantics, what I know comes from firsthand experience with myself and literally hundreds of other people met through years in that scene. I was always curious about what age people started doing stuff and with what drug, so I always used to ask people even when I was a user because drug culture always fascinated me. Out of everyone I know, I've only met one person who did something else (psilocybin mushrooms) before they ever did pot, and I remember that distinctly because I thought that was so odd and basically everyone starts smoking pot and then (most of the time) moves onto at least ecstacy, or coke, or pills. Not the other way around. This is my experience, refute it if you want, I don't care what a bunch of assholes at the DEA or other combination of letters and numbers think about my life and hundreds of others I know. -Josh
  5. I agree. Unfortunately, it's an 'intriguing' conversation about how cool clean-shaven pretty boys are now Don't get me wrong! I say it for your own good..women are a lot more enthusiastic about going down on men when they don't have to dig through a jungle of hair to find what they are looking for..it's like sucking a dogs ear!!! I don't know how much digging you have to do, but there is no shovel required in my experiences (aka I have a big penis).
  6. They say Marijuana isn't a drug, that it's a harmless plant, but the truth is it's not always the case. It can by very psychologically addicting, as shown in tons of ex-users. They say Marijuana isn't a gateway drug, that it's just a recreational activity, but I personally know that I wouldn't have done any of the retarded shit and poisionous substances that I did if I hadn't gotten tired of weed and wanted to search for a different/better/more unusual drug experience. I was never a fan of all the Refer Madness when I smoked, and I'm STILL not a fan of it now, but these two things I wrote are the fucking truth and anyone who thinks otherwise might be a small exception but it's not worth what other people have experienced including myself. Word, Josh
  7. I'll be in Finland.... some time.... if you ever wanna.... uh..... work out.... I mean...... In all seriousness, this is the most amazing transformation I have ever seen! Very nice! I like!
  8. I've wanted to get into Oly lifting for quite some time now. Time to pull the trigger and see if anyone is coaching in this small ass town I currently live in.
  9. Congrats on the awesome lifting and the marriage! Looks like things are going quite well for you!
  10. Great decision! Stick with it, it gets easier with time. The first month - 3 months is always the hardest, after that it gets easier and easier. Dissociating with that lifestyle helps too. Maybe consider stopping hanging out with those people who are smoking pot and poppin percs. At least for a little bit. Feel free to shoot me a pm if you wanna talk. -Josh
  11. Whatever obsession you have with trying to drag my name through the mud in multiple threads, whatever motivates you to want to do that, you might want to stop. It just makes you look foolish.
  12. I would have waited, because only losers squat in a smith, and you're not a loser. Edited to Add: I didn't see the whole mess in the squat thread when I read this. You know I'm just teasing you and that I think you're an awesome dude. Just felt the need to put that out there. Peace.
  13. I think we are in 2009. Not sure about this though
  14. I understand satire. I understand comedy. Steven Colbert just isn't funny to me. Period.
  15. "God told me to skin you alive..." - Jello Biafra
  16. These places should be retested for clarity and any offenders should be boycotted indefinitely by the vegan community. This is an outrage. I wonder how many times I've eaten "vegan" food that was not...
  17. Man that's awesome! Now just time to add some muscle!
  18. Just when I thought you were done posting not-so-impressive pictures of yourself on the forums, here we are again.
  19. This is spot on. I've never heard of anyone gaining mass WITHOUT eating a lot, doing heavy compound lifting, getting lots of sleep, etc. So I'm fairly confident in saying it IS the only way. The only thing we're "missing" here is chemical enhancement/supplementation, but there is no need for this at his stage anyhow. I know I just made some more people cringe here, but this is a bodybuilding forum after all.
  20. I believe it gets excreted by your kidneys if I'm not mistaken. However, the threshold of this happening is the key. 300 grams of protein per day is probably too much for most people on this board and many athletes. You would definitely be excreting protein at that level, and it probably would not be healthy in the long run. I'm no MD, but I don't think that any male athlete taking in 100 g of protein would be nearing that threshold. I just don't see it happening. I've done all different amounts of protein, and I personally feel best and perform best around 200 g per day. Sometimes its more like 150, sometimes a bit over 200, but I do best in that range. That probably makes some people on here cringe, but theyre likely not bodybuilders either. The rule and average is 1.0-1.5 g per pound bodyweight per day. My numbers fall into that benchmark. I went from 120 lbs to 155 lbs in my first 12-18 months after going vegan and beginning bodybuilding simultaneously. I think I was taking in even more protein than I do now, like 250 per day, but for me now I view that as suboptimal. I hit 30-40 grams protein per meal now and shoot for 5 meals/day.
  21. No. If you are truly getting 40g of protein per day (something that is so paltry it is hard for me to imagine), you probably want to ease into increasing protein intake. I would do 40 g/day, then the next day get 60 g, then add 20g per day until you hit something like 150. That is what I would do, but I've always favored a high protein/high fat/moderate carb diet, am an ecto like you, and was skinny like you. Thats my take on the issue.
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