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  1. I want to publicly thank Robert and everyone else who hosted me and was hospitable in my stay in PHX last weekend. Robert, Lean and Green, Jimi, Dani, Brian, and everyone else I saw and met. I really appreciate you letting me stay in the room and sharing the weekend with you guys! Robert - your generosity and trustfulness surprises me constantly and warms my heart like no other. For anyone who doesn't know, Robert let me crash on the sofa bed as I bounced back and forth between seminars, nights on the town, and of course, their bobybuilding show, all the while GIVING ME A KEY to the room I paid nothing for, that housed thousands of dollars of camera equipment, computers, and personal belongings. The level of trust and generosity in this man is unlike anyone I have ever met in my entire life, and I'm lucky to have him as a friend. I wanted to publicly acknowledge that truth. Yeah buddy! And if you ever end up traveling anywhere I end up living, know that you have somewhere to stay and a friend there. All the best, Josh
  2. I regret to inform you that Faraday is likely dead. Too much forshadowing - "Any one of us can die in the present" -And Eloise in the flash forward - "I sent my son back knowing full well..." That and the producers said that a major character will die near the end of Season 5 on the LOST podcast earlier in the year. So Danny's probably really dead. HOWEVER - with all the time jumping around, we can still see Davies playing Faraday in the show, just either in the future or past, so that is all good. And yes, I cried when Charlie died, but that was before all the time traveling, so I kind of thought his character would never be seen again (and it pretty much wasn't). That's different with Faraday. --- Also, Sayid... relevant or irrelevant these days? What do you think he's been doing in the jungle??? Bangin a younger version of Rouseau (she's kinda cute, funny that she tortures him later...)
  3. Friday's "agenda" made me LOL. To be honest, I haven't done much at all in the past few weeks, just concentrating on getting my degree at the end of this month right now, and on being a little princess (remember Magnus at VV?) . Hope all is well in Oz land. Josh
  4. I'll be in but I can't seriously commit to anything until June, after I get my degree and move across the country.
  5. I actually really enjoyed that link on veganism and models, two things I really enjoying doing.
  6. You've been on this forum a long time, you probably know how to do a search.
  7. No one cares about this "debate" anymore. Eat what you like.
  8. Check it out.... That is..... Mollymormon! She made such an awesome transformation, I did not even recognize her myself! What a fantastic job!
  9. I think Christian is a manifestation of the smoke monster. I think the smoke monster symbolically represents the shadow that is inside all of us. I don't know what it would be physically though. PS. I LOVE that clicking noise that it makes when it's moving, it sounds so mechanical, it's great!
  10. I don't think a lot would but I see no problem with it. I would cut soy 100% from my diet though. Those phytoestrogens are nothing to worry about regularly but with roids I'd take no chances.
  11. Welcome to the boards! Cool intro! I too have struggled with addiction/disorder in the past, so I can relate. Good to see you overcoming your shadow. I'm sending positive vibes your way.
  12. The only thing I think is really funny about the evolution of the show is how they totally rickrolled people who would otherwise never ever watch science fiction into being completely obsessed with a show that is pretty much pure science fiction and fantasy. That was a good one.
  13. I like boobs. Some girls would probably look better with them. Others wouldn't. It just depends.
  14. This is big news for him! I know he's been working LONG at it, he's one of the guys who inspired you back in the day. Tell him I said congrats!
  15. I'm still going to try to pick up Jamie Eason next time I see her.
  16. I got a nice polyester/rayon blend for $150. Spent $68 dollars to get the jacket and pants tailored (god damn they don't make suits for people with wide chests/shoulders and 32 inch waists). That kind of sucked, but its gonna look hot on Saturday, I'm gonna kill it
  17. It probly won't make or break your life, if you think about it I would eat them if I wanted to, and not eat them if I didn't want to
  18. This is a good discussion. I like hearing both sides of "the diet" in a fair and respectful way. As for me, I consume quite a bit of soy and lots of processed foods. It's not the best thing and I know that. My testosterone levels are high (blood checked), and I am very potent. My muscles are good and I feel great. I would like to cut back on the processed foods and soy alot. I will look into it in the summer. Right now I have way too much going on to do a total overhaul on my diet - especially when it's so easy to heat up a couple tofurky links and eat them with baked potatoes. @ OP: You've done your research and you've seem to have given veganism a fair shot. Whether you want to try it again, I tip my hat to you, you've done more than most people on the planet ever will. Good luck in finding a diet that is consistent with your beliefs and expectations.
  19. I'm probably going to get flamed for this, but you only come on this forum when you have a new product that you would like to promote. I'm all for self-promotion, but I also believe in adding value to a place first. It kind of feels cheap and used to see you post only when it is financially convenient to you. Just my two cents. [Flamesuit on]
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