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  1. I've decided to start a training log to keep better track of my progress. I've been using a constantly updated Microsoft word file before this, but this will be cool since I can get feedback . We'll go back in time for a minute here: 2/13 Quads, Calves A quick workout, did low volume, high weight. Squat 145lbx 10 deep; 195lbx 8 reps, 7 reps; 190x 4 reps Leg Press 405x10, 450x10, 460x10, 7 (plus mass of sled) Rotary Calf 190x15, 10 2/16 Chest, Arms Best chest and arms workout of my life. Hands down . Bench Press 100x15, 135x8!, 5, 5. Yeah, bench is a "weak point", when I started lifting in May I couldn't press the bar, and [email protected] 8 reps has been a goal forever, so yeah! Incline DB Press 50'sx6, 6; 35's x 10 Chest Flye 30x7, 10 Machine Cable Flye Each hand had machine set to 17.5, did 2 drop sets Dips 2 sets to failure Pushdowns #10x8, 8 (Don't know what arbitrary numbers on these machines correspond too, neither does incompetent college gym staff) Standing EZ bar curl 75x 10, 70x6, 65x6 supersetted with Standing straight bar curl 40x8, 35x8, 35x9 Incline DB curl 17.5's x 8, 20'sx 7, 25'sx 5 This seems like a long workout. Actually, the chest went really fast, and the arms were one giant superset, so it was not that bad. Awesome pump afterwards, deltoids engorged with blood, arms pumped, chest puffed up. Posed down for a minute in the locker room and then had an 800 calorie shake. 2/17 Hamstrings, Calves, Abs Workout took longer than I wanted it to today. I saw a buddy at the gym, he likes to talk alot, he thinks gym is social hour . But it didn't really matter, today was the workout where I don't actually concentrate on a major muscle group (chest, back, or quads), just tying up some loose ends I felt I didn't work enough during the last 7-10 day stretch. Plus I just wanted to get in the gym, be around that positive atmosphere. Lying leg curl #9x6, 7, 7; #8x12 Seated leg curl #9x12, #10x6, 6, 5 Rotary calf 210 lbx13, 13; 190 lbx15 Standing calf raises (with freeweight barbell) 145x20,; 155x15, 15 Ab work- Decline crunches holding 25 plate, 10 plate, then a bunch of unweighted ones. Lying leg raises. Looking pretty decent lately at 5 9', 156 pounds. I want to be in the 170's to 180's bulked, ultimately. I also want to compete. I know I can do it !
  2. Hey dude! I'm new to the forums too. Good to see another vegan straight edge kid here!
  3. I have to say I really love that "Hard work" shirt rob. You were wearing one in the Built Naturally movie too right? Where can I get a shirt like that?
  4. When I switched from soy powder to pea my gains skyrocketed. It's a good idea to diversify your protein sources. With all the soy milk and mock meat I consume, more soy in the form of powder isn't really a good idea. Your totally right about having to blend it in something. I have two signature smoothies- a fruit one and a chocolate milkshake one. And if you don't blend the protein in something it will taste like chalk. There's no two ways around it- so it really isn't that portable since you need a blender. Fruit smoothie 0.5-0.75 liters orange juice 1 banana Handfull of frozen strawberries 1 tbsp flax seed oil 33 g scoop Naturade soy free veg protein powder (or other pea protein) I never used to put flax in the fruit one, but you can "hide" it in there to get an extra 110 calories and EFA's, which is great if your bulking Chocolate Milk Shake Smoothie 1 banana 0.75 liters soy milk 1 tbsp flax oil 0.5-2 tbsp non-dairy chocolate milk mix 2-3 scoops soy delicious ice cream (chocolate velvet) 33 gram scoop protein 1 tbsp BCAA's or glutamine This shake tastes great. It's over 500 calories. With a heavy hand, I've make this shake up to 800 calories and 40+ grams of protein (from several sources). I've had up to 3 of these a day with 3-4 additional whole food meals, for effortless 5000 calorie days. Obviously good for bulking .
  5. Creatine Monohydrate can be really cheap. I got 250 grams for under 10 bucks. But monohydrate isn't that great. It doesn't absorb as well as CEE, and it bloats more, etc. This is what happens to me personally (and I hear it from alot of other people too). But of course one should do what works best for them (and is vegan, duh ).
  6. Try Naturade Soy-Free veg protein. It is the best protein I've ever used in my life (I've used whey when "veggie", rice when vegan, a couple other brands). This stuff rocks. Get natural flavor. It's made from peas, potatoes, and spirulina. Great stuff.
  7. I cycle creatine every 6 weeks. I cycle NO too, and I take glutamine regularly. I think if you can afford these supplements they can definately help your workouts. Creatine lets you lift what you would be lifting in a few weeks from now, right now. It speeds gains a little bit. You can get there without it though, and cheaper, of course, if you so wish .
  8. Cranberry juice, diluted with water. I'll have a chocolate protein shake in an hour or so.
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome ! @ LizWorld: I'll probably start a training log or blog here. For me they are essentially the same thing since training and eating (bodybuilding) takes up most of my time! But I'm supposedly in school too . I'd like to post some pics too if I can get my roommate to take some. For some reason it's a little difficult to get a guy to take pictures of his roommate oiled up in a banana hammock . I'll figure it out though.
  10. I saw Pumping Iron for the first time today! It was pretty awesome! So many parts where I laughed out loud. One of my favorite parts is when Lou's family invited Arnold to breakfast with them, and Arnold says, "Imagine how I feel being the 6 time champ," when in fact he hadn't yet won the title for the 6th time. What a cocky, funny mo-fo. Then telling Lou he was out of shape, if the contest was in another month he would have been perfect, but them Arnold would be that much bigger. LOL. Talk about getting into the head of your opponent !
  11. OMG, I think I need to change my gym shorts *drool* I too was craving pizza today. I wasn't feeling creative, so I got a vegan pie with spinach and artichoke hearts on it, and ate the whole thing myself. But mine didn't have "cheese" on it. What'd ya do for the cheese? It looks great, do tell!
  12. My ideal physique. Hmm. Something like Stan McQuay. http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/564/stanmcquaybodybuilderceqw5.jpg http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/3254/drobson46abiglr7.jpg http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/3977/drobson46abigej6.jpg Key word here is IDEAL. I'm pretty sure he is natural, at least at the time these pics were taken (2004). The closest I can get to his physique is my goal. He has nice size and symmetry, without going overboard into the realm of roid-monsters like Coleman or Jay (Who I both respect greatly btw. I actually really liked the package Jay brought to the Olympia, though of course it's not for me.) Anyway, Stan comes to mind. What do you guys think? Do you think Stan got this way without "supplements"? I think it might be possible, some kick ass genetics and lots of hard work. Either way it looks nice.
  13. I second (or third or fourth) everyone that said SQUATS! Pullups are awesome too, and under-rated, in my opinion. I want someone to teach me how to do power cleans at my gym, because I think they'd be awesome. That and front squats. Two things I need to learn to do and start doing!
  14. Thanks loveliberate! Tucson is pretty neat. I've lived on Long Island, NY for 18 years, then suddenly decided that I wanted to live in the desert! Tucson is a nice city. 4th ave is awesome, with all it's hippies, punks, and veggie options. The saguaro cactus is amazing. Did you know it can take up to 75 years for a cactus to start growing an arm? So when you see cacti with several arms, that means they've been around for a hundred years or even more. That's pretty awesome if you ask me!
  15. Hello my fellow vegans, My name's Josh. I'm a vegan health and fitness enthusiast. I've been following the boards for quite some time now, but finally just decided to step up and well, quit lurking . I think someone on another thread mentioned that making the vegan relationships section private would cause some people to create a profile. Well, I'm one of them! I mean, come on, vegan dating and flirting. I can't miss out on that! Let's see. I've been vegetarian for about 3.5 years, vegan for about 1/2 year. Actually, this site is the one that inspired me to go vegan. I was a really scrawny vegetarian for a long time. I was apprehensive about going vegan due to the myth that I would stay small. When I saw all these huge vegan guys I knew it was possible and that I could do it too. So I quit using dairy and started lifting weights. Needless to say I went from being 5'9 110 pounds to almost 160 in about 6 months, by eating lots of high protein vegan foods and being smart in the gym! It feels great, my self confidence has increased, and I can help to dispel myths about vegans. I really love bodybuilding, I'm totally hooked. I hope to compete one day in the future. As you might be able to see from the user name, I'm straight edge. It's cool to be able to be strong enough to fight your addictions. I've had some rough spots over the last few years, but straight edge gave me something to commit to, and I've been legit ever since. Rock on! I'm a student at the University of Arizona in Tucson AZ, where I study physics. It's pretty cool, but tough. I'm president of the animal rights club at the UofA. We mostly due vegan outreach, leafleting and stuff like that. It's pretty rewarding. We've "converted" a bunch of people so far, haha. I hope to chat with lots of you! -Josh
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