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  1. Day 2 10 minute walk warm-up 30 jumping jacks 60 side twists 30 sit-ups 30 push-ups 30 squats 30 lunges per leg Breakfast oatmeal w/ hemp seeds, 2 cups of coffee w/ soy creamer Snack half banana w/ almond butter and agave nectar Lunch smoothie with almond milk, brown rice protein powder, organic mixed berries, banana and agave nectar Dinner salad w/ romaine, dark greens, carrots, avocado, sprinkled raw kale/cashew chips on top and a little olive oil Snack whole grain granola w/ almond milk I've also increased my water intake through the day. As for listing the weights...I guess maybe I'm embarassed to do that right now.
  2. I figured having a place to record my training details would make me more accountable. Ha. Here's what I did yesterday: -10 minute warm-up on elliptical -Warm-up with light weights targeting muscles I was about to work-out For each of the below exercises, I did 3 sets. The first set was 12 reps, the second set was 10 reps, the third set was 8 reps. For each set I increased the weight by about 5 or 10 pounds, depending on the exercise... Overhead Cable Shoulder Presses Front Lat Pull-Downs Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raises One-Arm Dumbbell Rows Behind the Neck Lat Pull-Downs Seated Cable Rows Shoulder Shrugs It felt very good getting back into the gym. As for food... Breakfast oatmeal w/ hemp seeds, 2 cups of coffee w/ soy creamer Post Work-Out smoothie (almond milk, brown rice protein powder, organic mixed berries, banana, agave nectar) Lunch Udon noodles with mixed veggies and tomato sauce Dinner smoothie (almond milk, brown rice protein powder, organic mixed berries, banana, agave nectar) Snack dried organic mangoes, small decaf soy latte, raw raspberry chocolate bar Before Bed cup of organic peppermint decaf tea, homemade lime popsicle (organic lime juice, stevia)
  3. So, I have already cut down my coffee intake dramatically. As of right now, when I wake up in the morning...I brew coffee consisting of two tablespoons of regular coffee and one tablespoon of decaf coffee (with six cups of water.) Throughout the day I find myself craving the TASTE of coffee, and even if I'm tired, I'll get myself decaf coffee to avoid the jumpy/anxious feeling I can get from caffeine. But I've heard even decaf coffee isn't the best for you. I'll either have a small decaf coffee with just a little soymilk, or a small decaf soy latte. I've noticed some acid reflux issues that I think might be connected to my coffee intake and I'm wondering if anyone can provide me with some more info about coffee (especially decaf) that will cause me to want to completely stop drinking it. Ha. Is it going to hurt my gains at all? I've purchased teccinno (grain/herbal coffee) to make at home at night...but the issue is when I'm in the city all day, and start craving that warm taste that doesn't seem to be satisfied by tea. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Thanks so much everyone. I really appreciate the feedback.
  5. Hi everyone. I'm new here (just posted a mini intro on the Introductions page) and I have two questions. Apologies ahead of time if these have been answered before... 1. What are your opinions on stretching? Is it best to stretch before lifting (after a warm-up) to get the muscles ready? Do you also stretch after the workout? I used to always stretch after my workout, but then I was told you should flex instead and keep the muscles hard afterward and stretching will damage this. Maybe this is total crap advice, or maybe it's not. Would love to hear your suggestions! 2. If you're looking to build some muscle (I'm not talking some major bulking here, just a little bit to fill your shirts out better for example) is it best to do full body workouts and hit each muscle group in a workout (or a few muscle groups) or do you recommend doing one day for back, one for legs, etc. And if so, why? Thanks!
  6. Hey. Just thought I'd introduce myself. I was an athlete all throughout high school (tennis, basketball, soccer, softball, track) and I also lifted weights when I wasn't doing sports. I went vegetarian at eleven years old, and I've been vegan for the past nine years. I'm currently 5'6 and about 135 pounds. I'd like to get into a consistent groove with working out, and also gain some more muscle. I'd say I'm pretty well-toned, but certain areas of my body are stronger and in much better shape than others. I am somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to my arms, and although I've been told they look pretty good now, I want to be confident enough to wear tank tops this summer. Haha. Looking forward to learning on here.
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