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  1. Think this is partly a result of that: http://tonyakay.com/V2/images/press/Eva_RawPower_TonyaKay.jpg I have the magazine lying around somewhere, but can't find it right now, Daywalker was in it as well...
  2. I've watched my copy numerous times and then "donated" it to the local (exclusively vegetarian) library to share & inspire.
  3. I'll be shaping up (yet again, lol) starting tomorrow morning! Now let's hope the gym will be open.
  4. Updates (last week): To be continued in a fortnight.
  5. The last words aren't entirely true, I was very impressed by brahmanya devi !
  6. Sorry for the uninspirational title, but bodybuilding's about changing your body so I guess it applies... Also not sure if this is the right section to post this topic, but here goes. For several reasons (not immediately relevant in this particular topic) I've been struggling with my weight and fitness-level for years now. It's gotten to the point where for the last few years I weigh a bit above 100 kg. My "normal" weight (late teens and early + mid twenties) has always been around 72 kg. I'm 36 now, and to get back to that I'd have to lose about 30 kg. And no, the gained weight has nothing to do with muscles - most of it is FAT. I've always been attracted to bodybuilding, but lately I've more & more come to fully realize that that's not what I want. Yes I want to be muscular. Yes I want a six-pack, and muscles and veins showing. But no I don't want to bulk up at all - I'd love to get back to my skinny self. I love weights, but don't have to look like Arnold (just to name one monument). Wat I'm interested in is to get back to a healthier life-style, lose all the excess weight, and have the body of a: gymnast-yogi-dancer-martial artist-contortionist-circus acrobat-and so on... And not instead of but next to lifting weight: how to use my own body to work out, stay lean and muscular, and of course be as flexible as possible. Anyone have any suggestions for me? Books, dvd's, sites, persons, training routines, bodyweight-exercises,... All help's welcome! You can even post some inspirational pics of people who possess these qualities (can't find any right now, just writing this down in one go before I'm (sadly) off to the couch)... THANKS!
  7. Thanks everyone! I'm very glad that I found such a talented/skilled guy in my own city. Can't wait to see how it'll look when it's finished... Should be completed in January (the tattoo-artist has a 6-months waiting list, he's very busy, which is ok because I really need the time to save the money). Not sure yet whether I'll stop at the elbow (short sleeve) or whether I'll make it a slightly larger (3/4) sleeve...
  8. As promised elsewhere on the forum. I'm 35 now, nearly 36. My first 'tattoo' was from playing with ink and a needle as a kid. That left one small dot. Too small for a pic. During my late teens/early twenties a star and an anarchy-sign were tattooed on my right arm (no pic available). Later on I thought that was a bit amateuristic, they were hardly "real" tattoos, and when some friends of mine got tattoos I went for it as well - 'though I must say I was a bit intoxicated at the time and it was very impulsive. The star and the anarchy-sign were covered by a tribal and a (native american-style) feather, and I got a snake on my back. I've got a pic of the snake, but it's way too ugly to post. The snake will be covered by another tattoo in the years to come. Anyway - after, what, 15 years of not being happy with the tattoos last year I finally decided to take action. First step: inquiring about laser removal. Turned out to be quite painful and above all ridiculously expensive. Second step: finding a very good tattoo-artist to cover the tribal & feather. Success! We agreed to tattoo a koi over them and do a Japanese-style sleeve (currently still under construction). First picture: you can still see the old tattoos, and the drawing/outline of the koi. Second pic: adding the surroundings. Third pic: needles, ink & blood! First session finished: Two weeks later: second session finished. Six months later: third session finished (two more sessions coming up in december/january). The ink & colours still have to 'settle' in these last 4 pictures...and as you can see I couldn't hide all my fat, so it's back to the gym for me asap! Tattoo-artist: Len - http://www.haraitattoo.com/ - http://www.myspace.com/116694619
  9. Maybe he can come over one summer and compete...! http://www.triathlongent.be/
  10. Thanks, I'm wondering if he'd be interested in visiting Belgium...
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