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    I will be competing in the new NPC bikini division. I am naturally pretty lean so it has been hard for me to build and maintain muscle. My fear is mostly that I will start losing muscle before the shows and I don't have any to spare! Post show, I'm not as worried about it and I'm sure I will find a good diet balance through trial and error. I guess I'm just a little worried about experimenting so close to the shows. Currently for pre contest I'm taking in about 1400 calories 4 days per week - no carbs. Three days a week I eat carbs which brings my calories up to 1800. My plan consists of mostly (animal) protein with veggies at nearly every meal and about 150 calories of healthy fats (nuts mostly). I'm thinking I could cut back on protein (because I know I'm taking in way more than I actually need) and use even more veggies to keep me full and give me energy. I'm experimenting with different soy products for protein. I'm really curious about the ratio of protien/carbs/fats that other vegan body builders are using and any tips and tricks for meals. Thanks for your help!
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    Hello All, I'm Rachel (aka Fonzi) and I'm exploring the vegan diet. I know that I want to go vegan. I've been researching recently about the many benefits of veganism both to a person's individual health as well as the positive effect it has on the planet and to our animal friends. I just have one problem - I have a couple of competitions coming up in the next four weeks and I don't want to change my diet without really knowing what to eat. After studying the vegan diet for the last two months eating all the meat is killing me (literally) and I really want to go vegan as soon as possible. I have never liked eating meat all that much anyway! Can anyone give me any pointers on PRE-CONTEST diet? Does anyone out there compete without supplements? Any help is GREATLY appreciated!
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