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  1. Hey Charlie I think bumping up your protein intake is definitely a huge must. Remember that you can still have lots of protein in your diet and still be vegitarian, it's just not going to be natural protein obviously. You're just going to have to be drinking protein drinks with non-milk based protein drinks (I'm guessing you don't drink milk either). Or just mix protein with water or whatever. Also make sure you are not getting into a "routine" at the gym. Too many people go in the gym and do the same thing every time. Make sure to really switch it up to shock your muscles. Do crazy exercises sometimes. Do crazy amounts of reps sometimes. Shock your muscles by changing it up...and of course up the protein!
  2. Well really what this contains is fiber. So basically what you are saying is that fiber could help prevent muscle weakening? Sounds legitimate but is there any more evidence around it? We know that fiber is definitely good for a healthy body, this would definitely be another good quality of it!
  3. Personally I do 90 degrees and just keep my back as firm as possible, and I also keep the bar as close to my body as possible like mentioned above in the 45 degree recommendation post. I guess like they said it's all what you feel more comfortable with and what you feel working your muscles better. I think that some people will see better results with 45 and some with 90, as different people have different shapes and do exercises differently, so you need to find your own range.
  4. I agree with Gulliver that light weight training is a great place to start, along with pull-ups and push-ups. If you can't do pull-ups then do the assisted pull-ups with the machine. Since you are wanting to focus on your elbow area you are going to be wanting to do some good arm exercises, biceps, triceps and forearms included so you can get a whole rounded look with them. The good thing is when you first start is when you see the largest results, so you can possibly fix this problem within a couple months. Best of luck.
  5. It's funny this topic came up because I'm sitting here not knowing if I should go to the gym or not. I got about an hour or sleep last night and feel a little nauseous from it (part of that being I drank for the first time in like a year for st pattys day) - and when I imagine working out right now I don't see myself getting much done... But usually I try to work through it, today I don't think I'm going to be able to. I think you just have to use your own judgement bc only you know how you feel.
  6. Wow that girl probably spots more than me, and she's using good form, lol. But thank you for the information I will have to try these little exercises out sometime.
  7. I try to do a mix of everything, but mostly I'll just do ab exercises. Some examples are crunches, situps, bicycle kicks, leg raises, planks, etc. Every once in a while i'll do the ab machines, but I try to do high reps with them so that it really burns the abs.
  8. IRV, I do something along the same lines as you do. I'll do something low weight high rep that BURNS. For example for curls I will do the 45 pound bar 50 times, without putting it down at all and no more than 5 second breaks (of holding it). Or I will do like 500 curls while walking on the treadmill (250 on each arm) with 8 pound weights - this is a burner here. Or chest I will do the 45 pound bar 75 times without a rest. I just do stuff like that to finish off, something that burns like crazy.
  9. I agree six miles a week is nothing. Why not try doing like 2 miles a day - this would be even better. Do you think the more you walk the less chance you USB of brain shrinkage?
  10. With her job having her walk door to door it sounds like she is getting a good Amount of cardiomat her job. Hav her get in the gym 3-4 days a week and do some high rep low weight lifting- this will really help.
  11. Luckily for me I never drink - i don't even like it. I use to all the time but I guess I kind of grew out of it. It's horrible for your body and will definitely effect muscle growth.
  12. Luckily there is no one in my immediate family like this. I have to believe that if people in your family are like this then you are much likely more to follow suit and be obese like them. I'm glad I have a healthy family.
  13. Someone might key your car or something but I doubt you'll get shot over this. I got to put it up.
  14. Unthinkable your fruit and veggie diet would be good with protein powders added. Why do you want to leave out the protein powder?
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