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  1. When I am trying to bulk I will just try to eat like crazy, but I will still lay off the junk because obviously that is fattening. To be more specific, one of my biggest bulking foods is potatoes...potatoes will bulk you up like no other food will. I will also eat a lot of steaks, burgers, rice, milk, shakes, and things of that sort. But as I said potatoes are my main bulk food, and if you like them you are in luck because you will pack on weight quick with the potatoes!
  2. It could also be from water...if you are either drinking a lot of water or drinking a decent amount of water and eating something that retains water, or if you even just have a body that retains water. And like the person above said with the beans maybe...it's hard to say when each person really has a different answer for a different body.
  3. I mean true vegans would say no to this, that there is no middle between vegan and vegetarian, but I believe there is...
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