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  1. The hills I encounter regularly are fine, according to your 65 RPM theory. My out of the norm climbs were definitely well under 65 RPM... I'd guess around 45, maybe. These rides are far in between, however, and I haven't experienced any noticeable damage as a result (no pain). I know a guy who rodes an unthinkable 52/15 setup (93+ gear inches) daily, and did the same climbs I did (at twice the speed some how), and he claims that his knees are great. He's been riding road and MTB bikes for 20+ years, so I do not question him... although, if someone I didn't know told me they rode that gearing, I'd probably think they were nuts. I guess I am trying to imply that gearing and knee damage are relative to the rider, and what their body is capable of enduring. I think that this is also applicable to things such as skidding and pedal resistance. I've heard these exact things you're speaking of - damage as a result of skidding, resisting, etc, but from my own personal experience, I can't verify them to be true, seeing as how I feel fine (though technically an MRI could tell me otherwise). I do agree with you that having a brake is "safer" than not having one, but I still think that the danger element is blown out of proportion. I think that we are looking at things from a different perspective. You are speaking of worst case scenarios, and I am speaking of the probability of these disastrous events actually occurring. I say this because I ride in traffic all the time, and know many others who do, as well, and I have yet to experience or witness an accident. However, I do acknowledge that there is a possibility for incidents such as the one your friend experienced happening ("oh shit!" moments), and am probably going to install a front brake just to play it safe... realistically speaking, though, I probably could avoid using it for the rest of my riding days, and be fine. Considering I am confident in my riding ability, having a brake would be purely precautionary - not a necessity.
  2. I ride with a 48t chainring, and 17t cog, which is about 76 gear inches - do you consider that low, high, or somewhere in between? I don't have too many hills in my area, but I have ridden a couple of centuries through hilly areas (Torrey Pines on the way to San Diego probably being the worst), and managed to make it through without having to walk (albeit very, very slowly). Brakeless fixed gear riding is very common where I'm from (Los Angeles area), and I've also heard it to be common in other fixed gear heavy cities, as well (San Francisco, Portland, New York, etc)... this might be for the reason Potter mentioned earlier - people trying to look cool; or at least, not look lame. It's not as dangerous as some people would make it out to be, though, assuming that you don't jump right into riding like a maniac; if you are aware and have a considerate riding style, it's fine --- I do fixed gear group rides now and then, and most people are cool... but you do have your knuckleheads who ride without regard for anyone else, that give others a bad reputation and perpetuate the negative stereotypes associated with people on fixed gear bicycles. And skip stopping is a technique used to control your speed. You resist/put your weight on the rear crank, while pulling up on the front crank, so that the rear wheel comes off the ground a little; when the tire touches back down on the floor, it creates friction, and reduces your speed.
  3. Fixed gear bikes ARE single speeds, but people usually reserve the single speed title to bikes with a freewheel, which allow you to coast (stop pedaling). With a fixed gear, if your cog/rear wheel are moving, so are your cranks... you cannot coast.
  4. I ride a fixed gear bicycle. If you are going to get a brake, get used to using it at riding speed without making yourself endo (tip over forward). If you decide to go brakeless, learn to better predict traffic light changes, and determine how fast you should be riding at these points... you don't want to approach a changing light near the point of no return while traveling at the wrong speed and not be able to stop - you might end up on someone's windshield; be very aware of surrounding traffic. Learning to trackstand is nice, if you aren't down for unclipping at every light you get stuck at. Learn to skip and skid stop... if you aren't riding with a brake, and you aren't good at doing these things, you would be a danger to yourself and to those around you. And most importantly, don't turn into a hipster (not that I even know what a hipster really is)!
  5. I caught it. I found it pretty funny that Bill managed to once again punch a guy in the face (refer to Karate episode)... The Krav Maga episode was pretty damn awesome. Definitely my favorite, so far.
  6. I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas on making equipment used to practice striking... Punching bag alternatives, so to say. If anyone caught the Karate episode of the Human Weapon, I thought the wood coming out of the ground that was used for practicing punches was pretty good; though, I think it's more complicated than just sticking a 2x2 stick of wood into the ground - does anyone know how one would go about making something like that? and something for kicking, as well?
  7. Anyone else find it comical when they put subtitles on the screen, even when the person speaking is doing so clearly?
  8. That video was garbage... the instructor was obviously insane if he really believed that he was destroying all of his students without touching them. And also, you cannot with 100% certainty conclude that traditional martial artists would be ineffective in an MMA fight; although, the more well-rounded one is, the better off he/she would be. You have to take into consideration the possibility that people who are absolutely amazing in a particular discipline do not get into it because they desire to be prizefighters... they get into it for the purpose of self-defense; therefore, you'd never see them in an actual competition. Just because in the earlier UFC competitions, dudes claimed to practice a particular style, does not mean that they were actually good representatives of that discipline. Agree, or disagree?
  9. The Karate episode was pretty cool... Although the matches seemed kind of silly, since hand to face contact was not allowed, I was definitely feeling the guy hitting a boulder to toughen his hands up! That was pretty insane.
  10. Is there a common gear ratio used amongst track racers? What do you use, potter?
  11. I had no idea how and why trackstands were utilized until this video. If someone's foot touches the ground do they get disqualified ?
  12. I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on whether weight has anything to do with cycling speed, meaning, is there an optimal weight (accompanied by possessing optimum strength for that weight) for one's riding speed? Or, in theory, if someone was 100 pounds but the strongest 100 pound person possible, would they be able to match someone who was 150 pounds, and the strongest 150 pound person ever in speed? Did that make sense?
  13. It's been a while since this thread has had activity... Have you fixed your problem yet? If not, here's my input. Do you hold your bars loosely or firmly? I usually ride with a relaxed grip, and only grip it tightly when I'm about to hit a bump or something which will require more control. Gripping tightly all the time can be pretty strenuous.
  14. Thanks for the welcomes. You're all so friendly.... definitely deserving of xoxo's and <3's and ttyl's and all that cool stuff. Los Angeles area.
  15. Well, my loner vegan ways have resulted in me deciding to register for these forums for some internet vegan interaction! I've been vegan (ethical concerns) for 2 years, give or take a few days. I'm not exactly highly active in terms of atheletics, but am of pretty decent shape, both in agility and strength, for someone who is as lazy and scrawny as I am. I mean, don't get me wrong. Robert Cheeke could probably break me with his bare hands, not that I'd imagine him to be a violent guy at all. In terms of working out, I don't do much. Push-ups, pull-ups, ride my bike now and then, random jumping and climbing (pseudo-parkour), and juggling balls (actually pretty decent workout if lengthy enough). Hopefully I will get the motivation to get into my body's optimum shape from these forums and reading others posts and whatnot.
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