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  1. Been a couple years since ive been active on the forum, i am in some desperate need of motivation..The last time i was here i got plenty of it, maes me think why i quit..mostly emotional stuff and laziness..I managed to get my weight back down below 200 for the first time since winter 2011, before my surgery..I think it is time to get down to banging some dumbbells lol..


    glad to be back

  2. until now that is..lol I am Jesse Brickzin, 42 and from Minnesota, I recently bought Robert's New Book recently has lit a fire in me to get my fitness levels up...In January i was 255 and by walking and some machine stuff at planet fitness I have managed to get my weight down to 198...


    So i am reading his book, going to get some dumbbell exercises going, Have a BOB punching man too for cardio lol...so overall i have the gear, just need the motivation back...

  3. I am Back! Last few months have been stressful and my fitness (lack of) went to hell.Finances, Family member moving, Stress at work and overall depression and anxiety issues have all played a role in my downward spiral.Well here I am making a comeback and crawling out of this whole I dug myself into.I quit the gym so most of my working out will be from home now.I bought Body Beast last week and today was day one on that..This is going to be a challenge! so with this 90 day workout program, walking and trying to get back into yoga...cant wait to get back into shape...




  4. well today my workout consisted of raking and digging for 2 and half hours transfering a flower garden into a veggie garden and doing the thing dog owners love doing every spring after winter ..other than that been walking and doing body weight squats a lot, smacking bob around (no real program yet though) and I'll be starting Tai Cheng workout sometime this week..working on my flexibility and this should be really good to help with my rehab too..




    also ordered a couple tubs of vega one natural flavor from Veganessentials as well as a Vegan Bodybuilding and fitness tshirt...

  5. cool.I am sure when the jogging minutes pile on it will be a struggle for me too.today I did back, I walked to the gym so figured i did the walking part for the couch to 5k so I just jumped on the dreadmill and jogged for the two minutes, I went a little faster today than I did on Sunday.





    • assisted chin ups- 180x12,150x6,150x6,135x4,135x4
    • Lat Pulldowns -105x8,105x7,105x6
    • Machine Rows -75x10,90x7,90x6
    • Back Extension - 125x30,140x20,140x20
    • Nitro Ab Machine - 80x20,85x20,85x20


    I am really happy about getting to 135 on the ass chin ups, getting closer to doing real ones..lower the weight is the closer i am getting to my bodyweight than it won't be assisted anymore

  6. Belated Leg workout, Chest and Biceps


    • started with day one of the 5k training.5 minute walk, 2 minute jog, 5 minute walk
    • Leg Press - 118x20,208x12,298x10,298x10,298x10
    • Leg Curls - 75x20,120x12,135x12,135x15,135x15
    • seated Calve Raise - 70x30, 130x30,130x30
    • Bench Press - 45x15,95x10,95x8,75x10
    • DB Flys - 15x12,20x6,15x10
    • Hammer Curls - 20x15,25x10,25x8,20x10
    • Ankle Band Lateral Walk - Length of the basketball court and back x 3


    I am just wondering how much is to much for working my legs while i do this 10 week program?i just don't want to wear myself out especially in 3 weeks or so when the running really starts to pick up in time.i am a newbie completely when it comes to running so i ain't really sure how much is too much.something i have to do some research on i guess.Anyways weight hasn't really dropped the last week or so.it goes back and forth but i am feeling stronger and i am feeling a lot better than i did a month ago..haven't been doing as much cardio as i should so that could be it.i will just keep plugging away.

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