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  1. well starting the 5k training, looking at the pdf file.I decided that the first couple weeks weren't going to be to bad and since i was aiming for mid march to start this originally, i figured this wouldn't start to get too bad for me until that time anyway..going to hit chest, biceps and do some legs since i didn't do them on Friday.probably just do some leg presses, leg curls and side steps with my ankle bands.
  2. http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/422876_10150604562708970_514773969_9451537_1923721002_n.jpg Shoulder and Triceps Like the other days this week got walked to the gym did my workout and walked to work.Might do legs tomorrow after work though.I am starting to get the sniffles a bit, Haven't really been 100% since i got sick and it has gotten a little colder (more normal for this time of year) anyways we will see, I might even wait til Saturday and work my Legs. Barbell Overhead Press 45x15,65x10,65x8,65x5 Front DB Raise 3x10x10 Side DB Raise 10x10, 10x8, 10x7 Assisted Dip Machine 180x10,165x8,165x8 Machine Tricep Extension 60x15,80x7,70x9,50x12 going really light on the raises since they are really just filler and i am going heavy on the presses, Dip Machine was interesting the spotted weight is similar to what i do on the Assisted Chin Up.hoping to get the weight closer to zero so i am lifting my bodyweight, i will get there soon enough though .I was only taking 60-90 second break between sets cause i was runnng a little later than usual and only had about 30-35 minutes to train today.another couple months I might give stronglifts or Rippletoe a try again but since both use Squats as the main exercise I am going to use a very conservative approach to this..went to walgreens to get some drugs for my sinus today and on my way back, I ran for like 30 seconds and didn't feel any discomfort or any limping.I do feel that my Achilles is still tight a little, doctor did say left Achilles would only be 80% of what it was before strength wise, I wonder if this tightness is what he meant.anycase I am thinking about starting the couch to 5k program soon to kick my cardio up a bit.I am thinking middle of march, that way i'll start the beginning stages in a controlled area like the dreadmill than work on jogging outside when it gets warmer..I am pretty cautious though but i am getting stronger and my cardio is improving thanks to the elliptical training that it 'shouldn't be a problem. Dietwise I had 4 1/2 Ugli fruit today (some of the peeps at work wanted to try it so i handed half of it out) for the first time, it was good.it is like a cross between a grapefruit and a clementine and looks like something that was tossed around a bit., a lot of popcorn ( my biggest vice), Zucchini Pasta with sauce, 10 bananas, Cliff Builder Bar, 4 liters of water...i think i am missing something, should have eaten a lot more fruits and veggies but the popcorn sort of raised the calorie count high..Live and learn.
  3. - 4 mile walk this morning. - 30 minutes doing Interval Training on the Elliptical (155 Max HR, 132 Average) Damn this spaghetti is good..Taste better than Flour Noddles IMO!
  4. http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/395378_10150598888713970_514773969_9437563_110915732_n.jpg spiralizer was delivered today!! - made some Zucchini Noddles and topped it with some Organic ville Italian Herb Sauce and some crushed garlic..
  5. Got myself weighed this morning and walked my ass to the gym at 4:00 am before i had to go to work..I like doing these really early workout cause i ain't really worn down from working all day, so i think i actually get a better workout this way.Main reason I don't like overtime at work is it screws this up because the gym doesn't open until 5:00 am and when i have to work at 6:00, sorry Jesse you just have to workout after being on your feet for 9 hours..ugh.. anyways enough whining onto the workout stats Back Assisted Chin Ups - 195x12,165x8,150x6,150x5 Lat Pulldown - 60x12,105x7,105x7,75x10 T-Rows - 50x8, 50x9,50x8 Roman Chair - 15,12,12 Back Extension - 50x30,110x25,135x20 after that I did about 8 minutes of Interval training on the elliptical than I took off and went to work..so Walked a total of 4 miles or so and lifted weights all before i started work...I like IT!! foodwise I haven't really been paying attention, I will be getting on writing it down and all but i figure as long as I try my best to eat clean and get my cals in it really doesn't matter, at least for now.
  6. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_b5Om4Y5gVaU/TSJQhDIk5FI/AAAAAAAAAEs/Fqz3xvBJAtI/s1600/IMG_0251.JPG
  7. Thanks for doing this Robert, I have been in a funk the last 8-10 months.This was exactly what i needed to get my ass moving again!!
  8. Thanks for the comments everyone.February will definitely be a great month!
  9. Been a lot better,But this week my diet was crap because when i am sick I am different from most people in that I eat more when i am sick than when i am not sick. I think part of the problem may have been eating a lot of fiber too.my body wasn't used to that.Just got to keep tweaking my diet until i find the right combo for me. I got the spiraler cause one of my prizes last month i got was a raw food cook book so i really want to dive into it and try stuff instead of just looking at the beautiful pictures in the book
  10. forgot to log in Fridays workout so here it goes... Legs and Abs Linear Leg Press - 118x20,208x15,298x10,298x10,298x8 Seated Leg Curls - 75x20,90x20,120x20,135x12,135x12 Standing Calve Raise - 105x10,75x12,75x12,75x12 Abdominal machine Crunch - 50x20,75x20,75x20,75x20 Reverse Crunch - 20,15,12 Walked to the Gym and from there I walked to work...3.76 miles aprox Todays workout. Chest and Biceps Bench Press - 45x20,75x12,95x8,95x7 Decline Bench Press - 45x12,55x10,60x10 Incline Bench Press - 75x8,75x8,75x6 Flys (Machine) - 75x12,70x10,70x8 Barbell Curls (olympic Bar these are much harder than other bars) - 45x12,45x10,45x6 Alt. Hammer Curls - 25x8,25x6,25x6 After Lifting i did 25 minutes on the elliptical doing Interval training 1.79 miles, 129 Ave. HR, 156 Max, Than walked home from the gym.. Foodneed to start tracking this again after slacking off a bit the last couple weeks.I am slowly starting to eat more raw fruits in my diet.reading the 80-10-10 again, also ordered a Veggie spiralar from amazon so i'll be making zucchini pasta soon )I also sense a Vitamix or Bledtec in my future..probably long distance future but future nonetheless #1 - 2 scoops Vega, 2 Bananas #2 - Naked Green Machine, Vega Recovery Bar #3 - 5 Bananas #4 - Avocado, Zevia Ginger Ale #5 - Popcorn #6 - Mandarins
  11. Workout Shoulders, Back and Triceps DB OH Press - 40x15,40x15,40x12,40x12,40x10,40x10 DB Rows - 40x10,40x10,40x10,40x10 Inverted Rows - 7,7,6 Front Rows - 4x20x10 Lateral Rows - 4x20x10 Bench Dips - 10,10,8 Skullcrushers - 50x12,50x12,60x12 DB Shrugs - 60x20,60x30,60x30,60x20 Felt good to finally get a good workout in after being sick this week.Did back today since i didn't do it earlier in the week and I'll do Abs tomorrow..
  12. Thanks Karen and Michelle.I had a few setbacks but kept plugging away.I am sure as it gets warmer and as my body heals, I will be testing myself much more. Workout today was a 2 mile walk in the slush and somewhat cold Minnesota air..though it is warmer than normal..Hitting the gym for the first time since Friday tomorrow..gotta start kicking my ass!
  13. Feeling better today..should be ready to go again tomorrow.Start up the cardio than on Thursday work the shoulders (and back since i missed the workout yesterday?) We will see...
  14. No workout today was suppose to do Back and Abs but i am going to hit the bed early, have a good night sleep and hopefully feel better tomorrow..
  15. Thanks Michelle, I still feel sick but felt well enough to at least get my lifting part of my workout in today.cardio I will hold off for a day or two. Workout Chest and Biceps DB Bench Press - 40x15, 4x60x10 Incline DB Bench Press - 60x10, 4x50x10 DB Flys -20x10,3x30x8 Modified Push Ups - 10,7,8 DB Alt. Hammer Curls - 30x12,40x12,40x12,40x10 Now I am going to just relax for the night sip some ginger tea, have a few clementines and try and fall asleep earlier than usual.Also need to start keeping track of my diet.I'll get their at leats i am working out on a regular basis now, that is more than what i was doing a month ago..
  16. ack gotta cold/flu whatever...getting ready to make some ginger root tea.getting the humidifier hooked up..if it isn't one thing it is another..This month is really testing me..
  17. Workout Legs Leg Press - 180x20, 270x12,270x10,270x8 (i think this was the weight, not sure what the weight is without plates I just guessed 90 lbs) Calve Raises - 45x20,110x30, 110x30,110x40 Stiff Leg deadlifts - 45x20, 75x12,95x10, 95x10 Step Ups - 30x15, 40x10 Leg ext. 65x12, 50x15 Leg Curls - 60x10, 75x20, 90x20, 105x20 Treadmill - 25 minutes, Ave HR130, low speed high incline...
  18. workout Shoulder and Triceps Seated DB Press - 50x12,50x10,60x8,60x8 DB Lateral Raise - 10x12,15x12,20x12,25x8 Front DB Raise - 25x10,25x10,25x10 DB shrugs - 60x20,60x20,60x20 DB Kickbacks - 25x12,30x10,40x10 Bench Dips - 10,12,12 Fell on my ass walking to work this morning so my bottom side was hurting a bit today so i layed off the cardio for the day.I feel better now so Leg workout should be a go tomorrow, if not than i will do legs on friday.. Nutrition was shit today.pick up on it again tomorrow...
  19. Workout I just did 20 rounds of various exercises like Mountain climbers, Kettlebell Swings, running in place, Heismans (from the Insanity videos)... for 35 seconds activity and 20 seconds rest using my Gymboss..so that was 20 minutes or so of Interval Training.. Nutrition B-Quaker Oats, Vega Perf Protein, Amazing Grass energy drink, Larabar Pecan Pie, Wheatgrass S-Dates, Clementines L-Chickpeas, Salsa S- Vega Performance Protein, Almond Milk D- Minneola Tangelo, Carrot Juice, Baked Potato
  20. you know karen you might be on to something..I am going to cut down on the vega whole food for a couple days to see..
  21. workout Back and Abs Assisted Chin Up - 180x9, 165x7, 165x7 Lat pulldown - 90x12, 105x7, 90x8, 75x14 T-Rows - 25x15, 50x8, 40x10 Roman Chair Back Extension - 0x15, 10x15, 25x10 Back Extension (machine) 60x30, 110x25, 125x25 Nitro Ab Machine - 50x30, 80x20, 80x20 Crunches - 30,25,30 Reverse Crunches - 20,20,20 Plank Hold - 00:40, 00:30 Got my stitches out today, doctors gave me the ok to start working out..(even though i worked out yesterday ) I thought it went well..chin ups were a bit hard because my biceps were a little burned out from yesterday and also i was picking the heavy orders today at work (generators, Jacks...) but overall It went well..The walk home was a bitch since none of the sidewalks were shoveled, lol..It was like doing the elliptical in 20 degree weather..so yeah the walk home was my cardio for the day. Nutrition B - Oats, Vega Optimizer, Flaxseed meal, Bananas, Chlorella, wheatgrass S - Bananas, Cherry Pie Larabar L - Vega Optimizer, 4 clementines, Flaxseed Meal S - Bananas Pre - Vega Chocolate optimizer Post - Datorade!! 15 dates blended with water and Sunwarrior Ormus Supergreens D - Plantfusion Chocolate, Sunwarrior Blend A lot of protein powders today..I will start mixing some garbanzo beans in tomorrow.just testing my tummy...
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