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  1. I also Got Roberts Book in the mail today from Vegan Essentials..I got reading to do....
  2. 10-13-2010 Morning Stronglifts Training Squats 5x5 100lbs Bench Press 5x5 75lbs Inverted Rows (Modified 3rd notch from the top of Smith Machine) 20,18,12 Push Ups 6,4,4 Reverse Crunch 20,15,16 Push Ups i think dropped because of the fit test the day before.I expected this.Not sure why Reverse Crunch dropped but i am happy to be at 100lbs on squats. Evening Insanity Training Day 2 Plyometric Cardio Circuit My Body quit on me with the last set of basketball drills but i had my heart rate up to 153-158 throughout the whole video i did do.Except for the stretching.I am happy with the result.I will make it through the whole video next time. also got my swimming trunks in the mail today so i have another workout option at the gym with swimming, or as most people will say when they see me..192 pound flounder flopping around in the water... anyways day three of insanity tomorrow then on Friday i will do insanity in the morning and weight training at night due to overtime.Gym opens at 5 am and i have to work at 6 am...not a whole lot of time to work with. Diet is still a mess especially when i am at home..I am pretty strict when i am at work or away but when i get home i turn into a junk food junkie..I really need some self control...kicks self in ass...
  3. Dude this is so awesome..such a huge change in a year..your pics are a huge inspiration for this old fart..
  4. power jumping and push ups are definitely my weak points..My way of thinking was to get fit enough to do this but then it dawned on me the best way to get fit is to plug away on it by doing Insanity..It isn't going to be pretty and i may spend much of the workout screaming mercy but hey I can only get better by doing it and sticking to it... Switch Kicks: 90 Power Jacks: 32 Power Knees: 61 Power Jumps: 24 Globe Jumps: 11 Suicide Jumps: 10 Push-Up Jacks: 9 Low Plank Oblique: 45
  5. reading your journal inspired me to go insane too just finished the fit test..
  6. Just got done with the Insanity Fit test, OMG was this a struggle i am still panting as i type....lol Switch Kicks: 90 Power Jacks: 32 Power Knees: 61 Power Jumps: 24 Globe Jumps: 11 Suicide Jumps: 10 Push-Up Jacks: 9 Low Plank Oblique: 45
  7. 10-11-2010 Squats 5x5 95lbs (3 digits starting Wednesday ) Overhead Press 5x5 65lbs Deadlifts 2x5 140 lbs pull ups with 135 pound assistance 9,6,5 Prone Bridges 3 x 30 seconds or so... Burpees 15 I felt it was a decent workout, wish i could make some progress with the chin ups.I need to do what chewy suggested with the negative reps i think.still need to do cardio on a regular basis, probably in the evening after work just need to figure out what would be best. I have decided to add Insanity earlier then planned..with me eating more for the strongliftsi have noticed my midsection and weight has increased.so i need to do something to counter that.I am going to do the fittest today (Tuesday)..
  8. spend most of yesterday helping a neighbor rip off and put on a storm door but got some walking in earlier in the day.bought some flax seed, braggs raw apple cider vinegar, raw blue agave to use with it. also bought a weight scale that measures bodyfat..my weight is 187.8 with a bodyfat % of 28.8%..So I think i need to pick up the cardio a little more to make up for the extra calories i have been consuming, last thing i want is to hit 200 lbs again unless i look like a linebacker then it is okay, I am starting to feel stronger and i am starting to see a little definition in my calves.I think the Stronglifts is helping a lot and now that i am testing my muscles a bit more now with the added weight, it is only going to start helping more.hell I actually enjoy getting up at 3:45 in the morning getting ready to hit the gym at 5 am before work. definitely in this for the long haul
  9. "Living is easy with eyes closed". Happy 70th John, the world misses you.
  10. 10-6-2010 Squats 85lbs 5x5 Overhead press 65lbs 4x5,1x4 (my first failure, i couldn't get that last rep up so i will stick to the same weight on monday) Deadlift 130lbs 2x5 Chinups 135lbs 10 reps, 125lbs 5,4 reps Prone Bridges 3x30 seconds Burpees 1x12 10-7-2010 45 minutes cardio at the gym (elliptical machine, bike) + walk home (about 2 miles or so) 10-8-2010 Morning: Squats 90lbs 5x5 Bench press 70lbs 5x5 Barbell Rows 45lbs 5x5 Push Ups 10,6,3 (at least i hit double digits on the first set, last set Reverse Crunches 30,20,20 Burpees 1x12 Afternoon 20 minutes of racquetball hitting (bought a racket today)..almost took my head off a few times, lol..it was fun though + walk home (2 miles) Diet..slowly getting into the raw food thing I have been going all raw food until dinner time, so i can use up all the food i have and not have it just sit there (canned beans, Amy's soups....) still working my way to the 80 10 10...
  11. just use this tag and put the link in the middle...make sure to add the other [ before the first y... youtube]...
  12. 10-4-2010 I managed to be lazy all weekend.should have at least some cardio on one of the days, really need to start kicking my ass with that. anyways todays workout and what a busy one it was an AM and PM session today am workout One hour walk (total time) to and back from gym Squats 5x5 80 pounds Bench press 5x5 65 pounds Inverted Rows 8,6,4 Push Ups (no moderations this time, i am moving up in the world) 8,6,5 Reverse Crunches 25,19,15 10 minutes on the crossramp machine after workout PM Cardio: Ex Bike 20 minutes Rowing Machine 5 minutes (this seemed kind of pointless) Elliptical machine 25 minutes ( got heart rate up to 150) shot hoops to cool down for 5 minutes Keeping Calories over 2000 calories on a mostly raw food diet.I am reading the 80/10/10 diet Book and it is really making some good sense to me...
  13. In January 2010 i weighed 250 pounds I decided to go Vegetarian and by June i was at 174..since then i have gained 10 pounds, I did this by eating alot of mixed greens, Bananas, Amy's Vegan frozen food line, Lentil Beans, Veggie Burgers and lots of walking and various cardio which i did about a hour or so 4-5 times a week plus lifting weights...now i am ready for my next step which is mostly raw foods and a more scheduled weight training program...
  14. ruhtroh didn't realize you have a log too..nice keep it up!!
  15. thanks for the advise Chewy. calorie intake 9-30-2010 3077 cals 134 g P, 540g C, 53g f 10-1-2010 2622 cals 91 g p, 494g c, 57g f wasn't able to get to the gym yesterday do to overtime at work so i made do with my adj dumbbells for my workout.I tried to do pullups at work using crossbeams but didn't work out to well.dumbbells isn't the same so hopefully the overtime won't be a issue or i just have to go to the gym after work. Front Squats 5x5 70 pounds Overhead Press 5x5 55 pounds Deadlift 1x5 110 pounds crunches 35,35,30 later on today when i get back from my grandfathers Birthday party (should be interesting with my vegan ways surrounded by not so vegan ways people, one of which likes to heckle me on facebook posting stupid eating red meat comments and such.., at least the restaurant has a salad bar) I plan on doing at least a half hour on my Spinning Bike and hopefully go to the park and get some negative pullups done to make up for yesterday..
  16. Wow Chewy I love reading your log..good inspiration to get my old cracklin bones movin'..
  17. 9-29-2010 Squat 5x5 65 lbs Bench Press 5x5 55 lbs inverted rows 9,6,4 mod push ups 15,12,10 Reverse Crunches 25,20,20 yesterdays calorie intake 2231 (85 grams protien, 382 grams carbs, 60 grams fat, 86 grams fiber) todays calorie intake 2099 (74 grams protein, 421 grams carbs, 30 grams fat, 92 grams fiber) I am trying to raise my calorie intake.I think the higher the weights i go the more i'll start to eat.but yeah i need to add more beans and nuts that are calorie dense.but yeah i am working at it.. I think on Friday i am going to raise everything 10 pounds instead of the usual 5 and see what happens. anyways time to do some cardio.
  18. Todays workout was kind of tough..I struggled the last set of squats and still having trouble with the chin ups.It is going to take time.I walked to the gym this morning and then walked to work from there for a total of about 4 miles or so.nice walk to start the morning. Squats 5x5 60lbs Overhead Press 5x5 50lbs Deadlift 1x5 100lbs Chinups/Pull Ups 9,6,5 Prone Bridge 3x30 seconds (not really sure what the point is for these.might substitute these for something else) Diet wise i would say today was just about 90% Raw.I just about ate 2000 calories today.I probably should be more calories but I feel stuffed not sure how much more i can eat.I ain't to worried about this right now though, Just gotta keep going at it. Oh i also went from 189 to 185 so i lost four pounds over the last week.
  19. Went to LA Fitness this morning did 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer and 30 minutes on the ex bike. my diet is a work in progress, i am working on that part of it as well..
  20. Todays workout Squat: 55 pounds 5x5 Bench press 50 pounds 5x5 Inverted Rows 6,6,4 Mod Pushups 14,9,6 (couple more times of modified then i'll move on to the more manly ones lol) Reverse Crunch 20,20,13 Bench is still 2-3 weight increases away from being a challenge, started to feel the squats today on around the 4th set had to push on the 5th but got all 5 reps..(might be because i was still a little sore from Wednesday) Inverted Rows i am not even sure if i am doing them right, I am gonna have to go to Youtube and check some videos.Overall good workout... on the dietary note today i really kept track of what i ate..something i haven't been paying much attention to lately.I ate a total of 1390 calories today give or take a hundred or so...out of that 108 were carbs, 55 grams of protein, 47 grams of fiber and 51 grams of fat (most of this came from cold pressed olive oil and Hemp powder)...
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