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  1. Thanks! It will be nice when I can finally post about my progres.
  2. Greetings, I have been a vegan for about 2 years now and recently started P90x. I felt my work at the gym hit a plateau and P90x seemed like a great way to get out of the gym and save my self some time. Anyway the program was going great, but now I have to stop for a while. About a week and a half ago I tore my ACL playing flag football . I will need surgery in a few weeks, though I am considering continuing the upper body workouts. Has anyone on the forum torn their ACL, I am interested in which graft you chose and how it has been working. Once I am on my feet, done with physical therapy and back from a trip this summer, I will restart the program. Before I start I will be sure to take some photos!
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