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  1. That's what I said, and I dare you to prove me wrong. Yeah..but Richard just says it SO much better than you and without all those superior, know it all, holier than thou undertones
  2. On the original topic, Ethics & Smoking (also, apparently, civil rights): I have never smoked either cigarettes or weed. I don't care if you do, as long as it affects ONLY YOU. Unfortunately, most - not all, but most - smokers I have encountered have been rude a-holes. This problem could probably be solved if smokers were required to be enclosed in plastic bubbles while smoking. Personally, I have asthma because I grew up in a house where both my parents smoked. And yet, I've run 3 marathons. Not fast, but I have. I don't use my asthma as a crutch, obviously, but it is - when I let it - a source of resentment. My father has emphysema. I dread the day he begins to need an oxygen tank for the rest of his life. Despite their compromises (not smoking while I am in the house, etc) it has become clear that, due to the build-up of toxins in the house, I can no longer set foot in the home I grew up in - unless I want to have an asthma attack and subsequently come down with bronchitis. Literally - every time I visit = bronchitis & therefore expensive antibiotics. And yet, that's not even the worst part. The worst part is the rift in our relationships. My 2 younger brothers have both been on-and-off smokers as well, and talking to them as smokers and as non-smokers is like night and day. It is an addiction like any other, and the addiction takes over the addicted person's brain, and is concerned with only its own preservation. I cannot reason with them as smokers, or with my parents, on the subject of smoking and health, because the addiction will not allow them to confront reality. When they are smoking, they make all manner of justifications for their insensitive behavior, and accuse my asthma of being "in my head" (despite pulmonary function tests to the contrary). When they are smoking, I have no family.
  3. Wow, arrogant, AND name-calling. Projecting much? Go ahead, have the last word if you like. I'm happy to let the rest of the forum be a judge of my character.
  4. I'm sure I would have laughed at the original thread, considering Cubby has a more pleasant attitude. Trying to prove to me that you have a sense of humor is equivalent to trying to prove that you have style. You're no judge of your own.
  5. Big decision to make, life-changing stuff, maybe you should have thought about it longer? I mean seriously, now you sit here with a username on a forum that is more hate-filled than other vegan groups/forum, big stuff. BTW, people throw around the word "hate" way too much. I see no hating anywhere in this thread. The functional movement thing is a joke on the cost of people like this ...and others who use the word way too much. It really has nothing to do with hate and how you confuse the two is beyond me. Once again, you are looking for something to attack instead of having a real conversation. I get that you have your little jokes, but you were attacking someone who was talking about a serious personal goal/endeavor, because, what, you feel entitled to determine what words other people are allowed to use in order to be valid as human beings? Your brand of "humor" has no place in my world.
  6. Geeze, I joined this forum because it was less hate-filled than other vegan groups/forums. I'm starting to reconsider that decision.
  7. 1st, I think you mean "rationale," not rational. 2nd, you clearly ARE here to argue, because she already told you that she has put a lot of thought into this opinion and isn't about to change her mind. 3rd, we've already said we don't personally advocate eggs, so the entire premise of your argument is a fallacy.
  8. Exactly. I have had MANY conversations with vegans/vegetarians about the difference between POSITIVELY encouraging and motivating a person, and BULLYING them. No one ever changed because they were bullied. In fact, the way motivation and ambivalence works, it actually strengthens their resolve NOT to change. So yeah, big picture folks
  9. The only book I have is "1000 Vegan Recipes" - but I think I've only made one thing out of it, so far, because there are no pictures! I'm also thinking of getting "The Kind Diet." What I tend to do is buy a few ingredients, then use Google to find out if there are any recipes that use all of them It actually works pretty well!
  10. What would the chicken do with an unfertilized egg, anyhow? Are you taking something from them that they wouldn't choose on their own to let go of? No. Like eating an apple that's fallen off the tree. I'm not saying I personally eat eggs anymore, but I agree with Ruz that there is nothing unethical about it under certain circumstances.
  11. For soreness/stiffness, obviously you need your electrolytes and protein, but I STRONGLY recommend black cherry juice - it is a natural anti-inflammatory. It definitely works for me. A glass a day should do it, or I think it's actually cheaper to buy it concentrated and mix it with water or seltzer. Or vodka
  12. Hi Jason, I've run 3 marathons and used to be a personal trainer, so I think I can help I'm assuming this will be the first endurance run you've ever done. It IS possible to train for both, as long as you're okay with only really being good at one - and it sounds like your priority is rugby. And in fact, your plyo & interval runs WILL help you with running economy for the distance event. I would do ONE long run per week, and have the other running day be mid-length. I would also add a 3rd running day for a short run. Consistency is just as important as distance. For all 3 of those runs, go SLOWER than the pace you plan to run the actual event. You're already training for speed - these days are for building endurance. If you go too fast and your heart rate is too high, you will actually hurt your endurance training. I don't know how much time you have until the event, or how far your longest run has been up until now, so here's a general plan... - When both cardio & strength occur on the same day, do cardio FIRST) - Regarding runs, never do 2 hard days in a row. Hard = distance or speed. The plan below is hard-easy-hard-easy-hard-easy-off: SATURDAY - LONG RUN SUNDAY - Short & Easy recovery run + Strength [or make-up long run if Sat weather is bad, etc. If today ends up being your long run, skip tomorrow's intervals and do a short run instead, then continue with the rest of the week as planned. NEVER try to "make up" missed workouts.] MONDAY - Intervals/plyo TUESDAY - Mid-length run + Strength WEDNESDAY - Intervals/plyo THURSDAY - Short run + Strength FRIDAY - OFF For the long runs, you'll want to increase the distance by approximately 10%/week. For example: Week 1 - 5 miles 2 - 6 miles 3 - 7 miles 4 - 8 miles 5 - 9 miles 6 - 10miles 7 - 6 miles 8 - 12 miles 9 - 10 miles 10 - 14 miles 11 - 10 miles 12 - 16 miles 13 - 10 miles 14 - 18 miles 15 - 10 miles 16 - 20 miles 17 - 10 miles 18 - 20 miles 19 - 10 miles 20 - 22 miles 21 - 10 miles 22 - 22 miles 23 - 10 miles 24 - 8 miles 25 - 6 miles 26 - 6 miles This is the most conservative (read: injury-preventing) plan. If you have less time than that, it would look more like this: Week 1 - 5 miles 2 - 6 miles 3 - 7 miles 4 - 8 miles 5 - 9 miles 6 - 10miles 7 - 12 miles 8 - 10 miles 9 - 14 miles 10 - 16 miles 11 - 18 miles 12 - 20 miles 13 - 10 miles 14 - 6 miles If you have even LESS time than that, do not alter the schedule, but stop building distance sooner so you max out at 18 or 16 instead. It is safer to do one very long run on less training, than it is to train at too high a level and then run a significant distance. In the last 2-4 weeks leading up to the event, drop back on distance, and cut out ALL strength and speed work. Preferably, the taper would be 4 weeks, but 2 weeks is the minimum. This is the time when your body not only heals from all the training, but actually continues to get stronger as it heals. DO NOT SKIP THE TAPER PERIOD. YOU RISK INJURY IF YOU DO! Good luck, and feel free to ask me more questions as you go!
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