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  1. yea, stuff already know apples on sale are $.99 cents a pound usually $1.99lb bananas are $.59 a pound I eat about 3-4 a day broccoli is $1.19 a pound usually on sale at the cheapest $.59 a bunch is usually 2-3pounds I usually it 2-3 pounds of it at a time. Cauliflower is about the same per pound but each head weights 3 pounds. Carrots are cheap $.99 a pound good green lettuce $1.99 a bunch the biggest problem is i never feel satisfied eating veggies. I love the taste of them but it seems I'm eating 5-6 pounds of them at each meal? I really do eat a lot of veggies though I gave an examples of a bad day. Its true but eat the most fruit when there in season. If I could afford it I would eat raw food until I die, but I can't afford it. I guess veggies are inexpensive but its the fact that I eat 3x to 4x more mass of that food! which brings me to the next thing. why, would I crave starchy carbs so much. I think that If I could eat raw for a year I would certainly not crave what "starch" gives my brain?
  2. depends? Oatmeal in the morning or cold cereal or leftovers lunch is last nights leftovers example: 2 cups rice, Potato curry that I make Maybe 2 hours later PB&J and some Ramen 2 hours after eat seitan/homemade tofurkey a portion about 8-10oz or more maybe some more oatmeal? 2 or 3 bananas I work out about 11:00pm Eat largest amount after 2 seitan sandwich's w/vegenaise, more oatmeal, could be spaghetti, tacos, whatever large amount of food is
  3. About eating often I feel Like I'm a "bottomless pit." I have Always been a big eater most the time I stop eating because I feel guilty about how many grocery's I have put away. Hardly ever stop when I'm full. About five years ago this problem aid me getting to 330lbs of flabby nineteen year old boy(Not Vegan). Sad but true state! the day that I realized this I started doing something about it. Started Reading Labels and walking and lost 100 pounds before I was 21. I went vegan around that time also the lowest weight that I reached was 200lbs. It took a lot of hard work to get there. I starved myself walked every where but pretty much starved myself. Then I had a good handle on my daily cals I would usually eat under 2000 cals a day. Now, hahah Its the same old kid eating like a horse and mainly its me eat huge at one sitting some days are better then others but either way its a ton. the good part is I exercise more 5-6 hard hours a week its been that way for almost 4 months! which is a record for me. 4 months ago I tipped the scale heavy at 240 then I lost 20lbs (exercise, raw food, and a juice fast). Stopped eating raw because I can't afford it with the way I eat. right now my food budget is about 20 bucks a week what I know is not changing is me eating massive amounts of food(+3000cals.) I'm still a fatty and I need to lose more weight. My goal is about 5 pounds and inches a month. Could I do this eating the calories that I do? maybe a split day work out, tons of cardio, just working out more in general? basically eat like I'm bulking but still lose some? I'm sure its possible? knowledge from people that have been there would be great?
  4. In Fall of 2002 came in at 330 something. I was not vegan and had never even heard of the word. I really never realized I got that fat because it happened so fast. When I graduated from High School I was some where around 270? a fatty still at 5'10'. Real it seems odd but the fatter you get more comfortable you become. Late Fall(end of Oct.)2002. I went to a party with my friends and people that I knew from school where treating me weird like I was an alien. I bought a bathroom school and well I MAXed it out
  5. Well my Florida pick turned it around for me and I took second place. It would have been closer if I would have just picked the over seeded team every time : ). Well I really Am not a baseball fan. NBA playoffs are gonna be sweet but I can't wait until fall for college football and I have a feeling Florida will repeat there as national champions
  6. I dunno what to say thats the link they gave me and it said you just need a password after you have made an account. my friends told me they have not had any problems
  7. Scoring breakdown RD1+2pt +(Seed Bonus) RD2+2pt +(Seed Bonus) RD3+4pt +(Seed Bonus) RD4+4pt x (Seed Bonus) RD5+6pt x (Seed Bonus) RD6+12pt x (Seed Bonus)
  8. gosh this is great vegan people that enjoy the month of march as much as I do! Sign up for my bracket as well. *mine has a Different scoring break down* if you pick a Cinderella that go's far she could bring you the title! Scoring breakdown RD1+2pt +(Seed Bonus) RD2+2pt +(Seed Bonus) RD3+4pt +(Seed Bonus) RD4+4pt x (Seed Bonus) RD5+6pt x (Seed Bonus) RD6+10pt x (Seed Bonus)
  9. thanks so much for letting me know. here is the link! for sure! http://veganbracket.mayhem.sportsline.com/e PASSWORD:cherem
  10. I made this bracket for all my friends anyone else can get in on it as well. I know that there are a few others but my scoring rules are a little different. http://veganbracket.mayhem.sportsline.com/e PASSWORD: cherem
  11. this is day seven of my juice fast. To start off I hate juice not a fan. I realized during my fast that it does not make me feel satisfied after drinking it at all. Water has been my friend through out the fast. I'm drinking around 32-40oz or 1 liter of juice a day and just under a gallon of water a day. I'm not really sure how my body is detoxing either. I have had some detoxing experiences head aches, soreness, potty time, and etc. usually I feel really good in the morning and shitty mid afternoon and evening. later at night I start to perk up a little and not seem so pissed off. Compared to when I first went raw I felt amazing all of the time. some times are better than others. I will get little craving for cooked food here and there and usually I will just forget about them a few minutes later. For the last few nights I have gone to the grocery store just to walk around, I dunno why? more than likely its just for something to do late at night. I'm half done with my fast so why not finish. when I'm done I will post more about how the fast was.
  12. I think since a few of us where trying a few different detox fasts. We should us this thread to write about our experiences, testimonies, failures, and whatever. I think everyone should be as honest and genuine as possible. Everyone should understand that criticisms is part encouragement to progress with a health safe detox.
  13. I agree so much with this. People that poke fun at vegan cuisine usually are amazed about how wonderful vegan restaurants are. Several of my friends went vegan and stayed vegan because of restaurants. I would assume that raw food would be the same.
  14. I went out of town for seven days recently and It was tough. I went to my home town in Southern Utah after about day four I was getting super anxiety. I ate three lara bars at once and was not satisfied. I think that it was just because I knew that my "support" system was gone. Nice health food stores, food dehydrator, food processors,etc. the next time I travel I'm planning a head and bring a lot stuff with.
  15. really, with just ice and juice. they really are not that smoothie I drink them just like the juice?
  16. Yesterday+, The rest of the day was just as amazing as the morning. I felt really great all day right now I'm not missing whole food at all. the bathroom session was a little disturbing . So It was a good Idea for me to juice and keep the detox going. I'm really not a fan of just juice for some reason. I like drinking water and I'm not drinking a ton of juice. My roommate he is drinking around a gallon of juice a day!! He told me he likes juice and juicing so more power to people like him. I'm not miserable with juice fast by any stretch. On Monday I dislocated my right pinky finger playing basketball. My right pinky was shaped like an S. Everyone was freaking out but me. I didn't hurt hardly at all but, it looked really messed up! nobody at the gym could set it so I went to the ER Not thrilled about the doctor bill from them..yikes! Today my finger is almost completely better. It healed 3x times faster than normal. I have full range of motion, its a little tender thats it, it bruised but almost completely better. Everyone that we know except for me and my friend Kaden(raw and juicing with me.) Has gotten a little respiratory cold and have been coughing like crazy. Me and Kaden have not been sick yet. Im sure that are immune systems are freaking MMA fighters right now. Me healing faster and not getting sick is a direct correlation of our diets. today, I slept really good last night. wrote some more riffs this morning for about an hour, I hope I didn't wake up everyone. After I made some really amazing fruit juice Orange, Peach, and strawberry that turned into a delicious fruit smoothie! I love them they taste better then any sweetened ice drink I have ever had. stoked to play guitar when I get off the PC. I can't stop listening to Deadlock(ger) they are amazing and xveganx http://www.myspace.com/xdeadlockx check them out.[/url][/b]
  17. the price is outrageous but, people say they are amazing. I think raw spinach and kale is just as amazing.
  18. Yesterday, The sweet detoxing started. I had the worst headache in the world and I don't get them often. I'm sure its from not drink my normal gallon of water a day. for some reason I haven't been drink much water. I may have been drinking to much before I dunno? I don't think you can drink to much water? I went on a long car ride to a friends house when I got out of the car. I felt like dying every core muscle felt shitty very similar to flu like symptoms. I keep thinking also why am I doing this? questioning how I talked myself into it. I always want to sleep. I feel the best after I wake up from a long sleep. I used the bathroom for the 2nd time. I was plugged so spent some time in there and felt pretty good after. Today, I feel great! I know that my brain is at peak performance. I wrote pretty sick riff on the guitar right when I woke up. I feel that my senses are also at peak. Smells are way alive and raw food and the juice I make are the only things that seems appealing to me at the moment. cooked food this morning seems to trigger a alarm response like poison. I'm reallying think positive about everything and everyone. The only down is my birthday is soon so my fast maybe 13 days and 12 hours. Celebrating my birthday with all my friends is going to be amazing so I think we will end the fast a little early for the party. debating if I should make it a raw party or cooked food party. If its a Raw party then I will make all of the food(which, I kinda wanna do because I love making raw food for others.) If its a cooked food party I'm sure that Xtina(A good friend) would make amazing food! like vegan tamales. So we will see when the day comes
  19. not going to the gym is driving me nuts as well. I lifted a little on Monday but I was spent after so I haven't gone back to lifting. Today feels a lot better so I think I may just do some jogging? Good luck with everything
  20. from whole food vegan to Fruitarian, omnivores are never going to understand. It's ignorance that keeps people the way they are. Most choose not to change there beliefs very content with the way there lives are.
  21. 2-28-2007 Well, I started my 14 day juice fast it has not been bad other than things that are cooked smell way way good I have a roommate/friend that is fasting with me. So when times are tough we can talk about it. I'm being honest some times it seems really tough I wonder if I'm gonna make it the full 14 days. Well my heads up and I'm determined to finish my goal. I started Monday the 26th so today is day 3. This morning feels really great compared to last night me feeling like crap. I'm excited for the day I'm waiting for the good detoxing to kick in. Yesterday, Made awesome jalapeño spinach carrot juice I was impressed how amazing it was. jalapeño really kicks it up if you know what mean.
  22. I'm eating about 1000 cals less that's becuase I ate way way to much starch/food before. in three weeks I have lost about 15 pounds mainly from the "starch free shock"
  23. I'm over weight by about 50 pounds(fatty). I love to work out and eat! Now I'm eating 100% raw. I don't plan on being raw forever. Will I lose muscle mass with that fat? My goal is to lose the fat(all of it). I plan on breaking raw after I feel comfortable with the fat lose.
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