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  1. This sounds very interesting and I am highly considering doing this. my room mate already agreed to doing it with me for at least 5 days, maybe not the whole ten. Can someone please maybe take a second to explain to me what nutrients the body NEEDS each day, and how its possible to get them with this mix. I have been doing a lot of research on this cleanse for the last hour and i havent read about anyone dying, haha, which is good, but i just cant comprehend how your body doesnt get sick or break down. maybe the body needs less than i actually thought. If i have never done ANY sort of cleanse before, is there maybe a more mild one i should start with?
  2. For the last 2 days i have had a running/stuff nose, itchy eyes and lots of sneezing. It sucks. My body feels fine, doesnt ache or anything, but im just real congested, i dont know if its alergies or some sort of flu or something. but the WORST part is, for the last 5-7 days before i showed any symptoms, i felt like i was taking BETTER than normal care of my body. I started drinking lots and lots of water again, i was making sure i was taking my multi vitamin everyday and my b-12 everyday which sometimes i fall behind on. working out every morning, getting good sleep. I had a huge craving for some fruit right before i got sick and went and stocked up on apples and banannas and stuff and then got sick 2 days later. what a bummer. im taking claritin d as of today but it doesnt help too much.
  3. Im very interested in any sort of cleansing since i have never done one before. Can someone post a link to more information. I try (have) to eat like 4 small meals a day, so i dont know if i have the will power to do a major fast, but i would love to learn more about any cleansing. even lung cleansing. any more info, links, or more specific directions would be much appreciated.
  4. interesting. I once heard a while ago like 40-50 grams at a time was the most you can absorb in one sitting. But that was a while ago from one source. Its like 30 grams of protein and then you can get a free "boost" so i usually just ask for a second scoop of protein, but i guess if for some reason this is "bad" or "too" much, i could just stick with the normal 1 scoop.
  5. Awesome book. Its what im reading now. Nothing to do with being Vegan. but a real good book none the less.
  6. Diet for a new america is definitely the book that caused me to go vegan. It would be hard to believe anyone on this board hasnt read it yet, but if you havent read it, you should LITERALLY, get up right now, get in your car, and go to the book store. buy both copies of it that they have on the shelf cause you are gonna want to give one to a friend.
  7. I recently changed my workout/life routine from working out everynight at 9pm, to working out 9am. I usually have an energy bar, like a cliff bar at 8:30 to give me some energy, and then i like to get a jamba juice smoothie at 11 am. I get the protein berry pizzaz which is like 440 calories and like 50 grams of protein. Between the two items, i have already had like 700 calories and like 70 grams of protein before noon. Is this bad, too much soy protein, too many calories. or does this sound like a good breakfast with a good source of protein and a good serving of fruit? Thanks in advance for any input
  8. Its Ice Cube actually. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome
  9. Hey. My name is Derek. I live in Ft. Lauderdale Fl. I have been vegan for like 3 years now? and Vegetarian for 1 more before that. I think. Time flys. I enjoy going to the gym and try to go about 5 mornings a week. I have no desire to be huge, or incredible strong, just trying to shed the last few pounds of body fat, get a bit of definition, and bring up my stamina and stuff like that. My favorite restaurant is called Saras and ANYONE that lives in south florida HAS to go there... twice a week. I look forward to spending a lot of time here and learning a bunch Derek
  10. yo. tell carl to step it up with vegan411. thats been coming soon for like 3 years now.
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