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  1. Vicbowling, thanks and good luck with your plan! I'm actually moving to Kelowna at the end of summer. It's a beautiful place.
  2. I can't do the barefoot thing. I hate the way it feels. I also get sore feet really easily, hence my concern about shoes.
  3. I was just wondering how many different kinds of shoes people usually have for different activities. I was using my runners (New Balance) for working out in our home gym (weights and elliptical, no treadmill), but I figured that probably wasn't good for me since that's not what they're made for, plus they are my outside shoes anyway. I went out yesterday and bought some Asics crosstrainers that are supposed to have really good stability and support, and I'll use those in the gym now. I also got a pair of Saucony crosstrainers for all the walking I do during my normal day. Does that sound normal? How do you guys handle your shoe situations?
  4. Hi, my name is Kelly and I'm from British Columbia. I've been vegan for 3 years, and I was a (crappy) vegetarian for a long time before that. I've always been overweight, ranging from 150 at my brief low points to 170 and 172 at my high points (I'm 5'5). Last spring I decided to start learning about vegan nutrition and fitness, not only for myself but to be a better representation of a vegan. I lost more than 25lb in the last year by changing my eating habits and taking up running. A few months ago I decided to start lifting weights. I really want to feel and look strong, not just get thin. I've been trying to work on my own weight program using information on here and other places online as well as a book I got, and I've pre-ordered Robert's book as well. I don't expect much progress in the muscle department since my priority is to lose weight, but I can already see changes in in my body, especially my arms. My goal is to get down to my goal weight and then concentrate on building muscle.
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