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  1. Hi all, I'm trying to modify my diet and meal plan to be as clean as possible to shed fat. I also have several dietary restrictions on top of wanting to do this as a veg. I'm allergic to dairy and eggs and also cannot tolerate soy as it triggers severe asthma. I want to stick with majority clean, whole foods with vegan protein supplementation as my primary fuel sources and would like to stay away from as much processed vegan substitute foods as I can. Here is a sample meal plan I plugged into fitday.com trying to see what the pro/carb/fat ratios looked like: Meal 1 - Smoothie 2 scoops Sun Warrior protein powder 1 banana 1 Tbsp coconut flakes or coconut oil 1 Tbsp chia seeds 2 cups spinach Meal 2 1 scoop Vega protein w/H2O Meal 3 2 cups spinach 2 cups romaine 1/2 bell pepper 1/2 cucumber 1/4 tomato 1/4 avocado 1 morningstar farms vegan griller patty Meal 4 pre-workout Apple or Orange 1/4 cup hummus 1 cup baby carrots Meal 5 during workout 1/2 svg Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer Meal 6 post-workout 1/2 svg Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer Meal 7 (before 7pm) 2 cups raw (spinach, kale) greens OR 2 cups cooked broccoli/asparagus 1/2 cup lentils OR black beans 1/4 avocado Per fitday.com this totals the following nutrient breakdown: Cals 1363 Fat (g) 51.5g 34% Carbs (g) 135.3g 40% Prot (g) 109.3 32% I'm 5'3" 155lbs, approx 28% bodyfat. I lift 5 days per week, 1 hour each session, 15 min cardio warm up prior and do 20-30 minutes additional cardio 2-3 days per week. Working toward a goal of competing in March/April 2011. Appreciate any comments/critiques of the meal plan I've outlined or if you have any suggestions for tweaking. Thanks!! xo Carrie
  2. Welcome from another Washington gal. Check out Coconut Bliss ice cream if you really must have some, you'll never go back to dairy ice cream again, I promise!!
  3. Good luck with your comp Angela! I've been training hard to get back in shape with the ultimate goal of doing a figure competition. I'm shooting for early 2011. Interested to hear how it goes for you, the meal planning for me seems really complicated when I break down the nuts and bolts, I eat well but I'm not sure how to eat optimally for pre-contest.
  4. So glad to see you here Raechelle! I've been following you on twitter for a while now and it's nice to see more competitors joining the ranks here. I'm wanting to do my contest prep vegan/high raw, will be for my first comp tho, I'm a newbie! Welcome, looking forward to your posts. xo, Carrie
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