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  1. Greetings I've been using Cronometer to calculate a vegan diet and was wondering if any of you know of any other software to calculate nutrition requirements?
  2. Thank you for your Warm Replies!! This site is a wealth of Vegan Fitness Knowledge. I am looking forward to sharing my views and as well as asking for advice from you all. Cheers zardoz
  3. Hello all, About myself? hmmm I'll tell ya what I know. I've been a strict vegan since 1996 and was a vegetarian since 1991. I be came a convert for ethical reasons but now to include a healthy lifestyle. It's strange but being a vegan for as long as I have, people think vegans eat health food... not me I had the king of pot bellies, people used to rub my belly for good luck I used a lot of oil in my cooking pigged out at a delicious takeaway called 'Veg Out' indulged in soy ice cream, never exercised and weighed 90kg(171cm) etc etc. I then one day tried to do a push up, I couldn't even do one. Soooooo I decided to change that, August 2006 I took up Wing Chun(I used to study it awhile ago) do my own exercising and took on extra work unloading shipping containers. I now eat better due to the fact I have been reading this website and forums posts and articles for some time and like to thank you all for helping me losing 11kg, most of you have brainwashed me to become more of a raw vegan but I still can't resist Indian food. I still have a pot belly, but hey at least it's much smaller and I still need to lose a few more kilos... btw, I now can do 30 push ups.
  4. This subject can be quite funny. Further research lead me to this site. http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a5_040.html
  5. Greetings all Honey/Raw Honey is not vegan. Bees mix the nectar in their stomachs with an 'enzyme' then regurgitate it in the form of honey. so basically if you eat it, your eating Bee Vomit
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