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  1. They just came out with P90X3. I'm starting it in January!
  2. I don't plan on it! Heck, working towards self employment at the moment (my hand has been forced as I'm in between gigs, wheee).
  3. Thanks!! Yeah I had a dream about running the 10K one, wow. Never run a half marathon before. Never even run more than a 5K. MUCH training to do! I'll have to do a lot of it on a treadmill once the winter season is here. My goal? To finish. I will be THRILLED to finish. I have the long term goal of being fit enough to qualify for Boston but for now, my goal is to finish.
  4. Thanks! Been crazy busy, on job search number three, and looking into work alternatives to take me out of this insanity for good.
  5. Oh shit! I hear of so many stories of people getting sidetracked while doing Insanity. No worries, you'll come back to it. I just got my certification for that workout a month ago. And thanks.
  6. This is the official site for the run I'm doing: http://www.rundisney.com/princess-half-marathon/
  7. Thanks!! Yes, Insanity is intense and you GOT to stick with it! If it weren't for taking the pics, I wouldn't have thought I was getting any results whatsoever. I've been doing a combo of Combat/Pump/running/other cardio these days, prepping for a couple of 5Ks. Also signed up for a 10K in Oct and a half marathon in Feb.
  8. Registered for a Disney half marathon! That's now 3 5Ks, 1 10K, and a half marathon I've got scheduled! Yay running!!
  9. http://i779.photobucket.com/albums/yy74/TeaAddictedGeek/andrea07142013_zpsf0b8dc9c.jpg http://i779.photobucket.com/albums/yy74/TeaAddictedGeek/andreafitgeekfitness_zpsfac5fe7f.jpg The first one is more recent. The second was taken in March.
  10. Finally updated my pic! Currently doing a Combat/Pump hybrid and training for a couple of 5Ks and a 10K! Been super busy but still at it. How is everyone?
  11. Make that 876 and counting! Less than 30 min of the contest remains....
  12. 841! Last day to vote, thank you all for your support!!
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