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  1. Whoa, good work on all the training. I am keen to hear how you get on with all of your races that you have coming up.


    Have you ran a half marathon before? Do you have any goals for it? Good luck!


    Thanks!! Yeah I had a dream about running the 10K one, wow.


    Never run a half marathon before. Never even run more than a 5K. MUCH training to do! I'll have to do a lot of it on a treadmill once the winter season is here.


    My goal? To finish. I will be THRILLED to finish. I have the long term goal of being fit enough to qualify for Boston but for now, my goal is to finish.

  2. Just looked through your progression, really awesome you also look really happy and proud which is great and totally deserved, really lovely I'm in week 2 of Insanity at the moment... it really is insanity. And it's coincided with me getting my first headcold in 10 months. You definitely did the right thing building up to it! I'm feeling reinspired to push through after reading this though


    Thanks!! Yes, Insanity is intense and you GOT to stick with it! If it weren't for taking the pics, I wouldn't have thought I was getting any results whatsoever.


    I've been doing a combo of Combat/Pump/running/other cardio these days, prepping for a couple of 5Ks. Also signed up for a 10K in Oct and a half marathon in Feb.

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