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  1. At 329 and counting! Thanks a bunch for all of your votes!!
  2. Yay! Thanks muchly!! At 263 votes and counting! I'm up against people who have thousands of votes already because they started sooner, I'm definitely the underdog in this!
  3. At 257 and counting! Thanks to all who have been voting, especially those who have been voting daily! I appreciate it! <3
  4. Awesome!! Thank you so much I will update with the totals so far.
  5. 78 votes and counting! Thank you all so much!! You can vote once daily, btw! Get a vegan in there!!
  6. I can't believe I'm doing this, but...support a tea-addicted geek? http://www.exploremodeling.com/Casting/elfCosmetics2013/84591/Andrea_Berman.aspx
  7. I've been meaning to start a fit club near me, there's a community center around the corner from my house. I'd just have to join up and ask them what they think about it.
  8. I like the chocolate vegan, it's my go-to. The tropical strawberry is a bit too sweet for me but I found that in a Vitamix it paired well with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and some almond butter. I don't think it's pricier than Vega but I also get it with my coach discount so I'm a tad spoiled.
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