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  1. Not doing P90X but looking into either that or the ChaLEAN Extreme when I'm done with the Slim in 6 program, plus mixing it up with the Slim series. My sole advice is to take it at your own pace but keep challenging yourself. Striking that balance can sometimes be tough, so just do your best and if you absolutely need to take a break even for a few seconds, do it.


    So far have a very positive opinion of Beachbody's workout programs from the one I'm currently on! And I'm a coach over there, too--so if you need any help, holler!

  2. I take vinyasa-style ashtanga yoga classes at a nearby studio, and their basics class has never failed to keep me challenged! Highly recommended for building up flexibility, toning, and strengthening. Also good for helping with bad backs and ailing digestive systems--I soooo speak from experience there!

  3. Thank you both for your feedback.

    My body fat hasn't changed measurably in one direction or the other, so the gain might be a little muscle.

    And I tried increasing my calories by about 500 and I gained quite a bit in a short amount of time.

    I will say it again: I'm a freak. You can't even imagine how frustrating this is.


    Nah, you sound like me. A few questions:


    1) Are you at least losing inches?


    2) How much water are you drinking? How much salt?


    3) How balanced is your diet?


    Whenever I hear this, my guess is it's one or more of the following:


    1) Too little variation in exercise. Your body adapts quickly to what you're putting it through. Provide more variety in what you're doing in order to exercise, and don't just do a lot of any one thing.


    2) Water retention. Drink at least 10 cups a day and watch your sodium intake.


    3) Not burning as much calories as you think you are. Everyone burns differently depending on metabolic rate, age, body type, gender, et cetera.


    4) Eating more calories than you think you are.


    Were it me, I'd vary up the exercise and try reducing the calorie intake a bit to see what happens. The way to know if you're not getting enough is if you get too tired to exercise. THAT'S a warning sign. You need fuel to burn fuel, kinda like spending money in order to make it.


    Hope this helps, even if a little bit....

  4. I eat local and/or organic and shop at Whole Foods plus get fruit and veggie delivery from Boston Organics.


    Sample day for me:


    Breakfast: 1 scoop vanilla chai Vega Whole Foods Optimizer, half a banana, one cup chocolate light soymilk in a blender


    Snack: 1 serving quinoa tabouli (big chunks of cucumber and roma tomatoes, OM NOM NOM)


    Lunch: 1/2 spinach, 1/2 spring mix with diced cucumbers, diced baked tomato-basil tofu, fat free balsamic vinagrette and two slices of cheddar rice cheese in a lo-carb pita wrap


    Snack: 1 Boca burger with cheddar rice cheese melted on top


    Dinner: 1/2 serving quinoa and either another Boca patty or veg chic with rice cheese wrapped in romaine lettuce with a bit of vegenaise


    Yes, I'm on a weight loss program. Until my metabolism gets back up to at least second gear this is where I'm at. I'm currently dropping inches but no weight--that's a familiar refrain I hear everywhere, so I'm not going to panic over it and will be taking my own advice and KEEPING IT UP!

  5. Hello everyone. I know this is nothing new. We have all read the infinite warnings about consuming soy. I have a question that I hope someone could shed some light on.


    'They' say that soy raises estrogen in men. Something to do with the phytoestrogens or something. What I don't understand is, isn't soy just a bean?! Why would soy beans contain these hormonal wrecking balls but kidney beans or black beans don't?




    Every time I hear something anti-soy, I follow the trail and it leads straight to studies founded by anti-veg*n meat industries. Nuff said.


    Asians eat soy all the time, and they don't have a problem with it.

  6. Welcome!


    Best of luck with fundraising!


    Thanks on both counts! And good to meet other vegan fitness folk. If I hear one more person telling me to eat eggs and fish cause they're goooood for me and whywhywhywhy don't I eat dairy it's vegetarian, I will lose my precious little mind.

  7. I just found this place via Facebook via Twitter from VeganProteins! I'm Andrea, have been vegan for four years and have been getting back into my fitness nut roots as of late. I practice ashtanga yoga, work out on my elliptical, ride a bike, and also am involved with the Beachbody program online (still want that vegan Shakeology they're promising us, dammit!) doing the Slim in 6 workout.


    I'm doing the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in May--39.3 mile walk for the cause! I'm committed to raising a min of $1800 in order to walk, and I'm also getting into the best shape of my life beforehand!


    My staples include the following:


    - Vega Whole Food Optimizer in vanilla chai flavor with a cup of light chocolate soymilk, half a banana, and a blender.

    - Romaine lettuce. Makes an awesome wrap for sandwiches!

    - Quinoa. I loooove making tabouli with it using lots of big cucumber and tomato chunks! OM NOM NOM


    That's it for now! Not sure how many of you are also on veganfitness.net but I can be found on there as well. *waves*

  8. Hi. I'm Jason. I live and work in Boston. I've been vegan for over 10 years now.


    I started going to the gym near my place a year ago, but the workouts I was doing took far too long. A friend introduced me to kettlebells, and I quit the gym not long after. I also enjoy running, and I've recently started to do some bodyweight work as well.


    My goals is to tone up and increase my strength. I'm a big fan of functional fitness though, admittedly, I haven't been training in that way (or any way) for all that long.




    Howdy neighbor! I also live in the Boston area.

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