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  1. Yoga is a necessity. I consider the whole combo of yoga, resistance training, and cardio to be the Holy Trinity.
  2. One word: Daiya. Is it very healthy? No. But it's tasty as fuck. <3
  3. I too was addicted to dairy, and even when it was destroying my digestive system I had a hard time quitting. Try weaning yourself off with vegan cheeses, both processed and recipes. They're awesome.
  4. My shoulders are hell. Pure. Hell. So foam rolling is, as far as I'm concerned, a miracle I wish I had discovered sooner!!
  5. As far as the differences between P90X and P90X2, I JUST started P90X2 this week so it's hard to give a full review up front. I can tell you that they're pretty different, and P90X2 is definitely challenging so far. I'm in the "Foundation" phase so I'll report back as it goes on.
  6. I also train alone, but online and in person I chat with many people who are as passionate about fitness as I am, and it helps. I agree with this...I have a few serious friends, also I get to train with one of the worlds strongest men. Though time is limiting when I do get to go it's always a blast. Chatting to people in the gym just get's in the way. I have taken to not even making eye contact with people now if I can help it. It's distracting. I'm there to work, not be chatty. And with the sort of workouts I do, I won't have the breath to chat.
  7. X2 Recovery and Mobility last night, and I can say nothing but glowing things about this workout. The foam roller is pure brilliance. My shoulders are perpetually sore and tight, can we say "software engineer"? Knew you could...anyhow, I paused and spent a good extra half an hour on those alone, and plan to spend some additional time on the legs too. Seriously, if you're not pausing during that workout to spend LOTS of time with that foam roller, you're not doing it right. What surprised me was Tony demonstrating that when you do the same exercises afterward how much better your balance was after the foam roller! I never would've thought that something like massaging muscles through the roller would aid with something like balance, I learn something new every day. Tonight is X2 Total Body, we'll see what P90X2 brings to the table then!
  8. I also train alone, but online and in person I chat with many people who are as passionate about fitness as I am, and it helps.
  9. Easy: throw out your scale and just measure yourself with a tape measure instead. If you're fitting into smaller clothing because the fat's going away and the muscles are developing, who cares? Seriously.... This advice comes from a chick, I'm sure unless a guy is losing to lose weight they're gonna want to be big, lol....
  10. My best motivation is by surrounding myself by other people who are just as into fitness as I am. Frequently by talking with them I find myself ready to do a workout I thought I was too tired and/or busy to do.
  11. I feel bad for people who live in tiny apartments and have to rely on gyms. Half of my basement is my exercise room, and it's a continual work in progress. I literally don't know what I'd do without it. BTW, I have those tiny little pink one pound weights. My mom bought them for me, thinking they'd be useful. I'm not sure what to use them for, maybe decorative paperweights? BTW, I just bought a second 25 lb dumbbell and need to buy two 30s. Even in the endurance exercises of CLX when I have to lighten up dramatically to do a billion reps I've never gone lower than 5-8 lbs.
  12. I've done juice cleanses/fasts, and if you do them right you'll get the nutrients you need without "bonking". I've only done them for as much as five days, nothing longer. YMMV.
  13. There are a couple of methods of handling this, and which one works depends on the type of personality you have: 1) Quit bad foods cold turkey and do a clean eating plan for at least 3-4 weeks. At the end of those 3-4 weeks your taste buds, body, and even mind should adapt to the foods and the cravings should be almost completely eliminated. It isn't to say that you can't indulge on occasion, but you'll find that your desire to do so is greatly lessened. 2) Allow yourself a "taste" every so often so you don't feel deprived, but don't have a full cheat meal let alone a cheat day. A couple of fries, a bite of a chocolate chip cookie, or half of a vegan pizza won't kill ya, but eating that way on a regular basis will. If you're the sort of person if deprived of your favorite things will binge on them uncontrollably if you get exposed to them after any period of feeling like you're "missing out", #2 will be your best option. But if you're someone who if you have ANY at all that it's more likely you'll be continually tempted to eat like that, #1 is your best plan. Some people do best on cold turkey, others just need a taste every so often and they'll find their cravings far more manageable. My sole vice is chocolate. I can give up french fries for months on end, but chocolate is a tough nut to crack. Thankfully my Vega One is tasty and chocolate flavored, it helps.
  14. BTW, quick commentary on "bulking up"...women cannot, by definition, bulk up. We don't have enough testosterone. Women who do P90X (like me!) lean out and gain curvy, sexy muscle. Seriously. I've done P90X by itself, P90X/Insanity, and P90X/Turbo Fire. I just got certified in P90X and just started P90X2. Also, just a warning/commentary: a lot of people (women especially) do NOT see major results until month three. Stick with it, DO NOT GIVE UP, and stay around for that sweet, sweet month three.
  15. Yesterday I did Plyocide. I keep getting asked if the workout is tough as the workout sounds, and the answer is both yes and no. I'm finding that I'm far more capable of doing the exercises than I thought, but there are still in each of the P90X2 workouts some "reach" workouts where I don't think you're expected to be able to do them perfectly off the bat. I had to do very few modifications for the Plyocide, mainly due to necessity. I need more interlocking floor mats on my basement floor, it'll help with stability. Hard to do combo plyo-balance moves when things keep slipping under your feet. :-/ Great way to get injured, actually. I'm also thinking of picking up Tai Cheng because I think it'll help with my knee. It's starting to get a bit "crunchy" again and I'm worried that the lovely tendonitis I had in it is returning. I iced it after the workout and thinking that strengthening the muscles around it would be a good idea. I was under doctor's orders last time to get some running in, and that shouldn't be too challenging...hopefully. Main issue with doubling up on workouts is always time, never ability. At least, not with me.
  16. 1 scoop Vega One chocolate, 1 scoop tropical strawberry Shakeology, 1/2 cup frozen strawberries, and water. I mostly just do fruit smoothies and supplements, helps with hydration and is far better than caffeine IMHO.
  17. Quinoa and millet are two options to consider. I've also seen noodles used.
  18. I LOVE VEGA ONE CHOCOLATE! That is all. <3
  19. I use interlocking floor mats, work out on them and keep my equipment on them. Given I work out in my basement where the floor is cement, this is a GOOD thing!
  20. I'm a total tech geek. I have a smartphone, netbook, laptop, desktop, iPod, and Kindle. I'm also a software engineer so this is sorta in the "to be expected" category, right up with there with my two Blu-Ray players and HD flat screen tvs. I don't consider it to be contradictory to enjoy tech and still get out and love the great outdoors. I thrive in warmth and sun.
  21. I have read both digital and print versions, the print version I'm worried will fall apart. I've read it that many times!
  22. I live in Boston, and can tell you a lot of gyms offer special passes and what-not. I personally don't use gyms and work out in my basement. Boston has a vegan pizzeria and a vegan ice cream place a few doors down from it. There are also vegan bakeries, vegan Asian places, and vegetarian restaurants with vegan options for everything. We are DAMNED spoiled here in Boston and I suggest a visit, you won't regret it.
  23. My fav are Sunwarrior and Vega. Also like Garden of Life. These days I can have Shakeology too (yay vegan flavors) so I get that in as well. I only really worry about adding extra when I know I'm super active...which I'm going to be over the next few months.
  24. It's tasty. OM NOM NOM Also, if you're eating out, Uno's has a farro salad that's actually vegan.
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