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  1. Yup, other recovery formulas have done similarly in reference to that study, usually recommending between 3:1 and 5:1 carb/protein ratio for that reason. P90X2 tells you how to make your own vegan recovery drink from scratch. Once you know the ratio and what it's supposed to do for you, it's easy....
  2. Nice!! I've done P90X/Insanity and P90X/Turbo Fire myself. I'm going to do the Asylum after I redo Insanity, but first...P90X2 I'm also removing gluten as a "sometimes and most likely very rare" food because wheat gives me issues. Not gluten specifically, but wheat. I'd say just up your veggies, take a look at your macros and fuss with those plus calorie intake until you start to see the results you want. And...be patient. "Rome was not built in a day, and neither was your body"...
  3. Oh, almost forgot...finally got my second 25lb dumbbell, now I just need a pair of 30s. Beginning to realize now why people invest in SelectTechs as expensive as they are.
  4. I like being mostly raw, but 100% is just too difficult long term. I love my brown rice and quinoa, lightly steamed veggies, sauteeing in coconut oil...omnomnom But raw can be rawsome, so I get as much as I can.
  5. It depends on the workout I'm doing and honestly, if it's too cold then by the time I'm done and sweating like crazy, I'm FREEZING. Ideally I like to work out when the temp indoors is around 70, but if I'm doing some crazy HIIT workout I'd like it a little cooler. As long as there's airflow and fans going so I have options of cold/hot/cool as I need it, I'm good to go.
  6. A good prequel to P90X is Power 90. I have a few clients right now who are using that before they attempt anything tougher. P90X is a "graduate" level program, and you absolutely need to do the fit test first before determining whether or not you can go ahead and do it. P90X isn't for everyone. You can indeed modify it--heck, people have done it while in a wheelchair--but it works best if you have a decent fitness base first. In all honesty, abs are made in the kitchen. Eliminate processed foods, eat LOTS of fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains...and you should be fine. Use a site like myfitnesspal.com or cronometer.com to track protein/fats/carbs and your vitamin and mineral intake.
  7. cronometer.com is my go-to, and they have a Droid app for it too. Probably iPhone as well...
  8. Quinoa. Definitely quinoa. I love quinoa! What you eat and how much protein/carbs/fats is dependent on the results you want. There are three different types of meal plans with different protein/carb/fat ratios depending on what stage you're at in the program and the results you want. Cronometer.com is a great site for determining your daily macros and you can take it from there.
  9. +1 Anyone read his book that just came out? I have it on my Kindle, and it's awesome.
  10. Went back and looked at my first entries. It's nice to see how far I've come since.
  11. Okay, final stats post Ultimate Reset: Weight: -5lbs Waist: -1.5" Hips: -1.5" Thigh: -1" Just started P90X2 last night, it's awesome! Got back from the Beachbody coach gathering in Vegas very early Monday morning. I had the chance to work out live with Tony Horton, Dr Mark Cheng, Shaun T, and Leandro Carvalho. It kicked ASS. I got to fist bump Tony Horton, woooo! He's a great guy, very nice and very funny. Received my P90X certified dog tags and clothing, eagerly awaiting my certificate. That puppy's getting framed, just gotta figure out where to hang it.
  12. Happy to say that I just got P90X Certified! I wound up learning quite a bit about the meal plan and how to take a vegan approach is frankly easy if you know how it works. P90X2 guides break it down and make it a bit more explainable, but it's the same meal plan structure, essentially. You have a choice of three different plans: Fat Shredder, Energy Booster, and Endurance Maximizer. Their names are slightly different in P90X2 but their intent and macros are still the same. So if anyone's doing P90X and needs help with this...holler.
  13. I haven't updated in a while, wow! I'm now on day 17 of 21 of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, and my body is ever so much happier without wheat, wow. I also took my P90X certification workshop, and passed my practical and written...I'm now P90X certified! I'll be able to teach classes and everything. I start P90X2 the Tuesday after this coming plus will be training for two 5Ks in July and a 10K in Sept.
  14. Ohh yeah! And thanks! And just for that added discipline, currently doing a 21 day cleanse/detox where I don't workout. This. Is. CHALLENGING. I miss running... D:
  15. Quick update: at $1,852 including checks sent to me. Thanks to everyone for their support!! I'm hoping to make my personal goal of $2,000, been VERY good at reaching it last two times and I'd love to have to say "Gee, I have to increase my goal now", lol
  16. Tuesday: 13.1 miles Wednesday: 8.5 miles Thursday: ran a mile in under 12, walked a mile Friday: 6.5 miles Sat: 12 miles Sun: 17 miles Monday: 10.5 miles Tuesday: rest day (sorta), cleaned for four hours Wednesday: REAL rest day, no workouts for me, crashed early
  17. Now at $1697 with $103 to go! I'm so close, anyone want to help top me off?
  18. Looking at these pics makes me realize I haven't updated in a while, need to do so!
  19. Thank you!! <3 I really appreciate it. At $1,122 and counting! Lots of awesome support!
  20. Fri: 4 hours of dancing, spilled over into Sat Sun: 12 mile walk Mon: 13.1 mile walk (half a marathon, wooo)
  21. Thanks! Tonight is four hours of dancing. Taking a brief break, wheeeee
  22. $927 and counting, but with only 3 weeks left until the event, and my goal is $1800! If you can, please support: http://www.avonwalk.org/goto/TeaAddictedGeek
  23. Monday: 12 miles Tues: 11 miles Wed: 6 miles, 5.3 miles in 15 min on stationary bike, some plyo Thurs: 11 miles
  24. Monday: 10.5 miles Tuesday: 11 miles Wednesday: 10 miles Not sure what tonight will be, undoubtedly around 10-12 miles as is the usual on a weekday. Fri and Sat are forced off days since I'll be out of town hanging with the parental units, who plan to feed me eggplant parm using Daiya and chocolate cake for my birthday. Sunday I plan to walk up a storm when I return!!
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