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  1. I'll get a larger one of my profile pic and post it!
  2. Thursday: PT appt, WIPED, crashed. Fri: 11 miles Sat: 16 miles Sun: 5.5 miles (ran out of time) Tonight I plan to get lots of walking in too! And yes, this is all in prep for the Avon Walk...the Avon Foundation is vegan friendly, Humane Seal approved...I know Avon isn't, but the Avon Foundation is a separate organization from them. Please donate if you can!! Still haven't made my min fundraising pledge and could use every ounce of generous support I can get. http://www.avonwalk.org/goto/TeaAddictedGeek
  3. I was wiped after Thursday's, holy crap! First real rest day in a while. And thanks! Just wait until I update for the latest...mwahaha
  4. Sat: 10 mile walk Sun: 10.5 mile walk Mon: 7 mile walk, 300 squats Tues: 7 mile walk, 400 squats Wed: 9 mile walk Tonight is physical therapy for my knee plus more walking! Also hoping to get in a CLX routine since I've been off of it most of the week due to...well, all of the walking. XD
  5. Thanks Robert!! You're awesome. I've raised $717 so far, $1,083 to go!! And only 39 days left to walk 39 miles, YAY
  6. Raised $562 so far, $1238 to go to make my min fundraising goal--only 40 days left!!
  7. Saturday: Two hours cleaning, Burn Intervals and Extreme Abs Sunday: Cleaned for two hours, walked 4 miles in an hour. Monday: ‎5.5 mile walk, Push Circuit 3, 300 squats Tuesday: 4 mile walk in an hour! Plus 200 squats Wednesday: ‎1 hr walk, 4 miles Thursday: ‎1 hr walk, 4 miles Friday: 200 squats so far, but the day is young! Went to physical therapy last night, found out that I have patellar tendonitis, aka Jumper's Knee...wheeee. So taking it easy on the plyo for now, will do other forms of cardio, stretching, weight training.
  8. $462 out of $1800 raised so far! Thanks a bunch to those of you who have donated, you're awesome! Time's running out, so please consider supporting me!
  9. Thursday: Turbo Jam's Fat Burner, Hip Hop Abs Hips/Buns/Thighs, P90X's Kenpo X, 500 squats Friday: Push Circuit 2, Fire 30, 500 squats, 2 hours cleaning Yes, I joined up with a fitness "dare" to do 500 squats daily from Monday until yesterday! Lost an inch in my thighs, lol
  10. Tuesday: Burn It Up/Recharge, 500 squats Wednesday: Push Circuit 1, 500 squats
  11. Saturday: Burn Intervals/Extreme Abs Sunday: several hours of cleaning Monday: Push Circuit 3 I'm already missing the warmer weather. How am I supposed to get my walks in? :-/
  12. Thursday: 30 min walk, 60 min walk Friday: 30 min walk, Push Circuit 2, 60 min walk
  13. I'm walking 39.3 miles in two days to help fight breast cancer! May 19-20th of this year I am joining a group of people who will be walking a lengthy distance to help raise both money and awareness to help fight breast cancer. I'm walking on behalf of many people including: my grandmother, who was lucky enough to get her breast cancer detected early and has been fine since, and two friends of mine who were not so fortunate--they had double mastectomies. And even less fortunate than my friends was my aunt, who died of this terrible disease. Women's health is a huge concern and issue of mine, and this year I am once again putting my feet towards the cause! Part of the reason why I got into the Beachbody programs was to help me get into my best shape for the walk. I did my first walk in 2010, and this year will be my third walk. So long as I have legs that work and this disease is still around I plan to continue to do so! I really hope that anyone who is reading my blog will consider assisting me by either donating any amount of money they can spare or will pass along my URL to others. Either way, you are helping me and many others and I thank you for it! The link to donate is here: http://www.avonwalk.org/goto/TeaAddictedGeek And for those of you who are concerned: The Avon Foundation also does NOT support animal testing. Here's the scoop straight from their FAQ:
  14. Monday: 30 min walk, 20 min walk, BBL's High and Tight Tuesday: 30 min walk, 60 min walk Wednesday: 30 min walk, Push Circuit 1, and another 30 min walk
  15. Hey guys! Looking to add people to my fitness team who are interested in turning a hobby/passion into either a secondary job and/or career. Open to US residents only, and serious, business minded people only need apply. I would personally LOVE to have more vegans on board, especially those who are dedicated about matters of fitness and health. I'm interviewing people over the next couple of weeks. If you're interested in learning more, please message me!
  16. Friday: Burn Intervals/Ab Burner, 20 min walk Saturday: Burn Circuit 3, 55 min walk, 45 min walk Sunday: 1 hr 20 min walk, another 20 min walk
  17. Monday: Burn Circuit 1, 15 min power walk Tuesday: 15 min power walk, 20 min run, 25 min walk Wednesday: 20 min walk, 75 jumping jacks in a min, 45 min walk Thursday: Burn Circuit 2, 85 jumping jacks in a min
  18. Thursday: Burn Intervals/Ab Burner Friday: rest Saturday: Burn Circuit 3 Finished the vegan Shakeology high raw cleanse, blogged about it on my site: http://www.TeaAddictedGeek.com
  19. Monday: Burn Circuit 1 Tuesday: Rest Day Wednesday: Burn Circuit 2 Finally got the new vegan Shakeology--yay! Doing my own version of the three day Shakeology cleanse, today is day two.
  20. Did Burn Intervals from the Chalean Extreme program tonight. SO glad to be back in the game, new job and new schedule and bleehhh had me so uncoordinated.
  21. I am finally better, started my new job this week, AND I won a ton of AWESOME fitness stuff from the New Year New You contest! And blogged about it. Well, the winning of awesome stuff. So much awesome! Check it out: http://www.teaaddictedgeek.com/?p=70
  22. Am finally over being sick, will be restarting my CLX on Monday. In the meantime...doing another juice cleanse. On day 3!
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