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  1. Im a huge fan of Mac for sure, Im wondering when his next fight will be, hope its up against Wiman as well. I remember watching that fight at a friends house and when that happened to him, I got pissed off to no end and started yelling at the TV and when my phone went off, I threw it against the wall and smashed it into pieces. That was the second time that has happened with the phone, the first time was when Forrest Griffin lost to Keith Jardine. And thats why I have insurance on my phones now haha.
  2. From the waist down I am pretty flexible, I used to be able to touch my head to my toes when sitting, I could put my foot (only one) behind my head with ease and I could almost have my head touch the back of my calves while standing and bending backwards. But now, my belly gets in the way too much for me to do any of that. Im hoping that I gain more flexibility over time and loose my belly so that I regain my flexibility and use that to my advantage to tattoo my legs and feet haha.
  3. Also, what my goal is to eventually end up with a hell of a lot of strength as well as a hell of a lot of endurance and stamina because I want to do things that require me to have those things without having the size. I want to train in BJJ, MMA and FMA as well as surf. I would appreciate any advice on a good program, diet routine and supplements. I hate to say it, but for the next two weeks Im on a hardcore budget so I need to go cheap as hell if at all possible, after that I will be able to afford the more expensive stuff. Also, I know normally a 5 by 5 routine would be bad to start off with after being inactive with weights for as long as I have been, but when I first started lifting, I lifted hard and ignored the beginners routines and found that my body was easily able to adjust to the intensity and I never had a problem recovering, though I used nitric oxide and amino acids too. Sorry for the long posts, hopefully you guys/gals didnt give up on me for it haha.
  4. I've been gone for a while and I have to fully admit that I never started what I had intended to do through no other fault than laziness on my part. For sure I am ready to begin a routine and my vegan lifestyle. A quick description of my background is that when I was 18 I weight 280 and was a butterball with little muscle mass. I tried to get into the military and dropped down to 180 using the atkins diet and nothing but cardio everyday for close to five months time before I was denied for asthma. Once denied I started lifting weights religiously following a normal diet and packed on a lot of muscle mass in six months time, also started packing on my fat again since I stopped doing cardio in general. I got hurt and kept lifting off and on for about a year or so. I stopped lifting around the age of 20 or so. I'm 26 now and though I gained a lot of my fat back, I seemed to keep all my muscle mass as well, though I lost a lot of my strength too. Im not saying I have a lot of muscle mass to make me sound less fat, Im dead serious about that, I dont know why but I just never lost my mass. Im 5'8" at 275 right now, I figure that I have about 95 pounds of fat on me, maybe more or less, thats just a general idea really. When I weighed 180, I looked like an out of shape average teenager. But with the mass I packed on, Im sure I couldnt get under 180 pounds now with the muscle. Im wanting to go vegan because of what I know it can do for me and after looking at the pics and some of the stories I know that being vegan doesnt mean you have to be small and weak for sure. Im not wanting to get bulkier really, but I want to get a hell of a lot stronger for sure. Im thinking that between a vegan diet, supplementation for recovery and not bulk, then adding cardio everyday, Im hoping that will give me what I want.
  5. Ive been fascinated with mma for a real long time, and Ive actually been asked this before, and I told them that I would love to fight everyone in the UFC, as long as I knew how to do some mma stuff you know. But Id fight any of them just because to me itd be an honor, tho some of them I would probably be focused more on just making it known that they just got into a dog fight. Like Anderson, I dont like that guy, hes cocky and has a bad attitude when he fights. When he kept trying to help up Patrick Cote in their fight that was just pissing me off to no end. I think its rude and disrespectful. However in the situation like when Babalu choked out that one guy even tho he was tapping, I think thats just funny because the guy was talking so much trash and its one thing to talk trash to hype up the fight, but he was being flat out disrespectful and Babalu shut him up and I loved that man. Another one off the top of my head would be when Randy Couture spanked and punched Titos ass in their fight for all the trash talking Tito did towards Randy, that was priceless. But Id fight any of them without a doubt, Id even take a punch to the face from Brock just to see if he could knock me out. Probably can, but itd be fun to find out.
  6. Man that is some awesome advice, gave me some excellent ideas to modify it a little to more match me and my abilities and strengthening my weaknesses. I actually never thought about doing kneeling push ups man, I have no idea why either. I really appreciate the reply. Also, I used to do my walking on a treadmil, flat level and Id go for like an hour. But the second Id try to jog Id screw it all up. That and honestly my weight was making the engine drag a lot, and I damn sure cant afford a new treadmil. So I went back to walking outside, I actually enjoy it a hell of a lot more. I just hate my walking shoes, I was thinking of wearing those shoes that are shaped to your feet, no tread or anything, just a covering so you dont screw your feet up on the streets or trails. I find myself more comfortable walking barefoot, but theres no way Id ever walk barefoot out on the streets around here man.
  7. I hope I wasnt coming off like it was a joke or anything the way he won, the way he won was freakin awesome, if Dana White saw that in the UFC he wouldve gotten KO of the night without a doubt. Dana loves knockouts like that. The cool thing is that with a lot of these strikers in MMA they swing wildly and get lucky when landing one, most of the time theyre unanswered punches and one just happens to land where it needs too. But with this style of martial art, its very precise because it needs to be, every single shot is meant to do damage. So the way he won is just amazing. Definatly think its a real cool martial art to learn, but its more of an art form than anything to me.
  8. Jens Pulver, Gray Maynard, Mac Danzig, Diego Sanchez, Matt Hughes, Jon Fitch, Chris Leben, Marcus Davis, Dan Hardy, Chun Lee, Forrest Griffin, Houston Alexander, James Irvin, Renato Babalu Sobral, Jeff Monson.
  9. I am filled with jealousy man, I think it was seeing Mac Danzig on The Ultimate Fighter that made me want to change and go to vegan. I only did it for a few weeks tho, but when I saw him I was amazed, before that I'll be honest I thought all vegans were skinny little rubber people. I have changed my thoughts a lot more than what they used to be. I would love to train with the guy, I hear he and Gray Maynard hang out all the time but Gray wont convert to vegan. Haha he'll keep trying tho anyways. Awesome guy.
  10. I know Im posting this in the fitness section, but what I'll be asking will be about fitness. I used to lift weights hardcore way back in the day, and Ive stayed big with my muscles, also got a lot of fat to go with that haha. But I know that if I lost all my weight, I wouldnt be able to get down passed 185 to 190. I know I'd be a short, stout sawed off guy, but I dont want that. There was a time I wanted to be big and all buff and stuff, but not anymore. Now Id really like to have the body of like a surfer/skateboarder/yoga type body. Tho I do plan on eventually getting involved in mma/bjj/kali, for now I want to focus soley on getting back into shape. I know I need to work heavily on my cardio, but that I need to start off slow. But alls I know really is weight lifting, walking/jogging, and a core routine for power lifters. I do want to learn to surf and skateboard as well as mma/bjj/kali, but again I know I need to loose my weight and get in shape for it first. Plus I live nowhere near an ocean, but I am hoping to move soon and plan on finding a place by the ocean. I just really love the ocean. So what kind of exercises do I need to do to get into the shape I need to get in for these sports? Like what kind of core routine should I do, and I know it sounds weird but I have a very strong core, but most fat people do, they just dont know how to use a powerful core to their advantage. I dont like lifting weights anymore either, I prefer bodyweight exercises, but I cant even do more than 3 pushups and I couldnt do a pullup to save my life, literally. I measured a while back and I could pull myself up about 3 inches from a dead hang. Ive never exercised being vegan tho, so I dont know if there are rules to it or not. Thanks for any help.
  11. I have never trained in it, Ive always been more of a Muay Thai fan myself, then again Ive never trained in that either haha. But even tho he won the fight in an awesome fashion, had he went up against a professional fighter with experience, that martial art wouldnt have lasted. Ive watched a lot of fighting, and one thing I have learned is that there is no one martial art that can out do a mixed martial arts fighter in an mma fight. Not saying this was a fluke and Im definatly not saying its a joke or is not appliable in a fight, it obviously is, but its a much better martial art to learn to either compete in Capoeira competitions or self defense. It was invented in America by African slaves who were wanting to defend themselves when they went to escape. Its the dancing martial art because that was all the slaves were allowed to do for fun, and it looked relatively harmless to the owners, guess the joke was on them huh, hope they got to find that out the hard way.
  12. First off my name is David, Im 25, live in Texas, Im 5'9" at 305 pounds. Im not a butterball tho, I do have a lot of muscle mass on me, I know a lot of fat people say that, but I really do. When I was 18 I went from 285 to 183 for the military on the atkins diet, hated the diet but loved what it did for me. But then I was denied getting in and I stopped doing cardio. I had a lot of anger and my brother suggested lifting weights. So I did that religiously, never really dieted for it and rarely took supplements, but I gained a bunch of muscle mass very quickly. When I was 183 I looked like an averaged sized lazy kid, even tho I did a lot of cardio. But when I started lifting like I said I gained a lot real fast. But because I also stopped doing cardio I slowly started gaining the fat back. I only lifted for about 9 months tho. Then I got hurt and had to stop and for whatever reason I never lifted again. Now Im 25, 7 years have passed and Im up to 305 pounds, the freaky thing is that I never lost any of my muscle mass, not even the hardness of it. Like my muscles arent soft, even tho I dont have a physically demanding job and Im lazy as hell. Ive finally reached the point in my life where I fully realize what Ive done to myself and I very badly want to change for good. About a year ago I went full vegan for 2 weeks and dropped 15 pounds. I dont even know why I tried it out, I just woke up and did it, and it wasnt hard for me or anything. My skin cleared up, usually I had breakouts and my skin is real fair and Id have like red blotchy patches spread out, but that cleared up too. So anyways, Ive decided that I felt great and started to look great when I was vegan, so Im going to do it again, this time for good. Hopefully I can learn some things while Im here, I do plan on posting before and after pics, but it'll be only when I have after pics to post with the before.
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