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  1. OK, but that's simply not true. Putting carbs in your mouth (you can then spit them out) has been shown to slightly increase energy output so the workout may feel more productive. (http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2009/apr/15/high-energy-carbohydrate-drinks-performance-brain) What is this research you speak of? You have evidence that cardio without eating toast (why?) only burns muscle? Why do people think their bodies prefer to burn muscle without some sort of trick. Fat is your energy store, assuming you're not using energy quicker than it's being mobilized and assuming you didn't eat something like toast that's signaling your body to store fat, your body will burn fat. Extraordinary claims.... you can't just make some blanket statements that disagree, especially following cubby's explanation of the mechanisms at work. I would seriously be interested to know why you think this way and what research you have to support it. Anyway in response to the original post from years ago... I think fasted morning cardio works well but it's not magical. Definitely not twice as effective as cardio done at other times. Whoa. "A" for dedication and passion, but take a chill pill brahh - we don't want you to have an aneurysm. First, I clearly stated, "I live my life based [on those ideas]." No doubt it was a half-assed post, but regardless, it seems to me there are very few universal certainties as to the physiological reactions that occur and cause muscle growth/fat burning. We must pick from the vast amounts of opinions circulating and create our own plan based on the results we encounter. Secondly, toast was an example for marathoners because the simple carbs break down for a boost of energy(#6)http://www.onforlife.com/blog/marathon-runners-diet/eight-last-minute-nutrition-tips-for-your-marathon/ . There's also the underlying reason, being it's an easily prepared fuel that can be eaten on the run for those that claim they don't have time for breakfast. (I had heard about that experiment as well but honestly don't understand how it applies) The research that backs my statement that our bodies' metabolism isn't efficient until we eat breakfast comes by word from at least 3 experts being nutritional/body building/physical therapists - unfortunately I can't recall their names but I'm sure I can post a link eventually as they are writers/correspondents for MensHealth. Lastly, I didn't see cubby's post (which is clearly thought out and informative, no doubt) like you assumed. Look, the last thing I want to start is badmouthing over a forum. I hope this can be used as a fun way to exchange information without unnecessary grief, brother.
  2. I live my life based on the idea - from doing a good amount of research - that your body WILL NOT BURN FAT unless you initially feed your furnace (stomach) in the morning. If I am to go on a morning run, or workout, I will have at least a bite of toast (for you marathoners probably white bread,) before I do anything. I'm also under the impression that if you exercise on an empty stomach that your body will react as starved and breakdown muscle fiber as fuel reserves.
  3. What are people's concerns with aluminum in a deodorant? The stuff I use contains it and I'm wondering why I should/shouldn't be using it.
  4. Thank you, Robert! I'm kind of star-struck here. I've got 2/3 Brothers In Iron, lobster, & cubby welcoming me... awesome.
  5. That, or your nostrils are fried and the looks you think people make when when you pass are real. I stopped making body odor when I stopped wearing deodorant, not everyone needs to. don't hurt me
  6. That, or your nostrils are fried and the looks you think people make when when you pass are real.
  7. Thanks cubby! Haha in fact, when I saw your name I wondered if it was a reference to the one and only Chicago Cubs. Is that the case? If so, go CUBBIES! What a win yesterday vs the Brewers! Maybe there will be a reason for us to meet sometime in a future - a competition or more likely a venue that supports vegan lifestyles!
  8. Finally a resource that will rid us of our old running/gym/work shoes & boots and make a difference at the same time (maybe?)! Nike site: http://www.nikereuseashoe.com/ Address to ship if solutions are otherwise not found: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Does_Nike_recycle_old_shoes
  9. I stand by Crystal Body Deodorant Roll-on. Hypoallergenic, Fragrance & Paraben Free. New to the vegan game I'll make it simple and list the ingredients. If it fits your lifestyle, great! Ingredients: Purified Water, Natural Mineral Salts, Potassium Alum, Cellulose
  10. Hello fellow beings with a passion for health, fitness, & vegetarian diets! My name is Joey and I hail from Chicago, Illinois, USA. -In regards to fitness, my past includes many years of football (American), wrestling (folk), soccer, basketball, and physical activity in general. -I grew up omnivorous without the notion of veganism nor vegetarianism whatsoever. In fact, the household was hardly concerned about what foods were ingested nor the quantity. In other words, I was always a chubby Italian boy . -Over the past 16 months I have reversed years of discomfort, injury, and bad habits by paying more attention to my body, mind, soul, and the signals they send me. If you are curious as to how, please feel free to ask! (I'm sure we'll get into this eventually) -I recently, within the past month, before stumbling up this site on accident, considered going vegetarian. Now, after seeing the results of dedicated vegans I have gained the interest to go full speed ahead with the lifestyle and am VERY EXCITED to do so! -I have much nutritional knowledge - but considering a vegan diet, close to none. I will need much help on this front. I can't wait to talk with all of you. Swap knowledge, stories about health-nutrition-sports-music-lifestyle-whatever!, shoot the proverbial shit, and maybe make some friends in the process. Until next time, take care! Joey/LunaticFringe
  11. Giacomo, Throughout the past couple days I stumbled upon this website & your blog, and have read over the entire thing. Your story and blog have given me renewed inspiration, and the knowledge needed, to set forth and conquer my goals: One, to eliminate meat from my diet to live a healthier lifestyle and separate myself from unethical treatment of animals. Two, to hit the weights with intensity once again. Get SWOL budday (so 2009?)!!! Three, become involved in the physical activities that once brought me joy. Four, spread the word of vegan-ism & its benefits. Thank you and all the best LNG & veganbodybuilding.com!
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