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  1. Day 3: Today the house mates come back from their river trip down the Yampa in Colorado. This could only mean one thing: Baking! After a long trip our protagonist has always found that coming home to a delicious smelling house is a nice way to be welcomed back. As such, this provided the perfect opportunity to bake banana nut bread (of course the fact that three bananas were ripening in his car over the long weekend, unused from a camping trip only solidified the decision). A quick search in the household cookbooks and a vegan bread was selected. Unfortunately the recipe called for 6 bananas, and as one of the still present housemates reduced the fruit's population by a third, the resulting mix was left a bit too dry to be usable. The book suggested mixing in an egg into the batter if the required number of bananas were not present, so one more egg was consumed in the world. Since it was only one egg, split upon four housemates, the exception was allowed. As for the exercise, today was a running day. Unfortunately the weather was not notified of the day's activities, and a drizzle continued throughout the day. Finally around five in the evening, the rain broke and our protagonist laced up. Running a street course, the jaunt began with a 1 mile incline, which passed by without ill effect. At the top of the hill, the rain began to continue once more and the calves were feeling an intense work out. Knowing that the run is less than half over, our hero began to lose heart. But lose heart he did not, for he pushed through, and a slight decline in a series of small hills gave the reprieve he needed. At the end of four heart pounding songs, the turn was made, taking note of the address to measure the distance later on. Knowing a few small hills and a long decline were all that were left, renewed focus gave a surge of energy to the legs. The rain intensified as the cars sped by, giving a noxious fumes collected within the spray. Yet this did not slow our hero, for he was on the downward mile. Speeding down to the finish, 3.4 more miles were notched onto the journey. Miles ran: 6.4 Animals subjugated: 1 egg
  2. Day 2: A bright sunny morning opens to a warm and welcoming day. To keep from becoming burnt out too quickly, the day does not contain any running for our plucky protagonist. Instead, the kitchen calls. One of the hardest parts of staying vegan is avoiding the delicious sweet flesh of dead animals. To this effect, finding adequate substitutes which provide the similar mouth-feel without is essential. Today, the culinary adventure takes us into the realm of tuna salads. Tuna salad is a main stay of the Midwest, for a quick and simple lunch time meal. The creamy textures acting as a simple medium to carry onions, pickles, spices and tuna onto the palate combines for a filling and hearty sandwich. However, with the mere title of "tuna salad" conveys a rather carnivorous conviction which is to be avoided. What is a vegan to do? Scanning the ether of the Internet, our protagonist found a surprising substitute. By combining roughly pureed chickpeas and nutritional yeast, a texture and flavor of tuna is replicated. When combined in the above mentioned seasonings, the taste is rather similar. Thus our vegan friend is able to stave off temptation of meat for another day. Yet chickpeas alone, does not a muscular man make. So on this off day, push ups were the tool of choice to encourage health. This work out method is a discouraging one for our hero, since the pectoral endurance levels rival that of many prepubescent school yards. Yet progress must be made! So many sets of 2 were completed with 10 to 15 seconds between them were completed. This may have hardly been the strongest or most efficient method of training from an objective stand point, yet the most effective training regimes are ones that are followed. Miles ran: 3 Animals subjugated: 0
  3. The link doesn't work. A 404 error is provided, unfortunately.
  4. I was looking for a good "meaty" lunch time meal, and so I did a search for things I would eat if I was including meat into my meal. Thinking about it, I realized I had a craving for tuna salad. Realized atleast half of the words in the very title of the food was not vegan, I searched for a substitute. http://yeahthatveganshit.blogspot.com/2007/08/mock-tuna-salad.html provided an excellent vegan tuna salad that actually tasted like tuna. That being said, if your family members taste it and decide it's not meaty enough, you could always throw in some tuna at the end. A simple lunchtime meal which can be tailored to each person's liking.
  5. The gentle rain and a wet nose awaken a simple fellow from his slumber. The sky is brightening slowly with the dawn, as he reminds himself that today is the day. Today is the first day of a new commitment; a healthier commitment. Resolute in his desire to tackle such an endeavor, he begins the first of 1,000 miles. Driving back from an entirely entertaining and yet nearly entirely unhealthy weekend, the song "I'm gonna be" by The Proclaimers came upon the radio. Singing along, our protagonist's mind drifted to the actual words of the song "I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more, just to be the man who walk a thousand miles to fall down at your door". Though none of the members of The Proclaimers actually walked 1,000 miles with a goal in mind in preparation of the song, our dear fellow wondered what it would take to complete the goal. He has spent many days walking along various gravel, paved, and dirt paths though he never counted the miles. So out of this drive home came the mission: To run 1,000 miles within the next 5 months and 26 days, with the last mile arriving at his beloved's door. Why? The same reason anyone has a personal goal. Whether that goal be related to art, fitness, money, or leisure each person who sets a goal for the reason of achieving it. Completing 1,000 miles of running will not change the world, it will not summon any accolades, nor secure riches unknown. The goal is one of personal development, both physical and mental. In the process, this journey will prepare our humble protagonist for the moment when he crosses the threshold into his beloved's arms. Roughly a daily journal will be kept, in a narrative of both the triumphs and pitfalls. Though not a strict vegan, our protagonist understands the benefits of such a life, and will try to reduce animal derived sources of food from his life. To keep a focus on what is eaten, the foods consumed will be recorded along with the distances covered each day (including those days where health may not be at the forefront of his mind). Day 1: With a lengthy introduction completed, a brief entry has been created for the day. Although the day began slowly, a breakfast of toast and peanut butter helped to power a 3 mile run. A single succulent wild harvested raspberry, hanging quietly along the side of the trail as a small reward. The afternoon/evening meal of a cream of cauliflower soup and a fresh apple rounded out the day. Total miles ran: 3 Total animals subjugated: 0!
  6. Yesterday I just completed a long (for me) run, 4 miles mostly up and down hills. While I was pleased with the results, (a total time of 46 minutes, 53 seconds), I just feel rather weak the day after. I made sure to drink a lot of fluids after running, and I certainly have been eating (rice, beans yesterday, granola and soymilk today). So the question is, should general fatigue continue the day after? Any tips on avoiding the day after fatigue?
  7. Your not a nag at all, it's great that I can generate a bit more interest in this endeavor. Fruit juices and smoothies would be best done if it was a juice bar (which more than a few of those have failed here in B'ham). I am trying to combine efficient supply chain and operations management with the sustainable products, so I'm limiting myself at first. Do you have a local health store that you patron frequently? If it's a smaller independent store (vs. a larger chain) I'd be happy to send a few samples up north of the powder, and see how it goes. You can PM me for more details.
  8. I didn't necessarily mean locally produced from local grown soybeans, however since they are dried when first shipped, I was curious if the "milking" of the beans occurred up there at all. Whatcom county is fantastic for locally product foods, and the farmer's market is great exposure for those farms not already being featured in the local co-ops. Currently I have organic soymilk nearing production stages, and recently I've been putting the finishing touches on a line of vegan instant cocoa powders. There are a few powders out there which are vegan, however the instructions say to add milk (dairy or soy) which is not quite practical when you go camping. My instant cocoa has the creaminess you'd expect with a milk drink, but created with boiling water. It does have about 8 grams of soy protein in it, however.. So it's a great drink to get you up and moving on the first hike of the day.
  9. Where abouts in the Great White North? I can't wait to get out and explore that area!
  10. Thank you all for the responses! @Robert I was hoping to catch you and Whitney while in Seattle, to provide a few samples for a review. No worries, some other time I'm sure! @Lyric I moved up here Jan. 14th, and since I'm doing this business the old fashioned way (no investors, shoe string budget) progress is going a bit slow, but the product development has been quite an experience. I think my house mates are tired of me handing them cups and telling them 'drink this'. I hope you move here soon, the forest is really starting to come alive. By the way, do you know if there are any soy milk processing plants in Alaska? I can't imagine that it's a humongous market, however I cringe at thinking of the environmental impact for current producers who are shipping water up there instead of products. The key of West Ridge Organics is a completely oil free supply chain, and smaller scale production near consumption points is one portion of the business model box> Anyways, I'm thrilled to learn about how to reach my goals, and am thankful I found this site!
  11. Normally I go running around Lake Padden, a nice hilly 2.6 mile loop with lots of runners http://www.bellingham.net/images/pagemaster/LakePadden2.jpg Once inside the forest, It's cool and quiet http://www.cob.org/government/departments/parks/projects/images/p000224-padden-gorge-loop.jpg But once in a while, I have to watch out for these guys.. http://www.dannydee.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/ewok1.jpg They certainly add a spring to the step!
  12. Good morning everyone! I'm Michael, 26, just moved to Bellingham Washington earlier this year to start up an organic vegan company focused on 100% oil independence. No doubt I won't be able to achieve this in the beginning, however the goal is continuous improvement with a real focus to meet that end. When I moved here, I moved in with a couple of great people, who are focused on organic and mostly vegetarian lifestyles. I'm not quite sure I'm ready to go from cold turkey to no turkey yet, however as I continue to live here I have discovered that many of the foods I've eaten previously simply aren't enjoyable. On a personal side, I'm about 155, 5'8", and never been incredibly muscular in my life. I can run a bit, but I'd really like to focus on getting into fantastic shape. The current body fat is about 19%, which I'd like to get down to 10%. Not competition level by any means, but a goal I've had (and slowly worked towards) over the past year. I really dislike gyms, simply because they aren't conductive to my energy. I'd much rather be out running through the pines up a steep hill than on a tread mill. Of course the lack of instruction and availability has continued to result in my generally squishy physique. So friends and suggestions are always welcomed, I hope to meet many of you on here and support you on your goals as well! Michael
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