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  1. just curious, benchpress has always been my worst exercise but i have just recently improved the weight i use in my benchpress, i now bench 120kgs 5 times, is that a good weight for someone of my age (im 18) and weight (im 87kgs) to be lifting? if not, what should i aim for. im doing weights purely to get bigger stronger for football (rugby league)
  2. yeah im the same, while the forum has fairly good quality machines, i feel like there isnt enough stuff there, the weights room is so small. its so expensive too. i like mixing and changing between the two
  3. cheers mate, i added you on facebook!
  4. haha thats nuts...i have two 12 month gym memberships. one at the forum..and one at planet fitness haha..
  5. Thanks mate, ill have to post some pics on here soon
  6. No way!!! you go to the same gym as me mate! the forum at newy uni!
  7. you are a total glamour. wow...best body ive seen for a long time
  8. cheers mate, im looking at doing this MONDAY Chin-ups Preacher Curls Barbell Lying Against an Incline Reverse Barbell Curl BREAK V-bar Pushdowns Kneeling Cable Extensions Decline Dumbell Extension Single Arm Pushowns TUESDAY Hammer Press Incline Hammer Press Decline Hammer Press Flyes free weight WEDNESDAY Run core THURSDAY Run Core FRIDAY Upright Row Seated Lateral Raise Reverse Flyes Front Cable Raise BREAK Pullups V-bar Pulldowns Wide-grip Pulldowns T-bar Rows SATURDAY Chest Press Incline Bench Cable Crossovers Flyes SUNDAY Dune Run (i live near massive sand dunes) my goal being to lose that little bit of fat, add size to my chest and to basically maintain everywhere else (wouldnt complain if i made a few gains here and there though lol). what do you reckon?
  9. eat alot and lift heavy. for every set of every exercise you do, aim for 8-6 reps. and try to get to the gym 5 days a week. good luck mate
  10. thanks guys, i had a look at the routines and im looking to workout today for the first time in weeks! im feeling very motivated.
  11. g'day everyone! im 18 yrs old ive been a vegan since i was a child, when i was diagnosed with a kidney condition known as alports syndrome. This condition forced my mother to stop me from eating animals and anything that comes from one. I was angry that i could no longer eat my favourite foods (kfc etc), but im now glad that i was forced to make the change as i am a real animal lover! always have been, always will be. So in that sense im definitely glad im a vegan. I love bodybuilding, ive been lifting now for 2 and a half years. im 18 yrs old, im 88kgs and 6ft. Im struggling for motivation big time presently. My overall goal would to be 2kgs heavier than what i am now and to have as low a bodyfat percentage as i can have. While i would say im fat right now, by any means, i certainly dont have a 6 pack..which i would love to have. My chest is my least developed muscle in my entire body. so basically if i could add mass on to my chest and a little bit here and there aswell as get incredibly lean and fit, id be absolutely stoked! i am so unbelievably happy that i have found this site! i really did think i was the only one out there. i looked forward to talking to you all! and to get things started...perhaps someone could help me out with starting a routine that would help me to achieve my goals! thank you all so much!
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