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  1. I've started a new eating plan where I count servings of protein, fruit, veg, etc. I got the basic setup from P90x. Its great, I created a mini checklist with boxes and as I go throughout my day, I just x out what I've eaten so far. It prevents me from over eating certain food groups because I'll see that I've gotten enough grains, but not enough vegetable or protein and I'll make my dinner according to what I have left to check off. I have not started the DVDs yet. I'll probably do it when I get back from Philly next week. However, I did go to the Power Sculpt class today and tomorrow I'm utilizing my free appointment with the personal trainer at the gym.
  2. http://www.iom.edu/Global/News%20Announcements/~/media/48FAAA2FD9E74D95BBDA2236E7387B49.ashx Scroll to page 4 for iron. You are correct, adult males need 8 mg iron per day. This number is doubled for a vegan/vegetarian diet (so adult vegan males need approximately 16 mg/day). The RDA is set so that 97.5% of the population in that age range would meet their requirement if they consumed that amount. Adverse effects from excessive consumption occur above 45 mg per day (this is usually constipation & darker/black stools). Children are at greatest risk of iron toxicity because their daily requirements are so much lower. There have been issues with over consumption of iron fortified infant cereal. Calcium & zinc compete & therefore less iron is absorbed if consumed with those minerals. Some other things that decrease iron absorption are tannins in tea & coffee, phytic acid in soy, oxalic acid in spinach. Fiber (in beans, cereals, etc) also decreases absorption. Things that increase absorption are heme iron & vitamin C (peppers, citrus, broccoli, etc). http://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/iron.asp Since the body does not have an efficient way of excreting iron, it can accumulate with excess consumption. Menstruating females lose iron via monthly cycles. Males would have to donate blood. So, you would have to ask yourself if you are experiencing any side effects? The ODS website has more side effects listed. Given all of the things that inhibit absorption of iron, I would say that it would balance out from what you are eating. If you are eligible & willing to donate, a cheap way to get your hemoglobin checked would be to visit Red Cross to donate blood. Hemoglobin does not reflect iron stores though. For some perspective. The treatment for low iron stores in iron deficiency anemia is 65mg of elemental iron (or 325 ferrous sulfate) twice a day for approximately 3 months. 130 mg per day is far above the upper limit and yet it is an accepted treatment for iron deficiency anemia. I'm not sure if the treatment is specific to females. Males could develop iron deficiency anemia as well, although less likely unless they are losing blood regularly.
  3. Well I went for a 30 minute bike ride today. I was kind of wobbly, I'm re-learning how to ride. I have the seat a little lower than it is supposed to be because I wanted the comfort of being able to touch the ground with my toes when I stopped. It definitely does not feel good on the knees! And it makes it very difficult to go up any sort of incline. I raised the seat some before I left and a little more when I got back. Next bike ride, I should be up to where its supposed to be. I've been watching other people when they stop at red lights to re-learn how to do this. I still need to buy a helmet. Does anyone have any suggestions? On Wednesday I went to a power-sculpt class at my work's mini gym. It really kicked my butt and my leg muscles are so sore that it kind of hurts to walk down stairs. Does anyone know a good way to decrease recovery time for muscle soreness? I don't know much about sports nutrition or even if there is a way. I did stretch, but perhaps not long enough? I ordered P90x on ebay, but got a message that the auction was closed due to some violation by the seller. Not sure what's up with that. I might have to get a refund if I don't hear from the seller in the next couple of days. I'll definitely try to get the set again! I have not really been dieting, so I will start to incorporate more and more vegetables and water. On the bright side, I got a shipment of vegan DHA + EPA in the mail yesterday! Most vegan algal based omega-3 supplements have only DHA, but its important to get both.
  4. I'm going to start a log through my journey!
  5. Thanks for the support! Medman - what specialty are you going into?
  6. Hi Everyone, I've been vegan for almost 5 years in an effort to get healthy. I originally posted my stats here, but I'm deleting them. BlueBird
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