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  1. Hello, I'm a 28 year old male, and I suffer from bad brain fog during recovery after a workout. Yesterday I worked out fairly hard for about an hour. I did: 1. Dips 2. Skull crushers 3. Cable pull downs 4. Chest flys 5. Crunches 6. Reverse grip dips (a special one my trainer friend showed me) I usually do 8x8 sets with a low to medium weight. I usually lift till I just can't do another one, or I stop myself so I don't overexert. That day I ate: 1. Vegetable stir fry 2. Half cup almonds. 3. Shake (3 bananas 2 scoops protein (nitro fusion pro) and strawberries. 4. Two veggie burger patties with bread and ketchup. 5. A few snacks throughout the day 6. Supplements (omega 3, d3, multi, magnesium) I've been staying well hydrated with super clean electron water. I slept well last night... nice and deep. It had been a week since my last workout. Today I've been miserable with brain fog. It's hard to concentrate. I did a little cardio which seemed to help some, but it's been difficult to focus as normal. I know it's the workout that triggers it but what is the cause? Too much time since my last workout? Not enough food? Working out too hard? I know some of you pros must run into this and must have some good ideas about how to overcome it. I feel like the recovery aspect of my workout is all that's keeping me from truly making large gains. And I'm not gonna juice! lol Thank You Note: A friend of mine blamed my diet for the problem, but I had this problem also when I was eating animals. I don't think it's because I lack complex animal proteins. The supplement I take has rice protein, artichoke, and pea.
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