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  1. Thx guys for the replies I see the point, probably the answer of VeganEssentials" about the hitted part of the muscle is correct. I will do sometimes an incline bench / bb press. But the main ex. will be heavy flat bench press.
  2. I am loving the bench press on my 5x5 routine. I am getting stronger and it feels great. My question, that in fact is turning always on my head when I am so excited about bench press is: Does this excercice is good enough for the whole chest, or it is needed also an upper chest excercice like incline chest press / dumbell presses? I also do dips, but this also seems to target mainly the lower / middle chest. Greetz
  3. Uhm I see, thx for the advice What is tempeh made of? I changed my diet to 3 green smoothies, 1 portion of lentils+broccoli, bread+ peanut butter The amount of food in the 3 smoothies looks like this in total: 150gr almonds, 6 bananas, 6 scoop of sunwarrior raw protein, pineapple, 1 mango, spinach, 2 tbsp açai, 3g spirulina. I reach a total of 2955 kCal and 177g pro.
  4. I have done about 6 month on a raw diet, I felt amazing and I cleaned my body so much! Personally, I would add 1 banana on every snack and add something on lunch. But depends on you. Bella città Venezia
  5. Hello everybody! I checked the post of Troy about his nutrition here on the forum, while reading his blog on nutritiondata. I found it very interesting! I tracked also on the database everything what I normally eat on a day and...I noticed that I need some extra 900 kCal (for weight gain) and maybe some extra proteins. Can anybody help me with that? Here's what I eat: Meal 1: - 1 shot of Thaitian Noni - Whole wheat bread, 3/4 slices - Peanut butter: about 4 tbsp - Honey: 3tbsp - Green tea: 1 cup Meal 2: - SunWarrior protein shake (32g of pro) - Açai powder: 2 tsp - Banana or apple (opt.): 1 Meal 3: - Lentils: 100g - White rice or quinoa: 50g - Broccoli and/or asparagus: about 50-60g Meal 4: - SunWarrior protein shake (32g of pro) - Almond nuts: 25g Meal 5: - 1 shot of Thaitian Noni - Green smoothie made with: lots of spinach, pineapple, mango, 1-2 banana, 3g spirulina, 1 tsp raw cacao, 2tsp açai powder, water, Sunwarrior protein (32g of pro) The result on nutritiondata is that the amino acid profile is great, some vitamins and minerals too, but beside that my diet is lacking 900 kCal and a bit protein (total 134g), I really should "boost" more the vitamins / minerals. I don't know from where should I take those extra 900 kCal :S
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