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  1. I use converse with various kinds of shoe inserts for every day activity and the same pair of cross trainers for all my activity. Bare foot for yoga, stretching, and most ab stuff. Of course I have knee and low back problems so I should probably change my evil ways.
  2. I was wondering if anyone had recommendations on good yoga books, DVDs, or websites to help build a yoga routine. I'm not a total beginner and I can do a fair assortment of poses/routines I find online but I'd like some recommendations for resources to help me build a good program. Thanks!
  3. Swimming is great cardio but as said before, swimmers tend to have more body fat than many other athletes. In high school a lot of my friends did swimming/water polo and their appearances varied a lot. Not a ton of six packs but high school students are often naturally lean, plus water polo people often lift a lot of weights.
  4. I'd say try eating a bit more and see if that helps. A little tea of coffee might help too.
  5. It depends on where you go to college. I go to NYU and it's pretty vegan friendly, except for weekends when the vegan options all but cease to exist. You will have to get creative most likely and mix various items to make a meal. Most places will have a salad bar with beans, veggies, and some very slightly cooked tofu. If the dining hall has a microwave you can nuke the tofu to make it more delish. A can of beans, some salsa, and corn tortillas is cheap and will serve you a very good meal or two. I recommend having a lot of stuff like that if the dining hall isn't great.
  6. coconut milk is your best choice for replacing cream. I hate hemp flavor but hemp milk is very popular. Hazelnut milk is pretty good, not too sweet. Rice milk is very sweet and watery but still yummy. I've never tried oat milk.
  7. Daiya is amazing. Cheddar and mozzarella are both amazing. My only complaint is that it is really high in fat so it sometimes make me feel a little greasy, but it's good to have a few times a week.
  8. Same here. Though I've recently gotten A LOT better at identifying with omnivores now that I've actually been hanging out with people at gatherings that don't revolve around food. I would make the same type of stuff I'd give to a new vegan. Lots of fake meat, beans, and tempeh. Tempeh is very meaty and you can prepare it the same way you would meat (if that's what you're used to). Stir fry with fake make or mushrooms is good, same goes for anything with lots of beans and lentils. You want that unami savoriness which mushrooms, brussel sprouts, and other chewy veggies are good for.
  9. My recommendations for you is more beans and lentils as well as some tempeh. Tofu is delish but not three or four times a day. Tempeh is really yummy and it's easy to cook it in the microwave with a dash of bbq sauce. (I do about 3 min at 80% for 1/2 a package, maybe a little more time).
  10. ah, you already mentioned herbal coffee. my bad >< pero has an instant version.
  11. Naturally decaf coffee is fine for you. There are some good coffee substitutes out there (well I haven't tried them since I'm gluten intolerant and they all have barley). Pero and Teccino are the most popular. You should be able to find them at whole foods or on amazon.
  12. Sounds like you have a really good plan going there. Remember not to deprive yourself too much with diet or you might end up bingeing.
  13. I would eat a little more and work out a little bit less. Of course there could be something medical going on so it's good that you're checking with your doctor.
  14. As long as you buy brands by companies that don't test on animals it's all good. It's not good for you but it's your life if you want to shorten it.
  15. I too am interested in how to best balance yoga and weight training. I prefer yoga to weights and really should do more yoga as I have a bad back, but I don't know how to best schedule it to not conflict with weight training.
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