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  1. I did a search to see if anyone has posted this and didn't find anything. So here it is and don't mean to repeat a post if it's already been done. The New York City Vegetarian Food Festival is this weekend! So if you are visiting or live here you can find information here: http://nycvegfoodfest.com/ I'm looking forward to it. I'm going on Saturday. Of particular note is Matt Frazier of No Meat Athlete on Sunday at the Apple Stage, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM. Oh yeah, admission is only $5 Keep The Faith & Stay Green!
  2. Your results will show them. If it helps, my roommate has started working out with me and today even asked for a glass of my spinach / kale juice! He hasn't eaten meat in two weeks. Another guy I know is eating less meat. So keep fighting and keep the faith. You will win them over.
  3. Chris Califano, raw vegan fitness guy on Long Island has this interesting information about protein: http://www.thefirstsupper.com/theproteinmyth.html I'm not endorsing or critiquing. Just passing it along and people can make their own judgement about it. His claim is we don't need as much protein as is popularly believed.
  4. Killing it with workouts! January I averaged five workouts per week. Slipped a little Super Bowl Sunday. Have to be honest here, I do like beer. But it was easy to jump back in Monday. So where do I stand? Well, my body weight is basically holding but I seem to be more angular or cut. That must mean my fat percent has dropped. Strength is good and it depends... on how some old injuries feel. For example when doing pushups sometimes pain radiates from my right elbow and up my shoulder. Then there's my hip. I figure I must be doing something right since I can do 10 pullups. Not a big deal for some people but it's been a long time since I could do that. Must be the spinach / kale juice That's it for now. We're in for a big ass blizzard here in New York tomorrow. I'm feeling so strong I'm ready to go shovel the entire city out myself just to show off veggie power. Keep Rockin'!
  5. Awesome work on getting ya mate away from the SAD. Hopefully the 'pass it on concept' continues to work getting people towards a plant based diet! Take it easy. Jub Thanks. He's totally into working out now. Today he asked for some of my fresh made kale / spinach juice.
  6. Another dumb blunder by the NHL. The NHL's marketing strategy should be to grow the sport not restrict it. If it wants to do that then it should do what it can to increase its fan base. Preventing fans from watching the games is counter-intuitive I get so PO'ed at the league for this stuff it makes me want to high-stick management in the face. Big Bad Bruins All The Way!
  7. It's been a good month. My goal each week is to get in 4 - 5 days of workouts which I've been hitting! It's been a long time since I've done that for a whole month and it feels great. A month ago, a buddy from out of town has been crashing at my place until he gets things settled. So I keep doing my vegan thing and working out and occasionally he's jumped in. Yesterday, he asked me if I'm working out after work and I replied that I was. Also, he's cleaned up his SAD diet and has given up drinking. Glad for him. I mention this because I know he's the third person I know who I've had an influence on regarding diet and exercise. Even showed him Robert's bodybuilding book! The important thing is that as a vegan, one of my goals is to lead by example and show family and friends what it means to be vegan, workout, and be healthy. It's great when people ask me what I do and what I eat to stay in shape. I don't tell people that what they're doing is wrong. But when someone says, "how do you stay in shape?" or something similar, I'm happy to tell them. Spreading the vegan gospel one disciple at a time
  8. Holy Kale! You're right. It's not intentional. It's the usual story, job & family. I have been working out regularly as I don't do "sit still" very well. Exercise, any exercise is like Prozac. It makes you feel good inside & out. Still juicing. My favorite is kale, spinach, carrot, green apple, ginger. Then I may add something else like tomato or celery and spice it with cinnamon, tumeric and/or something else. It's great post workout. Trying to make sure I get greens daily. I don't do resolutions but I am thinking of goals I want to meet this year. Instead of trying to change something, it's more motivational to work toward something. So that's the short story. On to 2013!
  9. I know this is vague but do what works for you. For some people, myself included, a weight workout first thing in the morning is no go. Maybe that's the time to do yoga, cardio, a morning run or whatever then do weights later in the day.
  10. It's been just over a month since my last entry. Hard to believe. Anyway, I got out of work late today kind of beat. It's been a good week for workouts and today I was finished at the end. So I'm checking out Vegan BB and see the hard work everyone is putting in and hit the gym. Ok, bedroom for me. But saying, "bedroom" doesn't sound right. I do a light weight / cardo routine and feel good. Had to dig really deep for this one to start. But I f@ing did it. The hip pain has been acting up again big time. I've been losing sleep. I wake up at 3:30 AM / 4:00 AM then can't or have trouble getting back to sleep. Going to talk to the doc about it. Other than that, for some reason I've been putting in extra effort in my workouts and diet. The motive: to show non-veggies how fit vegans can be. It's been a side goal for a while but now I'm kind of obsessed with it. Not sure why. If it gets me going and keeps me going, "why" doesn't matter. "Just Do It!" does. Speaking of sleep...........
  11. I haven't tried this yet, but what about juicing them. Then you can cut the bitterness with orange, apple or other sweet fruit. I'll give it try and let you know how it turns out.
  12. Welcome and way to go! I juice every few days. I never look at is as a fast. I think of it as concentrated nutrition.
  13. The high rep sets are great for cardio with some strength tossed in. Keep the rest to no more than 30 sec. (yes I time it). I do it with kettlebells. Dumbells will work too. For more intensity, increase the weight and / or decrease your rest time. Tonight I did two circuits of 6 excercises, 20 reps each, rest 20 sec. Then I finish with some ab work. I have problems with my hip so things like sprints are now out. Plus this beats boring treadmills.
  14. My favorite, and quick breakfast: Pureé some strawberries or blueberries. Juice 5 or 6 oranges. Add Vega protein powder. Blend. Drink. Be happy. It's best to do the berries first since they float.
  15. A couple of years ago they were discovered in the Library and Waldorf Astoria. While I don't follow his show, I heard that Howard Stern had them in his luxury apartment and had a battle with the exterminator. Point being they cross economic lines like acid rain crosses political boundaries. As the Rolling Stones' song, Shattered goes, "...rats on the West Side. Bedbugs Uptown..." Just hoping I don't see them in my home.
  16. OKC. The key to the Heat is LeBron. Didn't catch Game 6 vs. Boston but Game 5 it was the Celtics, the Heat & LeBron. Stop him and you stop the Heat. I hear a Thunder storm in the distance.
  17. You know you're doing something right when your habits start rubbing off on others around you. Saturday, I'm hanging with a buddy and we stop into this diner for a bite and to catch the Belmont Stakes. I decide on a veggie burger. Didn't want salad. It was good too. I think they made it there. So my friend orders the same. Now this isn't the first time he's done that. A month ago a group of us were out and he also ordered the same veggie dish as me. He's been working out and trying to get back into shape. Then this woman who hangs with the crew says she's joined a gym and participating in a training program where they also teach you about healthy eating. She was asking me training questions this weekend. Now I have a long way to go to reach my goals and I'm not a certified personal trainer, nutritionist or anything. I know what's been working for me. Now if I could get them to go vegan and join this site. Hmmm... Two full years vegan and going strong!
  18. Snowboarding wipeout. Running on city pavement didn't help either. Of course the doc recommends regular exercise and movement. No prob there since I don't do sit still very well anyway. This is the first summer of no running. But I can still participate in athletic activities.
  19. It's been hitting the fan lately. Personally and professionally. Just doing what I can to get workouts in and stay on course. Besides, a good workout is like prozac without the side effects. Plus you stay in The Zone. Also, after juicing for the last couple of months is one of the best things I've ever done. I feel great! All fresh & 100% natural. What else do you want? I highly recommend it to everyone.
  20. Holly cow! If the Celtics can hang on and play hard for one more W tonight! It's in the Gahden and Red (Auerbach) will be looking down from the rafters.
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