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  1. Hey thanks for the reply. I guess I was focusing on the triscuits and the wheat thins that I read, but if you have cut them out great. I do understand being a vegan on a budget, I'm in rabbinical school and I feel like I never have enough money. Have you checked out this blog http://veganonabudget.wordpress.com, I haven't read it in a while but it's pretty cool. These days my diet consist of fruits and greens it works great for me, for my budget as well as how I feel. I will sometimes go out to eat with friends and eat other stuff, as long as it's vegan, but I feel better when I can stay totally clean. I was out of town for half of December and the first week of January and ate a lot of food that was processed and when I finally returned home, I felt heavier. Anyway, good luck with everything and if I can help in anyway let me know. BTW I also have a training log that I just started and will probably post my food but have not gotten to that yet. Here is my workout journal viewtopic.php?f=24&t=27490 Later, Sandra
  2. This morning was leg day and that's a day that I always have to psyche myself up for I started with front squats, haven't done them for over a year it was kind of cool Front squats Bar x 12 2 sets 60lbs x 10 80 x 10 90 x 10 Zercher Squats 60lbs x 10 80 x 10 90 x 10 110 x 10 130 x 6 Leg press 90lbs x 15 180 x 10 270 x 10 360 x 10 450 x 8 540 x 6 Seated leg curl 80lbs x 10 100 x 10 120 x 10 Leg extensions 70lbs x 10 80 x 10 90 x10 100 x10 120 x 10 140 x6
  3. Hi Stephanie My name is Sandra and first of all I think MichelleRisley is your personal trainer and if that is the case I am really not trying to go against anything that she has told you but here is some helpful advice if you like. If not just ignore. I've been training for over 21 years and I've been a vegan for 3, best decision I ever made. Anyway just looking over your food journal try incorporating more whole food especially greens and fruit, eat as much of the greens and fruit as you like and limit your intake of processed foods and fats like peanut butter, nuts, oils etc. Anyway I hope this was of some use. Take care Sandra
  4. Thanks Karen. Today was the coldest day of winter, so far. Asking for it not to get colder is probably asking for too much
  5. So here is my first exercise entry into my new journal. Today I did Shoulders and Biceps, which is day 3 of a 4 day split. I warmed up with seated curls that go right into a shoulder press. Not even sure if this exercise has a name but it was good to get my muscles going. I woke this morning to 17 degree Philly weather 15lbs x 15 20lbs x 10 25lbs x 10 Next up we have Hammer strength shoulder press supersetted with barbell curls Hammer strength rear press 25lbs on each side x 10 45lbs each side x 10 50lbs each side x 10 55 lbs each side x 8 Barbell curl bar no weight probably 40lbs x 10 50lbs x 12 60lbs x 10 70lbs x 10 Barbell shoulder presses supersetted with incline curls Shoulder press Bar about 40lbs 50lbs x 10 60lbs x 10 70lbs x 10 80 lbs x 8 Incline curl 15lbs x 12 20lbs x 10 25lbs x 10 Upright rows, preacher curl, and side raises this is one giant set Upright rows 40lbs x 10 50lbs x 10 60lbs x 10 70lbs x 10 Preacher curl. I have no idea how much a preacher curl bar weighs so I will just tell you how much weight was on the bar 20lbs x 10 30lbs x 10 40lbs x 10 50lbs x 8 Side raises 15lbs x 10 for 3 sets Barbell shrugs with hammer curls these are not alternating curls Barbell shrugs 130lbs x 15 150lbs x 15 170lbs x 10 180lbs x 8 Hammer curls 15lbs x 10 20lbs x 10 25lbs x 10 Last exercise was cable rope curls 4 sets of 10 Preworkout meal was one honeydew melon and post workout was about 4 bananas. Anyway that's all for now. Sandra
  6. Thanks Dylan. It was nice to see a reply mainly because I hadn't expected one. Looking forward to connecting with you
  7. Hey nice to meet you FormicaLinoleum and Syrlinus
  8. Hey looking to connect with other LGBTQ people. If you are on here please give me a shout out!!
  9. I want to see it and I hope it is made available on Netflix.
  10. I should be preparing for finals but I got a little distracted and got caught up on some of the post here. I am a Jew (and yes there are black Jews) not only that I am studying to be a Rabbi. If anyone out there has any question about Jewish dietary laws, eating Kosher, what is Kosher or Jewish questions in general send your questions to me. I will be glad to help One more thing I would like to meet other Jews on this forum so if you are out there give me a holla
  11. Hello, just found your post. I hope the vegan diet is working for you. BTW believe it or not I am a rabbinical student.
  12. So I've been a Vegan now for about 3 years and I love it. I am personal trainer, and have been a competitive bodybuilder and a power lifter. Currently, I am a rabbinical student in Philly and I eat a mostly raw diet, keeping with the idea of 80/10/10. I liked to eat and being a vegan works well for me as long as I stay away from processed food and eat a whole food plant based diet. I've lost around 57 pounds since becoming a vegan, pounds I wanted to lose and I am still able to put on muscle. After about a month of traveling I came home and I am now about 15 pounds heavier, I'm not really worried about getting the weight off but I thought It might be good to keep an online journal here. So stay tuned. Today is a rest day so there will not be any training unless you all want me to write about my finals and all of the essays that I have to write.
  13. Thanks for the instructions. I still had to resize the photo but it worked in the end
  14. Hey Robert. I think Philly is great. Well, at least the potential of Philly is great, I haven't actually seen much of it. I've been in school since July and I'm about to take my finals. Then I get a nice break and hope to see parts of the city. The gym that I work out at is awesome, I lived in Baltimore for a couple of years and there were no decent gyms in the city, all of the good ones were out in the burbs. I hope you make it out here someday, I think you will like it, just wait for it to get a little warmer
  15. Here is an update I now live in Philly and workout at Sweat in Manayunk. It's a great gym. I also checked out a lot of places if any one is interested I can give the low down on the the gyms near Germantown & Mt Airy.
  16. I'm moving to Philadelphia very soon and I am looking for a good weight training gym. I will be living in Germantown, I love the 12th street gym in center city but it's not practical for me, I need some place close to Germantown or Mt Airy. I've also checked out Fitlife which is not bad but not the perfect choice, although it might wind up being the most practical. Thanks in advance
  17. Thanks for the info. I just joined some meetup groups after I sent the message to this forum. Thanks for letting me know that the groups are good. I would just like to meet some other vegans, I know plenty of vegetarians but no vegans in Baltimore. Take care
  18. I've been in Baltimore, MD for about 18 months and don't know any vegans or raw foodie folks, other than myself. Give me a shout out if you live in the area.
  19. Hello Everyone. I am 40 years old and I started lifting weights when I was 18, and have been lifting consistently since I was 21. I was a Powerlifter and vegetarian in my 20's. In my 30's, some friends persuaded me to enter my first bodybuilding competition. None of us knew anything about being a vegetarian and competing; there was some information out there but not a lot and my friends and fellow bodybuilders were all omnivores and so I acquiesced and started eating fish. I cannot even begin to tell you how much fish (mostly Tuna) and how many egg whites I ate for that first competition. Well, needless to say I got very bored with that diet and could not eat it any more of it. And as my love of the sport of bodybuilding grew, so did my meat consumption and I threw out my vegetarian diet completely. I stopped bodybuilding to go to graduate school but continued to lift and eat meat. I continued my weightlifting regimen and I was working as a personal trainer and over the course of a few years my healthy diet deteriorated and I gained 30 pounds. I new I needed a change and I wanted to go back to being a vegetarian but for some reason I didn't. Then one day in February 2009 I saw Rip Esselstyn on the Today show and that changed my life. I didn't have any serious plans to be a vegan I just wanted to follow his plan for 30 days and get back on track to at least being a Vegetarian. From February to May/June I dropped those 30 pounds (it's still gone) and became a committed vegan. Although I became a vegan for vanity reasons, I have since stayed a vegan for ethical and environmental reasons. Now, I am recommitted to bodybuilding, not sure I want to compete but I definitely want lean muscle mass again. Anyway that's my story Sandra
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