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  1. This may be an odd question, but even though I can get muscle definition on my legs and arms (which I don't want on my arms) I cannot get it on my butt. I have a rather flat rear-end and nothing I do seems to make it bigger. Basically, anyone have a routine that could put some size on my rear? I am basically buttless at this point.
  2. I *think* Malibu 2000 Un Do Goo shampoo is vegan. They also make a swimmer's shampoo.
  3. I wish I knew the answer to this as well. I've tried: Thai Crystal Thai Crystal Spray J/A/S/O/N Tea Tree Earth Science and a couple others So far, the best one is the spray, but I need an antiperspirant in the summer though. I used to be on medication for over-sweating and quit it, but still need something in the summers. I haven't found an antiperspirant I like though, sadly.
  4. Thanks for the welcome and the suggestion. I guess I just need to re-work my thinking a little bit as we're always told cardio is the only way to lose body fat when it makes just as much sense to strength train since having more muscle will burn more calories.
  5. I just wanted to add also that I'm looking to lose body fat before working on gaining muscle.
  6. Has anyone tried this in any of the flavors? http://www.vitacost.com/Rainbow-Light-Protein-Energizer-Vanilla-Energy-Shake-17-oz I'm intrigued by the price, but am new to looking at protein powders, etc. so I'm not sure about the quality of this one.
  7. Hi everyone. I've been vegan for 5 years, but if I going to be honest - I'm incredibly sedentary. I'm finishing up college this week and will finally have more time on my hands. I'm really looking forward to getting into shape and building some muscle. Fitness is especially important to me because I have cerebral palsy, so the more active I am and the more flexible I keep my muscles, the less problems I will have later in life. However, this also makes me far more likely to pull or tear my leg muscles than most people because of my muscle tone. Right now I weigh 124 lbs. and am 5'2". I'm not fat, but I'm definitely not toned. I would appreciate any advice for someone who has no clue where to begin! ETA: I wanted to say that my ideal body type goal would be that of Dominika Cibulkova. I don't want to over "overly" bulky from the hips up, but do want to be toned. And I would really like her legs and butt, which look really muscular. http://tenis.sk/images/stories/players2008/Dominika_Cibulkova_21_Amelia_Island_0408.jpg http://www.in10projecten.nl/mannenbrandstof_weblog/documenten/dominika_cibulkova_red_hot.jpg
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