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  1. The 2nd opinion doc at the clinic told me I need laproscopic surgery to look for abnormalities. I might have endometriosis.




    I'm sorry to hear you're going through such a tough time.


    I'm due to have my first ever laproscopic surgery in about 2 months or so, as my doctor & specialist believe I have endometriosis too. I'm still on the pill. Sometimes I get excruciating pain internally around the area of my uterus, timing not limited to when I have my period, and a few times it has been so painful I have ended up in the Emergency department at the hospital. I am not on any medication for it and don't suffer from nausea, it must be dreadful for you feeling ill all the time.


    All I can recommend would be getting some anti-nausea pills just so you can get enough nutrition etc (not as a long term thing though) and multivitamins.


    Good luck with everything and I hope to hear you're on the road to recovery very soon.


    Take care,

    Joss xx

  2. BACK.....but unfortunately has nothing to do with exercise


    Sorry to hear that Joss. What happend?


    Thanks for asking xCx


    I fractured one of my vertebrae (T3) when I was 15 - problem was at the time the break didn't show due to a dodgy xray and it wasn't rehabilitated properly for years until a second xray confirmed the break. Anyway, I still suffer alot b/c it wasn't rehabilitated properly. However, it could've been worse and there are alot of people out there with injuries far greater than mine, so in that regard I do count myself lucky.

  3. One of my friends texted me:


    You free in June/July?? I hope you are!!! You'll never believe it but I've just won an all expenses paid trip for me & 3 mates to the World Cup Finals in South Africa from Fox Sports!! It's an all inclusive trip for 4 weeks with $5000 spending money! Flights leave 10th June so if you're free could you put my bins out for me?


    Must admit I cried a little first..... and then laughed hard

  4. According to my doctor ovarian cysts are a common problem when women stop taking the pill. The pill apparently keeps most cysts away!


    I found out about my cysts from an ultrasound for a different problem - I had stopped taking the pill about a year prior and didn't even know I had the cysts, so obviously didn't have the pain that you're experiencing. I was booked in for Laparoscopic surgery but the cysts ended up disappearing by themselves.


    Sorry to hear you're experiencing the painful type - I hope the sonogram comes back all clear for you *hugs*

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