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  1. Ryofire, it's devastating that your grandmother died from smoking - I'm sorry you went through that. It's a horrible and addictive substance that claims way too many lives. There are so many people affected by smoking - both tobacco & weed.


    However, like veganism (albeit not in the same "health" category), smoking is a choice people have. While it's not something you respect, it shouldn't affect the way you feel about someone who does smoke. Someone who smokes isn't any less deserving nor has less compassion than someone who doesn't smoke. And smoking has nothing whatsoever to do with veganism. Compare it to some other choices....there is sexual preference (heterosexual / homosexual), there is religion (christianity / budhism) - which one makes someone vegan? None of them, of course!


    I'm not saying that I agree with people smoking (I used to smoke but gave up about 9 years ago & won't look back) - but don't confuse the situation. It'd be great if all vegans didn't smoke - but smoking isn't non-vegan. End of story really.


    Joss x

  2. I know this is an old thread, but I have only just tried to watch earthlings & wanted some feedback. I think I must be the biggest softy on the planet. I didn't get far into the movie (10 minutes or so) and I just felt this horror and physically couldn't watch any more. It's like I get a panic attack - I've always been this way about animals. Even just a fictional movie that has an animal that gets hurt or dies in it....and I'm bawling.


    Perhaps I should just watch the movie in 10minute blocks? I want to see it only to cement the reason why I've turned vegan and to also (hopefully) introduce other people to the film.


    Just want to know - am I going to have a rough time watching it all? Or should I just try & harden TF up?




  3. Yep, another newbie - isn't it great!!


    I'm new to being vegan (about 3 weeks) so will probably need a whole lot of help along the way - been reading quite a few inspirational posts so far, so I'm sure I'll have heaps of support here.


    Thanks all in advance!



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