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  1. Mike since I will be nursing practically non stop once baby arrives I want to make sure I set some realistic goals. I would LOVE to do P90X again however since the workouts are longer I am thinking the Chalean HOWEVER do you know anything about the new Turbo fire that is coming out? Better fit maybe? Pregnant I am doing Brazil Butt lift and LOOOVE IT especially since NOTHING has to be adapted and I am able to stick with it plus handle the kiddies lol



  2. Ok I guess I need to work on sizing pictures on here lol. Anyways, I have to say just one round of P90X I had ALOT more strength especially in my upper body. I started out being able to do ZERO chin ups to almost EIGHT unassisted .. that is a big feat for me


    Pregnant again after baby #3 I am DETERMINED TO get as fit as ever and would love as much advice as possible. I plan at first to do some at home workouts such as ( chalean extreme) however once I can leave the newbie for a tiny bit with my kids and husband then I want to head to the gym ( which is where I will need LOTS of advice LOL. I really wish I could find someone local that was OK with my eating choices







  3. It may be that my IMAC is sooo outdated however when I am attempting to post my avatar there is just a box and no link to upload?? Does the pic have to come from photobucket is there no way to directly upload it?


    I did great with a Round Of P90X and plan on doing that after baby again or Another called Chalean extreme since it is an at home prgm. However I am pretty stoked that the local gym is moving even closer which means i would be right around the block while DH would have the kids just incase newbie needed me


  4. Thanks


    I am pretty sure my goal will be to gain muscle especially my thighs and hamstrings. I have a pretty easy time losing the fat especially while nursing on demand. I tend to get really thin and lose alot of the muscle between being pregnant/nursing.



  5. Hello!

    I am a stay at home homeschooling mom of two sons 3yrs and 6yrs and soon to be a mom of another baby on the way Many try to discourage my loooong time ( to long) goal of getting more into fitness and getting super duper toned especially doing it vegetarian and soon to be vegan. I live in the cocoa beach area and I am having a hard time finding someone that is a good quality trainer that is open to being veg. I feel like I would be beating my head against the wall to have someone that was for eating meat etc.

    If someone knows of anyone in this area please let me know.

    After my 2nd son I started doing P90x and got in awesome shape but being 125 ( not prego) 5'7 I need More muscle on my quads/hamstrings which is why I plan on going back to the gym too.




    (who needs to figure out how to ad her pic

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