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  1. I feel like what helps me concentrated, what nourishes my mind, and encourages clarity is to have a handful of soaked almonds right after dinner and a cup of blueberries in the morning. I pack a piece of toast with almond butter for school to keep going, but the blueberries and almonds are like my 'super' brain foods that I have to have to keep me mentally in gear.
  2. Since being vegan, I've yet to try any protein powders. I purchased some Sunwarrior rice protein powders, however I really really want to try vega. I've heard and read outstanding things about vega products. The only thing that's stopping me is this fear that I may be allergic to hemp...
  3. You look like (esp. in your avatar) and have the body of an anime goddess! Gorgeous transformation!
  4. I prefer barbells, but only because they're more fun to work with...However with dumbells, you have a greater range of motion, you're not limited to one plane and you can target more muscles with a variation of exercises (particularly upper body). Barbells are overall great if you want to increase your strength because you can add a lot more weight. When doing squats or a deadlift, I'll use a barbell over dumb bells any day because it makes me work so much harder. And loading the bar's the best part (but perhaps being a girl, I don't nearly have to load up as heavy as you do...)! I'll say that using barbells has been so effective for increasing my strength and pushing me to work harder, dumbells may be more convenient in that you can just pick them up and work and when I want to hit specific muscles or if I want to do a move that a barbell won't allow... I don't know, it's tough, it really depends on what you're focusing on and what your goals are....
  5. Thank you for that info Paolo! I've been trying to find a vegan Japanese restaurant these past couple of weeks, and you hit the target!
  6. Deftones-Beware the Water... Mudvayne - Happy Alexisonfire - Pulmonary Archery Lil Wayne - Drop The World Slayer - Rain in Blood ...Those are my favorites.
  7. My family think I'm delusional or that I'm playing a prank on them.... They don't seem to believe me! Whenever I'm in the kitchen with my mom she'll ask me if I'm the one who ate half the feta in the fridge...or if I'd like a Spanish omelet...I kindly refuse! I don't think it has hit them yet, and I'm sure once it does they'll go on and on about how I'm doing it for the wrong reasons.
  8. I wonder if raisins would work instead of figs... I've been meaning to try frozen banana ice cream all week but my mom adores the banana bread I make, I usually end up making it for her every other day, so it kinda discouraging because I sleep knowing I have banana bread to wake up to... But I'll definitely be trying some tomorrow, I can't wait any longer.
  9. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! <3
  10. I've tried an awesome recipe for French Toast Muffins that's ridiculously good! I bake them at night, grab two in the morning, slice them across and spread some maple syrup then sprinkle almond slices and then just microwave to warm them up. SO DELICIOUS! Here's the recipe online: http://nomnomnomblog.com/2009/04/29/not-mystery-not-meat-and-a-recipe/
  11. Hey y'all! I've been a vegetarian for the last year (nearly) and now I've slowly made my way into a completely vegan diet! I'm an avid athlete, I hit the gym 5-6 times a week...It used to be 7 days a week until my trainer convinced me that I needed at least a day off as to not over train and see proper results. I love hitting the weights, but I also love dancing and particularly ballet. For sure the hardest part has been giving up cheese...My family lived on a greek diet so I used to have feta and halloumi twice a day, and lot of tzatziki! Dairy doesn't settle well in my stomach, and makes me bloat like crazy! I don't know why I've had a hard time giving it up (I've read once that cheese is addictive? but anyways, that's not an excuse!) and now that I have feels so good! Before my convert into vegetarianism, I never really ate a lot of meat and when I did it just felt wrong and I was always ed with myself after wards. During the start of last year, I became more aware of what I was putting in my body. I started cutting out processed foods...Just the thought of having something processed and unnatural was a turnoff and I kept asking why I'd even put that into my body, and what good it would do... When I turned 18 in December, I started reading books about what being vegan truly meant; the ethics and the morality behind it. I made the decision that I had to gear to doing the right thing, for the environment, for the animals and for my body, and to be responsible. I came across this board today while looking up David Wolfe (He is quite entrancing but while I do WANT to trust him, I find myself questioning whether he's being genuine and truthful...Like, I believe him to a point and as soon as I'm convinced he says something that's literally totally out of this world and it's like...ok, is he playing me for a fool?) Anywho, I'm really glad that I've registered and I can't wait to be apart of all the discussions and support! xo T.
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