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  1. What aisle in Whole Foods did you find these? I checked both the snack and international foods aisles at my whole foods and could not find these.
  2. I switched from a fairly poor diet to a predominately vegan, very healthy diet and farted like CRAZY for maybe 3 months lol. There were some days I was farting every five minutes haha. The frequency decreased and I began taking a pro-biotic supplement (I don't know if this actually helped). Now I rarely fart.
  3. Yes their premium flavors are vegan but they have 2 (if I remember correctly) artificial sweeteners in them. Vega has all kinds of additives and other things in it, but as far as the protein goes its just pea/rice/hemp and spirulina. The mix with the best amino acid profile for building muscle is the 70/30 pea/rice blend mentioned above, but a blend closer to vega would be a 40/30/20 or so pea/rice/hemp. Also I should add that while the 70/30 pea/rice is better by itself, it may or may not be providing you with the best amino acid profile when you consider the amino acid profile of the rest of your diet.
  4. Vega and Tru-Food Vegan have the same amount of protein/gram, but the Tru-Food Vegan comes in 1000g containers with 28 servings of 13g of protein while Vega has 14 servings of 26g protein in a 1000g container. Vega's single serving is two scoops while Tru-Food Vegan lists a single serving as one scoop. Make sense? Vega and Tru-Food are basically identical. Anyway if you want all the supplemental stuff thats in Vega or the Tru-Food, but want a lot of protein too and don't want all the cost, I suggest using half a scoop (1/4 of a serving of Vega or 1/2 a serving of Tru-Food) that way you get 6.5g/protein and around 25% DV of all your nutrients, along with a cheaper custom protein mix from somewhere like trueprotein.com. I use 1/2 a scoop of the Tru-Food Vegan (which gives me a total of 56 servings per 1000g jar at a total cost of $29.50) along with a scoop of trueprotein.com rice/pea/hemp custom mix which costs around $10 per pound or so after shipping.
  5. I have almost finished my first tub of the NOW Tru-Food Vegan Berry flavor and it is good for the price IMO. However, it only has 13g protein per serving, not 26g. If you doubled the serving you would only have 14 servings per jug. Anyway, it tastes bad but tolerable on its own. If you've ever had the Vanilla Chai Vega it tastes like the aftertaste the Chai gives you, but much less pleasant and several times stronger. I put it in a smooothie with spinach, kale, collards, banana, blueberry, strawberry, flax, sunflower seeds, and blackstrap molasses and it pretty much disappears, however I think I can taste the stevia in it.
  6. Man, when I first switched to a primarily vegan diet (still had some cheese in there for awhile in the beginning) I was farting non stop and was constantly bloated. Otherwise I felt so good that I decided to keep at it. Eventually I eliminated cheese and started taking half servings of Tru-Food Vegan (cheap version of Vega) which has priobiotics in it. Now the correlation may mean nothing, but fairly soon after I started taking the Tru-Food Vegan my bloating and gas stopped and I mean completely stopped. I suspect the culprit may be the probiotics in the supplement, however it could have been the removal of the cheese or just happenstance. I could have just reached that point where my body adjusted. Who really knows? I would suggest maybe trying a probiotic supplement for a couple weeks and see if that helps. edit: I should add that aside from the removal of cheese and the introduction of Tru-Food Vegan stuff, my diet was pretty much identical to what it was when I was experiencing the serious bloating.
  7. http://www.nowfoods.com/Products/ProductsbyCategory/M003077.htm?con=Sports%20Nutrition "Contains no: sugar, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, milk, egg, shellfish or preservatives. Vegetarian/Vegan Product."
  8. lolwut? sounds like you have some sort of deficiency...
  9. That is correct. I emailed TrueProtein about this and they said they do not plan to offer vegan EAAs in the near future due to cost. You are correct about Ajinomoto as well, their products are not derived from animals. I also emailed NOW Foods because they released "Amino 9 Essentials" this month. Here is their response.... "Hello, Leucine tends to be derived from hair or feathers. The other aminos are vegetarian and made via microbial fermentation. Thank you for your inquiry, NOW Science & Nutrition Group"
  10. Not to thread jack, but has anyone heard that gluten acts as an "anti-nutrient", preventing the absorption of other nutrients even in people that do not have celiacs disease? One of my cousin's friends who is an iron man tri-athlete suggested I remove gluten from my diet for this reason and I've been thinking about just trying it because there is so little gluten in there anyway. I don't notice any negative effects from the gluten though.
  11. Bump. I have been looking for vegan EAA's as well and am trying to avoid artificial flavors and such. So far no luck .
  12. Thanks for the link and the suggestion! I think I can improvise on the granola bars now.
  13. Hey guys whats up? I am trying to get the following seeds into my diet... sesame seeds pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds hemp seeds chia seeds flax seeds ...as well as coconut, cashews, walnuts, pecans, brazil nuts and almonds. I figured granola bars would be a good place to get those foods into my diet but I have no experience making granola bars myself. I was wondering if you guys (or gals) had any good vegan granola bar recipes involving those ingredients. I would prefer it if the sugar content was low or none and no artificial sweeteners if possible, but these aren't deal breakers. Also does anybody have and ideas for making vegan versions of these Kashi granola bars? I was thinking of trying to sneak in some of those ingredients I listed above into vegan versions of these bars? Pumpkin Pecan http://www.kashi.com/products/tlc_fruit_grain_bars_pumpkin_pecan Chocolate Coconut http://www.kashi.com/products/tlc_fruit_grain_bars_dark_chocolate_coconut Cranberry Walnut http://www.kashi.com/products/tlc_fruit_grain_bars_cranberry_walnut Trail Mix http://www.kashi.com/products/chewy_granola_bars_trail_mix Peanut Butter http://www.kashi.com/products/chewy_granola_bars_peanut_peanut_butter Thanks so much in advance for helping out a new vegan!
  14. I agree with Ducati. The most protein I have seen actually provide some benefit in the studies I have read is 1.8g/kg of body weight. 170lbs = 77kg so 1.8 x 77 = 138.6. Most studies say 1.1-1.5g/kg of body weight is plenty to build muscle as long as you are taking in enough calories (which for your weight would be 85-115g protein). If I were you I would try adding 500 calories/day and see what happens.
  15. Hey guys! I have recently become a vegetarian and am in the process of completely transitioning to veganism. I am also very interesting in body building and fitness, however right now I am very out of shape (about 5 ft 11 225lbs). I am loving how good I feel on a mostly vegan diet and can't wait to get to work improving my fitness levels. So what happened in my life that made me decide to make the lifestyle change? Well, my story is a bit odd. In short, because of the 2008 financial crises I have become a vegan haha. If you are curious, here is the slightly longer version... When the financial crises hit I realized that I didn't know that much at all about economics. Unfortunately I went to a public school, so I had no exposure to this topic. I began watching the financial news networks and reading about investing and economics in my spare time. I began to notice that none of the pundits on television seemed to know what they were talking about and were all caught off guard by the financial crises....except Peter Schiff and a couple others. This Peter Schiff guy even had a Youtube video called "Peter Schiff was right" in which he repeatedly predicted the housing collapse and bank failures from 2002-2007 and he was almost always laughed off of TV by these supposed "experts". I made it a goal to figure out what he knew that none of these experts knew. This lead me to the Mises Institute, a libertarian economic education institute. Peter Schiff studied Murray Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises, and other Mises Institute scholars that were mostly all libertarians, very far from the mainstream. In my pursuit of understanding the libertarian position I happened to run into this guy on youtube >>>>http://www.youtube.com/user/JacobSpinney. He is a libertarian vegetarian and he has a couple videos in which he explained the logic behind vegetarianism. Honestly I had never heard a good reason. I had only heard the rhetoric that we aren't meat eaters which in my opinion is complete BS. His economic and ethical case made too much sense to me. So, I did a trial run of a vegetarian diet and I felt fantastic. Since then I have been transitioning to a completely vegan diet (it is very difficult at first because a LOT of foods you wouldn't suspect have milk in them ). So there you have it. Because the global financial system nearly collapsed, I am now a vegan haha. O
  16. Not sure if this is the right section... but anyway.... I was wondering if there were any Libertarian leaning Vegan investors groups (or Vegan leaning Libertarian) out there. I am going to be going to school for finance and would like to pool my money with other socially responsible investors, however I have been unable to locate any groups that are both Vegan and Libertarian (google has failed me!). Thanks guys!
  17. Holy crap.... I've been lurking here for a week or so and I've been testing out a vegetarian diet for perhaps a month (I feel great by the way and I haven't even eliminated all of the junk yet). I've been toying with the idea of going vegan....and I think this post just convinced me lol. In that second picture you look fake lmao. Fellow Richmond VA resident as of this year as well!
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