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  1. Hi guys


    So ive started a funny mission: get the daniel craig body before christmas.... HEHEHHE!


    Why? Always enjoyed his look and feel that i can do it.


    Ive been training for many years, everything from football, army, bodybuilding, triathlon etc.




    After scanning the net for his workout i found the best at Ask Men.





    Even though i made my own variation of it.


    Day 1: Incline Bench Press

    Incline Barbell


    Front Raises

    Reverse Pec dec flye

    shoulder press

    Biceps curl

    Cable pulldown for triceps



    Dumbbell lunges

    Hamstring curl

    Leg extensions

    Calf Raises



    Not used to doing full body workout, but since i have a nice layer of fat on my body, i need to have alot of cardio in my workout.


    So the workout is strength every other day and cardio the three others days, rest on sunday.


    Please comment my workout, this is btw a pic of the bodyshape im gonna achieve http://www.empireonline.com/images/features/buffed-up-actors/daniel-craig-casino-royale.jpg





    Pics of my shape comes within a couple of days


    My height is 179 cm

    weight 84 kgs

    fat% 17


    Need to reach about 10%...



    My diet will consist of Intermittent Fasting, doing 1 gram protein kg and 3 gram karbs per kg.


    Supplements are hemp-protein and sunwarrior.

  2. Hey guys...


    Im new to this forum, ive also used the search-button THIS time to find post about raw-vegan diets....


    Ive read the article that Robert Cheeke wrote on the front page, and i liked it....


    I have some questions though...


    Wich sprouts is absolutely necessary to get during a diet? Right now i eat alfa alfa and hemp.


    Is it benefitial to cycle the carb for enhancing fat loss and muscle gain?



    I can understand that these question SEEMS noobish, wich they are, considering ive just turned vegan.


    Im thinking of maintaining my musclemass and loosing fat btw, workout 6 days a week ;=)



    Thanks for any replies,


    Alex :=)

  3. First of all this is my first post here on this forum.


    And if you check out bodybuilding.com where Serge Nubret had an account and answered every question people had.


    He trained fast as a cardio-workout and to get the pump. For instant doing 32 set of bicepcurl and then 32 tricep sets.


    Ive been using the Serge Nubret-workout since christmas and its amazing.

    No need for kardio do get the fat away, and no jointpain. Its a very very very good program for musclegrowth.





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